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I know where I’ll be next July 27th. August 1, 2006

Posted by table4five in BlogHer, personal thoughts.

It’s official-Blogher ’07 will be held in Chicago! I checked and it is 218 miles from my house, so I will be driving. Oh yes, I am already planning to go. After saying hello to my husband and kissing him in full view of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, the very next thing I did is tell him “next year, it’s in Chicago.”

His response? “Great! That will make it even easier for you to go.” I love him, that man of mine.

You know why else he’s a fantastic guy? Because while I was boozing it up gaining important knowledge at Blogher this year, my husband was not only parenting our three children, and visiting his father in the hospital, he was also painting furniture. Making multiple runs to “the Man store” aka Home Depot for paint. Sanding, painting, parenting. He rocks, that’s all I can say about that.

Her Bad Mother’s “Dared to Eat a Peach” post perfectly sums up how it felt to spend four days without any members of my family. Last summer, Chris took the boys to see their Grandpa in Indiana for two nights, and he also spent a year and a half traveling on business when the boys were little. But it has been sixteen years since I went somewhere without Chris.

No wonder I was so unsure of myself. I know, I spent two days running up to everyone and introducing myself, but if you look at the photos I’m in, I look like I’m frozen. There are no photos of me acting crazy and spontaneous, because I just didn’t feel like I could really let go, despite the liberal applications of alcohol.

Next year will be different. I’m getting back on my diet plan and have a goal of losing forty pounds by January 30. And then if I can just maintain that, great, if I can lose more, even better. I know it shouldn’t matter how much I weigh, but it does. There were women of all shapes and sizes at Blogher, and then ones I envied most were the ones who were overweight like me, yet had tons of confidence and great-looking clothes.

I looked like someone’s 40 year old mother. Which is what I am, but I’d much rather look like someone’s HOT 40 year old mother. So what I’m saying is that next year, I expect to be a full participant in the boob and ass-grabbing. Because I’m bringing my smokin’-hot 40 year old self to Chicago, and Chicago had better be ready.



1. Jenny - August 1, 2006

E – I loved, loved, LOVED meeting you. You were seriously wonderful to talk to, and I swear that next year, I’m going to grab your ass right off, to get things started up right.

And you are already a HOT mama.

2. wordgirl - August 2, 2006

Elizabeth…Next year I’ll be 48…so…ya know…that’ll make two of us.

3. TB - August 2, 2006

It seems like everyone came away from the weekend with new resolutions. Here’s to meeting all our goals and I promise to feel you up next year :o)

4. Fraulein N - August 2, 2006

I don’t know if Chicago is ready for you, girl.

5. mothergoosemouse - August 2, 2006

Elizabeth, you already are a MILF. In the general sense. I’m not out F’ing any M’s, but I still think you should have donned a pair of pasties and strutted your stuff.

You were wonderful, and I’m excited that you’re already excited about next year (and that it’s definitely within reach!).

6. lrstan - August 2, 2006

How exciting! I’ve never been to Chicago!

That’s an awesome goal to strive for. One I need to do, also.

7. Magnolia Mom - August 2, 2006

That was my comment above, but it had me logged in as a generic name I use to use.

8. fizzle - August 2, 2006

I told at least three people at BlogHer, “yeah, Elizabeth told me she weighed 200 lbs and was like 3 foot 2 inches”….(I exaggerate, next time I tell it, the weight will have gone up and the height will have inched down). We all laughed, because you’re none of the above. You’re a sassy, funny woman with a six foot personality and a beautiful mama.

thanks for catching the fact that in life and online i ride the short bus. i’ve never known my left from my right, and i swear, typing that post i rechecked it, like three times….siigh!

9. Mary Tsao - August 3, 2006

“gaining important knowledge” — ha! I mean, oh, you’re so right! Actually, I did learn a lot and one thing I learned (although I already knew it so not even sure if it counts) is how wonderful you are!

Your husband sounds awesome, too.

10. Mom101 - August 3, 2006

I’m honored to be counted as a “new friend.” I gotta say, if anyone was going to get that free blogHer ticket, you, lady, earned it in spades. I hereby vote you friendliest blogHer, class of 06.

11. Lanna - August 3, 2006

I had something really great to say, then I started discussing Elmo with my toddler.

Anyway, I’m so glad you had a great time at Blogher! A little excitement is good from time to time. 🙂 I’m with you on the losing weight thing though. I’m not happy with the extra spare tire (among other things) I’ve got from ds2, but I’m also giving myself a few months more than you to get there. Off to discuss Elmo again… *sigh*

12. jes - August 3, 2006

That’s right, baby! BlogHer better be ready! And, hey! I’m kissing you over there in the Flickr photos.

You make for good kissing.

I loved meeting you, and am so glad you introduced yourself, because I was looking for a shirt that said, “I’M THAT ELIZABETH” and I never found it. What would I have done if I had never found you?

I hope to see you at BlogHer Chicago!

13. joy - August 5, 2006

Lady–you and me can car-pool. See you in a few!

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