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BlogHeader August 4, 2006

Posted by table4five in Blogging.


designed by Nancy at Mom/Ma’am/Me for my NEW BLOG! Yes, I am now Master of my Domain.



1. jennster - August 4, 2006

super cute! i love it!

2. Java Junkie - August 4, 2006

Wow very nice! Did you do this?

3. Amy - August 4, 2006

Awesome! I’m impressed . . .

4. jes - August 4, 2006

oooh la la – i can’t wait until you get it uploaded & the site redesigned so we can all see it BIG! And Live! In Color!

5. Fraulein N - August 4, 2006

Very nice!

6. Lanna - August 4, 2006

Love it!

7. mothergoosemouse - August 4, 2006

But are you King of your Castle?

Sorry. Love Seinfeld. And your new banner too!

8. Nancy - August 4, 2006

Glad you like it!

9. Chase - August 4, 2006

Cute! Congrats on your new domain!!! 🙂

10. wordgirl - August 5, 2006

So cool! I love it!

11. Rhonda - August 5, 2006


12. Mrs. Chicky - August 5, 2006

It’s perfect! And congratulations on being master of the universe…. um, of your domain.

13. TB - August 5, 2006

Hooray! What’s the new URL and when should we change it in our links?

PS As soon as I saw the header I knew it was the work of Nancy

14. Jenny - August 6, 2006

Perfect! I love it!

15. purplemoongarden - August 6, 2006

the fact that people were so offended by the mag cover is exactly why Baby Talk had to write yet another article trying to convince new mothers that breasfeeding is the healthiest choice for baby

I know so many women who never even for a moment considered nursing because they thought of it as “gross” and “unnatural”

16. Susie Bright - August 7, 2006

Thank you so much for finding my little rant worthy. I couldn’t agree with you more on this subject.

I wrote a story called “The Unlikely Lactivist” that I want you to see!


I would email it to you but you are quite beautifully discreet and hidden here! Anyway, maybe others would like to see it too.

Feed on, Susie

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