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Today didn’t completely suck July 10, 2006

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Today was an okay day for me. My Dad had all of the tests he needed at the hospital, and is feeling pretty well except for being bummed out about still needing blood transfusions. His nurse said he was very anemic (but his hemoglobin was NOT two as I originally reported but rather 7.2. It has gone up to 9.5).

On the way home from the hospital, I decided to be spontaneous for a change and go do something completely indulgent just for myself. So I went and got a manicure and a pedicure. I know, watch out, I’m pretty wild.

I can’t remember my last manicure, my last pedicure was at least four years ago (sorry, Dawn, I’ll do better, I promise). I am not familiar with pedicure procedure, and was therefore somewhat taken aback by the non-verbal signals of my non-English-speaking pedicurist. I didn’t realize that instead of asking me to lift my foot out of the heavenly warm bubbly water, that she would tap twice on my leg. The first time she did it, I took so long trying to figure out why she was tapping my leg that she did it again. I’m sure after I left they laughed at the pedicure virgin who didn’t even know what the tapping was for.

I’m pretty happy with the results. Photos are on my Flickr page . But let me warn you, no matter how I held my hand out, it looked freakishly wrinkled. I am OLD, dammit. The color on my nails is “Up the Amazon without a paddle”, and my toes are “Don’t Socra-tease me”. So witty, O.P.I.

Speaking of Flickr, I would love to have more Flickr contacts. If you have photos posted there and wouldn’t mind me looking at them (I leave comments, too!), you can go to my Flickr page, put the mouse pointer over my buddy icon, and then click the little blue down arrow and select add as contact. Come on, let’s Flickr together!


Updates and Photos! July 7, 2006

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First, news about my Dad. I was there last night when the Internal Medicine doctor came in, and I learned that Dad’s blood level was two pints short yesterday, and he had been given four units of blood so far that evening. He takes Coumadin, a blood thinner, because he had a clot in the back of his heart two years ago. The Relacore that he took messed with the Coumadin level, which caused internal bleeding. He is scheduled to have an Endoscopy today.

Oh, and the doctor said, right in front of me, “I hear from my P.A. that you have quite the active sex life, more active than even my wife and me”. Um, THANKS doc, and oh, yeah, EW EW EW EW! My Dad is 72 years old, and I know you’re thinking “yeah, go Liz’s Dad”, but I’m still thinking EW.

And now, photos from last weekend. Our hotel had a big pool, and I put on my bathing suit and in I went. Even with my poochy tummy and flabby thighs and you know what? The world did not end! Although I have my hair back in a ponytail so I kind of look like a twelve year old boy, except with boobs. But this is the first photo taken of me in a bathing suit in a long time.

Chris, Kaitlyn and I in the pool

This bow on the back of Kaitlyn’s swimsuit just SLAYS me. It’s a miracle I haven’t gobbled up the backs of her legs yet.

We all have so much fun playing with her, especially her brothers, and she soaks up all the attention they will give her.

Chris’ Dad stopped by on his Honda, but we told Kaitlyn she has to be at LEAST 13 before she can date a boy with a bike.

So that’s some of what else has been going on. I’ve been trying to get to everyone’s blogs and catch up, I don’t always have time to formulate a comment that makes sense, but I’m with you in spirit at least. And for my BlogHer peeps, yes I am still going. My wonderful, considerate husband even told his sister on the phone that the only weekend we couldn’t have the Memorial service was the weekend of BlogHer. Not that I wouldn’t stay home if he needed me, but he knows how much I want to go. I’m not the only person who needs to get together with friends and have some diversion. And drinks.

The adorable children who make this crappy blog worthwhile June 11, 2006

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Kaitlyn can finally sit up well enough to take a bath in the sink! She loved it.

Doesn't my nephew have the face of an angel? He's such a cutie!

Three of my four favorite people in the whole world.

A good photo of Nathan smiling. Kate looks worried!

I'll write a real post tomorrow while the kids are playing. Hope everyone had a good weekend.