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Crawling out of bed to say Hello! November 25, 2005

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Hi everybody, thank you so much for checking in while I was at the hospital. There’s so much to tell I hardly know where to start, plus I really don’t want to ruin anyone’s Thanksgiving by going into too much detail. I guess I should start with the basics. Thursday the 17th I went in for a blood pressure check, and it was 180/100. The Doctor immediately decided that I should be admitted to the hospital for observation, and got the O.R. booked for the 18th. So I came home, packed a few things, and went back to check in. Thursday was uneventful, blood pressure checks and blood drawn every four hours, BC and I watched TV and I ate normally until midnight. Surgery was scheduled for 1:00 p.m. Friday.

Friday morning they started getting me ready, of course when it was time to shave my belly there were about 10 people in the room. It seemed like every intern and resident in the department wanted to watch. I was surprised to learn that I would not be having an epidural but a spinal injection instead. The only downside to that is that a spinal wears off a lot faster, so from the time you get it the procedures have to move along quickly. Which meant I had a catheter put in before I was numb. Um, OUCH. Despite what the anesthesiologist said, I still thought the spinal hurt like a son of a bitch. I tried very hard to be brave but I did cry out a few times, and I thought I would tear the nurse’s thumb right off her hand.

I went numb quickly and the procedure started. If you’ve never had a c-section it’s hard to explain, you can sense what is happening but can’t really feel it. It’s more like an awareness. The surgeon found lots of old scar tissue from my two previous sections plus some bowel adhesions. She later told me she tried to cut in the same place so at least I wouldn’t have more scar tissue. Kaitlyn seemed to come out quickly and started crying immediately. The surgeon said, “I think she’s mad at me!”. She seemed very little, and pink, and her head was covered in light blonde fuzz, like a baby chick. I felt such a wave of emotion, relief that she was perfectly formed, everything in the right place, and that being born early didn’t seem to have affected her at all.

Next came the tubal ligation, THAT was weird. There was a laser, and a strange noise, and maybe even some smoke, although I may have imagined that. Then the extremely unpleasant re-inserting of all of my internal organs, which involves two people pushing REALLY HARD on your bowels , bladder and uterus. It doesn’t hurt, but it is very uncomfortable. Then it was done.

The spinal injection included morphine, so I pretty much slept all the rest of Friday and into Saturday. BC spent the night Friday, but Saturday he wanted to go home and rest so Kaitlyn stayed in the nursery. I began to feel waves of nausea, which the nurses assumed were just a result of the operation. They started injecting anti-nausea medicine into the IV. When BC got to the hospital Sunday, he had the news that he had spent most of Saturday night throwing up. Only THEN did the nurses tell me that there were some other patients on the floor who seemed to have contracted a stomach virus. Great. Sure enough, by Sunday evening, I started projectile vomiting greenish-black bile. Yes, out of my MOUTH. There are not enough words to describe just how incredibly foul that was. So they cranked up the IV fluids, increased the anti-nausea medicine, and told me I would just have to ride it out. Gastro-freakin’-Enteritis, which I caught AT THE HOSPITAL. Who knows, if I had hung in there another week, it might have passed through and I might not have spent three days in HELL. Because after the vomiting, it started coming out the other end, with absolutely no warning at all, I went through so many gowns and sheet changes it was ridiculous.

By Tuesday the volume was slowing down, and although I still felt like I’d been hit by a truck, I was making some progress. They really couldn’t keep the baby any more, so she was discharged. I’ve always known that BC was an amazing person, but the fact that he took home this tiny baby for whom he was completely responsible with no help at all, is just, wow. I still have not changed a diaper, given her a bath, changed her clothes, or actually done anything but hold her while she drinks a bottle. Oh yes, I was too sick to pump, now my milk is in and she has no idea why I’m shoving this fleshy thing into her mouth or what the heck she is supposed to do with it.

Anyway, Wednesday the Doctor decided to see how I would handle some solid food. I drank a few sips of juice,ate a tiny handful of dry Cheerios, and a bite of banana, and didn’t throw it up. So I passed the test and was discharged. Keep in mind I am still having a small amount of diarrhea, plus I’m taking Darvocet for pain, of which I have a considerable amount. Interestingly it’s not the C-section incision that hurts, it’s internal pain from the tubal ligation. When I stand up I have to clutch my belly and even then it still hurts a lot. And the Darvocet makes me dizzy and beyond tired.

