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Live from BlogHer ’06!!! July 28, 2006

Posted by table4five in BlogHer.

Hey everybody, I’m coming to you live from the lunch table at BlogHer ’06. I’ll spare you the details of my airplane travels, except to say that I did not in fact have a panic attack on either plane, and I met up with Nancy from Mom/Ma’am/Me completely by accident at the Atlanta airport. It was nice to have a friendly and familiar face to pass the time with.

My companions here at lunch are: Tammie from Soul Gardening, Catherine from Her Bad Mother, Kristen from Motherhood Uncensored, Liz from Mom101, Asha from Parenthacks, Julie from MotherGooseMouse, Cathy from Mayberry Mom, Izzy from Izzymom, Dawn from Baleful Regards, Roo from Roo the Day, and Kari from Karianna/ClubMom. Yes, it’s a huuuuge table!

I should stop the narrative flow here for a minute and say that last night, when I arrived, it was like 9:30 pm. I ran to my room, threw down my stuff, ran back out to the pool area, and commenced immediately with hugging and squealing. And drinking, which costs a fucking fortune, but helped ease my shaky nerves a little bit. Everyone is so happy to see everyone else, it’s like a High School Reunion only if everyone you went to High School with actually liked you.

So today, at Registration, I learned that we are actually kind of a big deal. GM is here promoting their website for women, Saturn brought Concept cars for us to test-drive, and SixApart gave us swanky totebags stuffed with swag. We were front-page news here in San Jose. I imagine this must be what it feels like to be a celebrity, people giving you free stuff all the time.

After a basic Continental breakfast, we had our first discussion session. I went to “Primp Your Blog”, and picked up some interesting ideas, although I can’t use most of them here on my free WordPress blog.

Now it’s lunch, compliments of the conference. The wireless connection was down all morning but they rebooted, thank GOD.

I left my SanDisk up in the room, so I’ll upload photos later. I don’t know how well they will look, because anything taken up close is really dark. I’m trying to move farther away, plus I finally turned off the flash. Those photos might be a little blurry, but I can maybe fix that in Photoshop.

OH, I should also mention that I have met all of the “Big Ladies” except for Heather Armstrong (Dooce), although I hear she’s in the room so I’ll try to at least capture her photo. It’s unbelievable to be sitting in a room full of 400 people, all of whom share a common interest with me.

Now if I could just calm my nerves and stop shaking like a freak.

Roo says “Hi”.



1. tori - July 28, 2006

It sounds like it is as good as I imagined it would be. I’m glad you are having fun!!!!

2. jennster - July 28, 2006

YAY! i will see you later tonight ya whore! can’t wait!

3. jennster - July 28, 2006

ps- tell all those bitches i said HIIIIIIIIIIIi

4. mamatulip - July 29, 2006

Sounds…awesome. 🙂

5. sweet rose - July 31, 2006

glad you had such a neat experience. If you find yourself tearing yourself down again ask yourself “what is my payoff?” We do these things to ourselves for a reason and when we can see what the reason is we have a better chance of changing the behavior. That is my psychology lesson for today.

6. roo - July 31, 2006

Elizabeth, I loved having a chance to meet you. You’re the sort of woman who brings a smile to everyone’s face. I could tell that from your writing, but it’s even more powerful in person.

Now I can’t wait for Blogher ’07!

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