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Blogging For Dummies February 6, 2006

Posted by table4five in Uncategorized.

I have a college education. I don’t consider myself dim-witted. Yet doing much more to this blog than the basic posting is proving to be way more difficult than it should be. I had the same problem with math in school, especially higher math like Algebra. My High School required 4 years of math for the college track, so that meant Algebra I, II and III, plus Geometry. Every one else in the class seemed to just “get it”, whereas I would study my head off and still it made no sense at all.

I’m having the same problem with editing the blog. I think I understand how to do something, but then when I go to actually do it, it doesn’t work. For example: if you click on “View My Complete Profile”, you’ll see a different picture than the one on the blog page. Why?? I have NO IDEA. I followed the directions for how to upload a new picture to the profile page, yet it didn’t change the original picture. I went to the template, found the code for the “About” section and the line of code for the picture, changed the URL and republished and still, NOTHING. AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

“At least our Mommy knows how to upload our picture to her blog.”

“Mom wanted to post a picture of me smiling, but it’s blurry ’cause I wouldn’t stop moving.”

“Geez, lady, don’t take our picture. We haven’t even had our bottle of formula/bowl of Froot Loops yet.”


Update: And now, you can see how REALLY STUPID I am, because as soon as I published this new post, the freakin’ picture updated. GAH!



1. mama_tulip - February 6, 2006

CUTE kiddos!!

When I change stuff, like my profile or my picture, I have to republish my entire blog. I think that something’s going on with Blogger though…it was wonky all weekend and I changed my profile last night, republished twice and it’s still showing the “old” blurb. Weird.

2. TB - February 6, 2006

I love that in the last picture your son’s shirt says Crabby and both of them look crabby :o)

The new colors and pictures are great!

3. Mightymouse Mommy - February 6, 2006

I think it was probably just in your cache sissy. Sometimes it just takes a few, too. šŸ™‚

4. NixieKnox - February 6, 2006

It is not your fault, my friend, it is blogspot. I mean, you have to cut and paste in html to get stuff to work? Forget about it. By the way, the kids look so darn cute!

5. Tigerlily - February 7, 2006

Rule #1) Always republish your entire blog to see changes.

Rule #2) Do not blame yourself my friend. Blame Blogger.

Rule #3) See Rule #2.

Great lookin’ kids!! :o)

6. Fraulein N - February 7, 2006

What they said. I’m sure it’s Blogger’s fault, not yours.

And I love the crabby shirt, too!

7. Elizabeth - February 7, 2006

Mama_tulip and Tigerlily-email me!

8. halloweenlover - February 7, 2006

Look at those cuties!!! I cannot believe how much they look alike!

9. Jennifer - February 8, 2006

Your children are beautiful!! šŸ™‚

10. Jenny - February 8, 2006

I have problems all the time trying to upload pictures, it’s not just you. I have to remind myself – you get what you pay for. LOL

11. Mary Tsao - February 8, 2006

So cute! They look like twins and also a lot like you!

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