But as cute as Kaitlyn looks in the pictures, she’s even prettier in real life. She has a beautiful peaches-and-cream complexion, a little round nose, and a cleft in her chin. She even tries to hold her head up already. We think she is the most amazing little girl we’ve ever seen.

I’m running out of steam now, so I’m going to wrap this up. I know many of you have e-mailed me and I’ll do my best to get back to you personally just as soon as I can. Thanks again for all of your caring comments and good wishes. You all rock.


GOOD NEWS! November 23, 2005

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Posted by BC

Brought Kaitlyn home tonight. Se got her 2nd bath, resting well now. Mom called and they are putting her on solid food and, if everything goes as planned, she will be released tomorrow (Wed)! We are all hoping that she will be posting tomorrow night!

#2 Son Learning how to feed her

Mom and Baby

Monday update November 21, 2005

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Post by BC
Mom and I contracted the flu AT THE HOSPITAL! Posting this while watcing a documentary on the 1918 flu, great! I was OK in a day, she is taking longer. Baby is OK. Mom is slowly recovering. We do not know when she will be getting back home. I wish doctors knew half as much as they act like they do….

Here is a cute one:

I passed along all of your good wishes. She is eager to get back. Thanks to everyone….

Update November 21, 2005

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Post by BC

Sorry about the misspelling. She will have to get used to it EVERYONE is goin to me asking her how her name is spelled and her dad is a BAD typist!

It is going to be a longer than usual recovery for Mom. We are working to get her home in the next few days but everything is up in the air right now. Today is going to be important.

New Baby! November 19, 2005

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Entry by BC
Kaitlyn Elizabeth has Arrived!
11/18/05 12:58 PM

6lb, 13oz 19inches long.

Baby is doing very well, sleeping ALOT. Mom is having a bit harder time with recovery than before. I will have to go down and kick some Doctor butt in the morning. I spent the evening puking and a GREAT friend of ours stayed with Mom.

Here is another one until She gets back to post her own:

A Love Letter from My Son November 17, 2005

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Nathan brought this home from school the other day. I remembered it after reading a post at Jenny’s site about letters her kids wrote her.

Imagine a sheet of paper with a picture of a house, a Mommy (who is not pregnant oddly enough) with two teeth and curly brown hair ( mine is blonde and straight) and a little boy with three sharp pointy teeth. Underneath are these words:

I love mi Mom ( I love my Mom )
Vare muth ( Very much)
and I lov hr ( and I love her)
vare muce (Very much)

My heart was a goopy puddle after reading that.

Week 37-The News Is Not Good November 15, 2005

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Well, today I had my regular 37 week checkup. After last Thursday’s surprisingly low blood pressure, I guess I got a little too cocky, figured I could cheat a little on the couch-rest and actually do a few things around here. That was a bad idea right there.

Once again, I asked a friend to drive me to the appt., walked in veeerrryy slowly, and had a few minutes to rest in the waiting room. Despite all of that, after stepping off the scale (lost another pound) I headed into the bathroom to pee only to suddenly get hot and sweaty and see floating yellow-and-black specks swimming in front of my eyes. Fortunately the nurse was still standing right there, she helped me into the nearest exam room. She immediately took my blood pressure, which was 180/100. I know, holy CRAP. So she had me lay down, and practically ran for the doctor. When she got back, it had only gone down to 178/94.

Dr. Bell listened to the heartbeat, an excellent 144. I went and peed, uneventful this time. He did a cervix check-still closed, which is what you want for a c-section. My urine was clear of any proteins, so no signs of preeclampsia. Just really really high blood pressure.

So I am now on complete and absolute bed-rest. I can only get up to pee. I go back on Thursday, and if the blood pressure is still high, he may decide to deliver the baby Friday.
I will be 37 wks 3 days on Friday, which he assures me is a perfectly safe point at which to deliver. It would be far more dangerous for me to stay pregnant than for her to be born.

So! I just have to lay here for two more days, trying to keep my blood pressure down. I have complete faith in this Doctor, and Chris and the boys will take excellent care of me. My Dad is even coming over tomorrow to make me lunch so I don’t have to get up. I probably won’t post again until Thursday, although I’m sure I’ll be visiting everyone else’s blogs since there’s not much else to do all day. Thanks again for your positive comments and support. It really helps.

It’s Just Emotion That’s Taken Me Over November 14, 2005

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Very Mom has a post about just how hard it is to get through the last few weeks of pregnancy. She is far and away a much better writer than me, but she got me thinking about what’s been going on with me this week.

In a word, EMOTIONS.

