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Joy and ice cream August 9, 2006

Posted by table4five in Blogging, personal thoughts.

Last Saturday, after months of batting the idea back and forth, I finally got a chance to get together with Joy, the blogger you may know as GingaJoy.

The first thing I should mention is that most likely, you have been saying the name of her blog incorrectly. “Ginga” is not pronounced with a soft G like “Ginger”. No, it is pronounced with a hard G, so that “Ging” rhymes with “sing”, as in “sing Joy a song.” Good to know!

Secondly, you should know that she is terrific. As soon as I walked through the door of ColdStone Creamery, carrying Kaitlyn and guiding the boys, I heard “There’s Elizabeth” in a lovely British accent. And then striding up to me with a BIG smile was Joy. She was accompanied by her three-and-a-half year old son, who introduced himself and then gazed wide-eyed at my big boys.

It takes a while to get six servings of ice cream made at ColdStone, but we finally got settled into two tables sort of pulled together (not easy with round tables). There was no high chair for the baby-and hey, ColdStone, what’s UP with that? Your customers have babies!-so Joy and I took turns holding her, while keeping an eye on our three boys.

Three boys hopped up on ice cream and various sugary mix-ins meant that eventually we had to put a stop to the foot races they were running and say a reluctant goodbye. I told her a little about BlogHer, and she thinks that not only will she be able to go next year, but she might drive there with me. I hope that works out, because she is delightful company. We’re hoping once school starts to have a more leisurely lunch-hour meeting.

So thus ended yet another successful blogger meet-up. Thanks Joy! I took my camera, but could only get a few photos snapped. Here’s the best two:




1. tori - August 9, 2006

Sounds like a lovely day! I haven’t taken my kids to ColdStone yet, but we have been planning to go. Now that I know about the no highchair thing, I will try to remember to bring a stroller.

2. Joy - August 9, 2006

my LORD! I look slightly manic in those pics. But I guess that’s about right anyways;-) I finally got my post up, and when you see it you’ll see why it took me so bloomin’ long!

Thanks for the lovely compliments..right back atcha. (Oh, and check what Mocha wrote in my comments–that HUSSY!)

3. mothergoosemouse - August 9, 2006

Joy, you look so CUTE! I think these are the first pics I’ve seen of you. So unfair to look so good while pregnant.

Elizabeth, what a great meeting! You’d better make sure Joy comes along to BlogHer next year – I’m counting on seeing you both!

4. Jenny - August 9, 2006

I love her! But pregnant people are not supposed to look more put together than me.

Also…thanks for the tip. For some reason in my head it’s always Ganja-Joy…apparently my dyslexic brain thinks she’s a pothead.

5. Her Bad Mother - August 9, 2006

Am jealous. Of both of you.

6. Arabella - August 10, 2006

Joy looks and sounds lovely. My biggest reaction, though, is jealousy that the ColdStone near you even HAS seats. The one in Times Square just has a Euro-style bar where you can rest your ice cream, but not your bum. Otherwise, people would stay all day.

7. Elizabeth - August 10, 2006

Yes, but Arabella dear, you get to eat your ColdStone ice cream in TIMES SQUARE. Would you like to trade??

8. joy - August 10, 2006

that’s IT. I am changing my name to Ganja Joy RIGHT NOW!.

I second the “times square swap” Yes, we had seats. But we were also in a strip mall next to Payless.

9. mamatulip - August 10, 2006

YAY! I’ve been saying it RIGHT this whole time!!!

10. catherine - August 10, 2006

Wowma, you’re just makin’ the bloggy rounds! How awesome. 🙂

11. Mrsfortune - August 11, 2006

Ho! I totally was saying it wrong! I thought it was like ginger! I think I even corrected someone on it. Oh I feel terrible.

Coldstone. So expensive, but once in a while, worth it.

She’s gorgeous – Joy and my future daughter-in-law.

12. Nancy - August 14, 2006

So awesome that you got to meet in person. And with ColdStone too! Double bonus.

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