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A Post in Three Parts:Part One (Happy) August 11, 2006

Posted by table4five in Parenting, personal thoughts.

Subtitle, courtesy of Fancypants: Happy, Shiny, BULLSHIT.


Happy: This was a morning that required more than just my usual drip coffee with half n half and Splenda. No, this was a serious coffee morning. My ability to sleep shrinks ever more greatly as the days pass, until I am now up until at least 2:00 am, and yet must awaken by 7:30 in order to do something that approximates parenting. And so, after getting Kaitlyn changed and started on her morning bottle, I went to Beaner’s for a Grande Mocha Caramel.

Yes, that means I left my kids alone in a house locked up tighter than Fort Knox for twenty minutes. Ryan is beyond capable, some days he is a better parent than I am. They know my cell phone number, they know not to answer the phone or the door, they know to only leave the house if it is on fire, and then to go only to the next-door neighbor’s house. That doesn’t mean that I linger at the coffee shop for even a second longer than necessary, no. I get my ass there and back fast.

So, back to the happy. As I stood there, locking the front door, a breeze swept in through the trees, ruffling my hair a little. I looked up, taking in the bright, clear blue sky, and registering the fact that it was a good ten degrees cooler. My first thought was “oh no, that’s a FALL breeze.” But it wasn’t. It felt different than a fall breeze.

The fall breeze is smoky, with the rustling of dried leaves and a chill behind it that portends the cooler temperatures to come. Fall breezes send Mothers looking for last year’s Old Navy hooded sweatshirts, zipped onto protesting children and no doubt abandoned the second they are out of sight, stuffed into the bottoms of backpacks along with the Kleenex pocket packs we always make them take but which they never use.

No, this was just a good Summer breeze, the kind that lets the kids stay outside longer than usual. The kind of breeze that lifts kites into the air and keeps those decorative flags my neighbors attach to the front of their houses flying briskly. My dismay at the possible onset of Fall was replaced by the happy feeling that Summer is not yet over.



1. Dawn - August 11, 2006

I had that same “Is this a fall breeze” thought on my walk this morning…but no, just a cool summer day.

Which reminds me, where are those jackets?

2. mamatulip - August 12, 2006

We are in the midst of some amazingly beautiful weather and it is giving me hope that fall is just around the corner.

3. Mary Tsao - August 13, 2006

I love this post! It’s nice to have that awareness of the seasons — like you haven’t completely lost touch of mother nature even when most of us live in air conditioning and artificial environments.

We’ve been having some nicer weather here, too.

4. TB - August 18, 2006

Love this. Love.

5. home - March 21, 2007

I can find many things that I look for here! Thank you very much!

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