Lots and lots and lots of emotions. Sad, worried, scared? Yes. Anxious, nervous, impatient? Yep.
Overly sensitive to any criticism? Oh, you’d better believe it. BC and the boys have been great for the most part, I get lots of extra hugs and kisses, and BC has been doing pretty much ALL of the housework, shopping, cooking, reading to Nathan, helping with homework, etc.

So it’s not surprising that he gets tired, and crabby, and occasionally mutters something under his breath about my being less than pleasant to be around and then oh my god the TEARS. I haven’t cried this much in years.

I have also developed a general anxiety, a feeling of restlessness and impatience that I assume is part of the late-pregnancy process. I even feel what I think is the nesting instinct, which is hard to act on when you are supposed to be laying on the couch and your husband keeps saying “10 more minutes of cleaning out that cupboard and then you are sitting down!”

I read a blog recently written by a new Mom, I think her name is Daisy. She had some interesting thoughts on what it feels like to not be pregnant, the feeling you have after the baby is born and your stomach feels empty for the first time in Nine months. And I realized that I am going to miss that feeling. Pregnancy gives me a reason to be more in touch with my body than I ever am when I’m not pregnant. Plus as uncomfortable as it can be, there will never again be a PERSON inside me, moving and hiccuping (did I spell that right?). It seems natural to have a sense of loss, of emptiness after giving birth. Maybe that feeling contributes to post-partum depression, along with the chemical changes the body undergoes.

So while I am desperate to NOT be pregnant anymore, to be able to sit upright without feeling dizzy, to be able to ROLL OVER IN BED or sleep on my stomach, I also acknowledge that there are even more emotions coming. The joy of having the baby combined with the sadness of not being pregnant. The exhaustion of not sleeping, the uncertainty that comes with figuring out just what a new baby needs from one minute to the next.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. First I have to deal with the current emotions. In the interest of lightening both my mood and my family’s, I think I will turn to the one thing that always helps me feel better. Yes, I’m talking about ice cream. Tonight, while watching “Medium”, I will snuggle up to a pint of something chocolatey and peanut butter cup-y and make it all better. And if you read this whole post, you should have some too.

Finally, Some Good News November 11, 2005

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Yesterday I had my follow-up blood pressure check at the OBs. I asked my Dad to drive me to the appointment, since I suspect that driving there, parking and walking in might be enough to drive my BP up. On our way down the hall to the office I looked at him, 71 years old, walking with a cane, and said “I hope they don’t think you’re my husband!”. He thought that was funny.

So the nurse takes me first to be weighed, ugggh, and to my surprise I actually weigh 3 pounds LESS than I did on Monday! Note to self: do not eat Taco Bell the night before an appointment.

First comes the strapping on of the LARGE blood pressure cuff. It is so embarassing every time I go and the nurse has to go borrow the LARGE cuff from someone, like my arms are just so HUGE. Then comes the request to lay down on my left side. I’m already precariously balanced on this high, narrow table, and they want me to maneuver myself around and down. Whee!

Blood pressure reading is 134/74. TWENTY POINTS lower than Monday! I would have done a happy dance around the room but it takes too long to get up off the table. So NO 24-hour monitoring, no pre-eclampsia, MUCH less scared than Monday.

I do , however, need to continue the bed-rest just to be safe. Which is fine. My husband has learned how much of a pain it is to cook dinner every night, while I lay on the couch and shout directions at him. “You have to keep stirring the onions or they’ll burn!” “Is something burning?” “Um, honey?” You get the picture.

But then my Dad casually informs me that my Grandma, who hosts her side of the family at her house every Thanksgiving, has cancelled her dinner and wants to come here to eat with us. And, you know, “help”. Those of you who have ever had family over for dinner know that you can’t just lay on the couch while your elderly Dad and even more elderly Grandma try to find the serving spoons and salt shaker and make gravy. AHHH! I may just lock myself in the bedroom and not come out until dinner’s on the table. They can watch football and entertain themselves.

It Probably Read “Yu Suk” November 9, 2005

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Our community publishes a small, once-a-week newspaper. The Public Safety section reports how many calls the Sheriff’s department had that week, and then goes into more detail about specific crimes for each day of that week. Here’s what happened Oct. 23, 2005:

“Deputies were dispatched to the 4600 block of Grandwood for a report of malicious destruction of property. The homeowner discovered spray painted writing on his garage door. The suspect was not identified, but is a poor speller.”
It is a sad state of affairs when kids can’t even spell their insults correctly.