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My kids (and hubby) say the darnedest things July 24, 2006

Posted by table4five in BlogHer, Family.

Random snippets of conversation heard around my house this week:

(Sitting around the dinner table) 

Ryan: “Mom, did you remember to buy earplugs for the plane because otherwise your ears will hurt when the plane lands?”

Me: “Yes I did, honey, thanks for asking.”

Ryan: “You should buy some gum.”

Me: “Unfortunately, chewing gum doesn’t help my ears not hurt.”

Ryan: “No, not for your ears. You sit down in your seat, you put the ear plugs in, then you chew some gum and it will help you relax.”

He’s a wise one, that kid.

(We’re listening to Dixie Chicks “Lullaby”-the lyric is “How long do you want to be loved? Is forever enough? Cause I’m never never giving you up.”)

Nathan: “Cause I’m never never giving you a hug”? WHAT KIND OF LULLABY IS THAT?”

Um, the kind Count Olaf would sing to the Baudelaire orphans? 

(I had just sprayed my arm with Dream Angels “Heavenly” Body spray)

Me: “Honey, what does this smell like?”

Chris: (Sniffs) “Um, yummy girl?”

Good answer there, babe.

I know, not much of a post, I just wanted to remember those little real-life moments. I wish I had more of them written down somewhere. Like the time when Ryan was about 3, and we were driving up the highway on-ramp into heavy traffic, and he started talking to me. I said “just a minute honey, I need to concentrate on driving and then we can talk”. And he said “okay mama, you drive, and then we’ll have a little talk”.

Or the time I was feeling down and said out loud “God, I look so fat in this” and Nathan said “Mom, don’t say that. You are beautiful.”

If you’re going to BlogHer and want my cell phone number and I haven’t given it to you yet, email me. Because I want to find each and every one of you, hug you, and possibly cry a little. I leave in THREE DAYS.



1. TB - July 24, 2006

Aww, just aww. So adorable :o)

2. mothergoosemouse - July 24, 2006

What do you MEAN, “not much of a post”?

THIS is the mommy blogger stuff that anyone eats up. Anyone with a brain and a sense of humor, of course.

Your boys are awesome – all three of them. But tell Ryan that I’ve always found a glass of wine to be significantly more relaxing than a stick of Doublemint.

3. Her Bad Mother - July 24, 2006

Cry a little. Cry a lot.

Am anticipating a wee bit o’ heart pain myself.

Will try to drink it away.

4. Mocha - July 24, 2006

We both said “snippet” today in our posts! It’s fate!

You SO have to come visit me now. This is W-E-I-R-D. Your boys are so cute.

Bobbi Brown has a fragrance that she called “Yummy Sexy” because her son and husband said she smelled “yummy” and “sexy” respectively. I love that.

5. Becki - July 24, 2006

I love the Chicks’ new CD. My kids are like my husband, though–they never listen to the actual lyrics.

6. Chantal - July 24, 2006

You’re gonna have so much fun! If anyone deserves this time away it’s you. I’m only like 5% jealous, 95% thrilled for you.

7. jennster - July 24, 2006

i am LAUGHING MY FUCKING ASS OFF at the never going to give you a hug part.. LOL

8. jennster - July 24, 2006

ps- email me your cell phone STAT

9. Belinda - July 25, 2006


Wishing so desperately that I would be there to meet you and all the other “yummy girls.”

10. mamatulip - July 25, 2006

I know what you mean about those real-life moments. I love it, hearing what other families say to each other. So sweet.

Have a great time at BlogHer, yummy girl. I want DETAILS when you get back. DEEEEEE–TAILS.

11. purplemoongarden - August 7, 2006

I am in LOVE with Lullaby …. and your sons misshearing the lyrics is too adorable (and hes right of course “never gonna give you a hug” makes for a lousy lullaby)

did you see the show Medium season finale — this song played in the background during some hearttugging scenes — I bawled a lot LOL

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