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Where do we go from here? Part 2 August 28, 2006

Posted by table4five in BlogHer, I like me some people, personal thoughts.

WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?(Dawn)        Where do we go from here?
(Buffy & Spike)
 Where do we go from here?
          The battle’s done, and we kind of won,
(& Tara)
      So we sound our victory che -er.
                    Where do we go from here?

(Xander & Anya) Why is the path unclear?
                    When we know home is near?
Understand we’ll go hand-in-hand
                    But we’ll walk alone in fear.
                 – Tell me!
(All)             Where do we go from here?
                    When does the end appear?
                    When do the trumpets cheer?
                    The curtains close on a kiss, God knows
                    We can tell the end is ne – ar ….fades
                      Where do we go from here?

Who knew so many songs had those words in them? But this is the song I meant.

Also, I feel I should add that my 2011 “A-list” didn’t include Karen, Grace, Jenn, Jenny, Meghan, Carmen or Chris, because duh-everyone knows who they are already!

But I did forget Miss Once More With Feeling herself, JENNSTER!, Fancypants Jess (who needs to come to BlogHer next year!), Amy, Christina , Elizabeth, and…oh crap, just EVERYBODY, okay? EVERYBODY is the “A-list” as far as I’m concerned. If you’re putting some words onto some kind of blog, then you’re important to me.

And if it ever seems like I’m getting too big for my britches, you all have permission to smack me hard for it. Now please make sure to read the post below this one, and leave your own thoughts in a comment. Let’s all give each other a nice big blog hug, mmmkay?



1. jen - August 28, 2006

I feel myself? what am I, some kind of PERV?

2. Elizabeth - August 28, 2006

Jen-HA! Yes you are once more, with the feeling and all. Did you not participate in the BlogHer pole-dancing?

3. Karen Rani - August 28, 2006

I know Jenn and I licked a statue, along with pole-dancing. We bad.

All of ya’ll are A-listers to me. Otherwise I wouldn’t read your blogs. It’s all about the community baby. Big hugs to ya!

4. jennster - August 28, 2006

but but but.. i’m not just once more with feeling.. that’s another jen, right?!?! lol

5. Mommy off the Record - August 28, 2006

Can I be on the A-list too? Just kiddin’ 🙂

Big bloggity hug to you!!

6. wordgirl - August 29, 2006

I started to comment here yesterday and I realized everything I said just made me sound bitter. Being an A-lister should (and often does…not always) require good writing. Being blogrolled by the A-listers gives a big boost, too. Having both is almost a guarantee. *sigh*

7. jen - August 29, 2006

Jennster, I think she was making a play on words with my site’s title, making it sound like I get a little freakay with ….myself (dude, I’m a CATHOLIC!). fortunately the comma keeps you separate from that nonsense. Too many Jens/Jenns. I swear, next year, I’m changing my name. Think I can pull off “Lafawnduh?”

8. jess - August 29, 2006

I can’t believe I missed this post. I was just listening to my Once More With Feeling soundtrack this weekend. That’s right, I OWN the Buffy musical.

Alas, I won’t be going to BlogHer–probably ever. But next time I’m in Michigan, you can bet I’ll look you up . . .

9. Jenny - August 30, 2006

I know all the words to “I touch myself” – does that ensure my place on future lists?

10. mothergoosemouse - August 30, 2006

If you’re putting some words onto some kind of blog, then you’re important to me.

Hear hear. There isn’t a hotel room big enough to hold our A-list.

11. Jenny - August 30, 2006

Good call putting “Jenny” on your last list. That covers about 35 bloggers in one name. 🙂

Also? I totally would have guessed that you were quoting the Evita song “You must love me”.

Cause I’m a loser.

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