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The prize is a WHAT now? July 18, 2006

Posted by table4five in Humor.


Originally uploaded by Tableforfive.

My kids are participating in the library’s Summer Reading Program. The theme is “Paws, Claws, Scales and Tails”, so all the prizes are animal-related. This foam glider toy is what they got for completing their sixth hour of reading.

I keep waiting for one of them to ask me “Mom, what is a cockchafer?”

To which I will reply “trust me honey, it’s something you do NOT want to get.”



1. TB - July 18, 2006

The hell? I still don’t know what it is, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want one!

2. table4five - July 18, 2006

Even though I was scared to Google it for fear of what I would find, it turns out a cockchafer is a European beetle of the dung beetle variety. Here’s a link to Wikipedia:

Turns out there are both Common AND Large Cockchafers. Huh.

3. Arabella - July 18, 2006

That is priceless.

4. mamatulip - July 18, 2006



5. Mommy off the Record - July 18, 2006

He he. It’s been a good 2 weeks since I last had a cockchafer….

6. Dawn - July 18, 2006

I am hoping to catch a cockchafer tonight, as a matter of fact.

7. Java Junkie - July 18, 2006

o.O Dawn! You’re so naughty! roflmfao

8. roo - July 19, 2006

All I know is, I hope if I get a cockchafer that it’s of the Large variety– no common cockchafers for this girl!

9. lunamynx - July 19, 2006

“Paws, Claws, Scales and Tails” is the summer reading program at our library too, so there may be some cockchafer questions to answer in my future as well. Of all the animals in the world to choose from… what kind of perv have they got creating these programs anyway?

10. tori - July 19, 2006

That is very funny!

11. Fraulein N - July 19, 2006

Hee. Makes a great insult. Like so: “I had the right of way, you COCKCHAFER!”

12. Mocha - July 19, 2006

That’s far too close to my favorite bad word so I’ll use that next time I want to yell it.

Great story! 😉

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