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My real-life blog date July 20, 2006

Posted by table4five in Blogging.

I have been a bit distracted this last month, but how could I keep forgetting to tell you about my first meeting with another blogger? If she wasn’t such a nice person, and also quite busy with two children and two blogs, I would be worried that she might be mad at me.

After all, she was the one who emailed me the day after I found out my Mother-in-law had died and said remember how we keep talking about getting together? Would this be a good time for some company, or a really bad time?

It was absolutely a good time for company. I didn’t want to be alone with my thoughts all day. It was a good time to have a friend to lean on.

And that is how I came to spend the afternoon with Becki, of Adventures of a Nervous Girl, and Cooking With Whine, and her adorable children. She even brought the fixings for lunch!

I think her little girl might have felt a bit overwhelmed by my big, noisy boys, but her son was a very good sport. He was immediately recruited for both Star Wars Light Saber fighting and water gun fights, and seemed to enjoy both. We broiled hamburgers, drank coffee, and tried to keep the kids from eating the cookies before the rest of their food.

I didn’t feel at all nervous about how Becki and I would get along. She had just written a post about how grumpy she is, but I thought she was funny and intelligent. The afternoon was over much too soon, but she had to drive over an hour and didn’t want to hit rush hour traffic. She let me keep all the leftover food. Later that night, we made ice-cream sandwiches from scoops of Breyer’s Slow-Churned Vanilla and the soft pecan cookies she brought.

Just as she was walking out the door I yelled “wait! We didn’t even take any pictures!” Which we hadn’t, busy as we were keeping five kids fed and playing together. So I grabbed the camera quick, and asked Ryan to take a quick photo.

So that’s why I’m not at all nervous about BlogHer. Having Becki sitting next to me on my couch while we sipped coffee and tried to get her daughter to eat one more bite of lunch felt completely natural. I know I will feel just as comfortable sitting next to all of you. In ONE WEEK.



1. Mary - July 20, 2006

First! hehehe.

I love this photo. It perfectly captures two moms and four kids and everything that means. Looks broiling hot where you are, too.

Fun times! Can’t wait to meet you next week!

2. tori - July 20, 2006

I’m so jealous! I want to meet a blogger friend! Um, I mean, it looks like you had lots of fun and I am very happy you had such a good day. And you two totally wore very similar cute outfits!

3. Mommy off the Record - July 20, 2006

Congrats on meeting a blogger in real life. I have yet to do that, but look forward to meeting YOU next weekend. 🙂

4. Fraulein N - July 20, 2006

Glad your first blog date went well. I’m actually meeting up with fellow bloggers (two I’ve met before; one I haven’t) this weekend.

Have to say, though, that I’m a little bit jealous of all the cool kids who are going to BlogHer. I know you all are going to have so much fun!

5. fizzle - July 20, 2006

So I was looking for the (self described by Elizabeth) munchkin weight 172 in that picture so I’d recognize her at BlogHer. And, uhm, what? In our early acquaintance there’s already lies? You’re rough on yourself, woman! You’re a beautious mommy!

Beware that at BlogHer, for the most part, it’s women without their children, so you won’t have that distraction which may heighten nerves. But from what I’ve learned about these ladies, the distraction will become liquor, so it’ll kill any thoughts of “oh that lady knows how I really write”

(I’m going to add your blog to my blogroll!)

6. Izzy - July 20, 2006

I love hearing about bloggers getting together!

But I am definitely nervous about BlogHer. My original fears of wandering around by myself still abound. I clearly have issues…

Nonetheless, I’m so looking forward to meeting you and all the other chicas.

And I’ll post photos THIS WEEK so you’ll recognize me if my shoddy wardrobe doesn’t give me away first 🙂

7. Jess - July 21, 2006

Glad you had fun. I still have yet to meet any bloggers.

8. mothergoosemouse - July 21, 2006

How COOL! I love you and Becki both, and I think it’s great that you guys got together. What a fun afternoon.

9. Nancy - July 22, 2006

How awesome that you met Becki. Sounds like you had a great time. I love seeing you together, too!

10. Becki - July 24, 2006

Dude, I know the camera adds 10 pounds, but HOW THE HELL MANY CAMERAS DID YOU HAVE ON ME?!?

Seriously, though, I had a wonderful time at your house. Every time we’re in the car more than twenty minutes, my son now asks, “Are we going to Lansing?”

Can’t wait until you mosey down to this neck of the woods. Have an awesome time at BlogHer. Drink a margarita for me.

11. joy - July 27, 2006

see–you’ve got it over with now. i am still a “meet your first blogger friend” virgin.
but i’m still on for next saturday–and I like slowchurned vanilla, so maybe we can do that;-)
right now you are having fun in San Jose–hope it
s going great!

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