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Updates and Photos! July 7, 2006

Posted by table4five in Family, Photos.

First, news about my Dad. I was there last night when the Internal Medicine doctor came in, and I learned that Dad’s blood level was two pints short yesterday, and he had been given four units of blood so far that evening. He takes Coumadin, a blood thinner, because he had a clot in the back of his heart two years ago. The Relacore that he took messed with the Coumadin level, which caused internal bleeding. He is scheduled to have an Endoscopy today.

Oh, and the doctor said, right in front of me, “I hear from my P.A. that you have quite the active sex life, more active than even my wife and me”. Um, THANKS doc, and oh, yeah, EW EW EW EW! My Dad is 72 years old, and I know you’re thinking “yeah, go Liz’s Dad”, but I’m still thinking EW.

And now, photos from last weekend. Our hotel had a big pool, and I put on my bathing suit and in I went. Even with my poochy tummy and flabby thighs and you know what? The world did not end! Although I have my hair back in a ponytail so I kind of look like a twelve year old boy, except with boobs. But this is the first photo taken of me in a bathing suit in a long time.

Chris, Kaitlyn and I in the pool

This bow on the back of Kaitlyn’s swimsuit just SLAYS me. It’s a miracle I haven’t gobbled up the backs of her legs yet.

We all have so much fun playing with her, especially her brothers, and she soaks up all the attention they will give her.

Chris’ Dad stopped by on his Honda, but we told Kaitlyn she has to be at LEAST 13 before she can date a boy with a bike.

So that’s some of what else has been going on. I’ve been trying to get to everyone’s blogs and catch up, I don’t always have time to formulate a comment that makes sense, but I’m with you in spirit at least. And for my BlogHer peeps, yes I am still going. My wonderful, considerate husband even told his sister on the phone that the only weekend we couldn’t have the Memorial service was the weekend of BlogHer. Not that I wouldn’t stay home if he needed me, but he knows how much I want to go. I’m not the only person who needs to get together with friends and have some diversion. And drinks.



1. Java Junkie - July 8, 2006

O – M – F – G!!!

How CUTE AND ADORABLE is that photo! I mean really! I *WILL* be expecting a full size email so I can hard copy and frame that sucker (the one of all 3 of you) – who took that anyway? Do we honestly have a 4th gen photographer in the making ALREADY? 🙂

And those of you that read these comments, that bow is NOTHING compared to how stinkin’ adorable that baby is. I mean really, she probably smelled like spit from me kissing her non-stop!\

And I agree, sissy, EW! Did you SAY that to the doctor? I would have! I would have said “Um, thanks! Now my husband will never have sex again for as long as he lives. Can we have your home address so he can send you a fruit basket for thanks?” 😉

Love you, glad to hear they figured everything out.

2. Java Junkie - July 8, 2006

One more comment, I’ve been refreshing your silly flickr account like 20 times since we’ve gotten home to see more photos – stop teasing me and upload them already! 🙂

3. mothergoosemouse - July 8, 2006

OMG the comment from the doc – I would have stuck my fingers in my ears and went “lalalalala”. Do NOT need to know that – just tell me that he’s gonna be okay, doc!

Love all the pictures. You look wonderful, and the shot of the boys with Kaitlyn is precious.

And it hadn’t even occurred to me that you might not go to BlogHer. I’m so glad that’s a definite, regardless of what’s been going down.

4. mamatulip - July 8, 2006

Those are great pics…your family is beautiful.

5. Kari - July 8, 2006

What an adorable swimsuit on a gorgeous gal.

Parents don’t have sex. The doctor was clearly lying.

6. Suebob - July 8, 2006

I hope your Dad is ok.

Doctors! Once when I was 16 and had an as-yet undiagnosed bone infection, the doc told my parents “It could be a severe case of gonnorhea.” THAT did not go over well for me OR for them.

7. Dawn - July 8, 2006

AHhhhhh. WE LOVE THAT SUIT. And you are SOOOO right, the bow on the back. Makes you want to chew on baby back fat for sheer deliciousness. One of those times you think – Is it legal for this much cuteness to exist in one small body?

She looks thrilled to be with Mom And Dad in a pool.

And hell yeah, you’re coming to Blogher.

8. mrsfortune - July 8, 2006

How effin cute is she? Unbelievable. I thought she was marrying Jacob , though, and his father has absolutely forbid him from ever riding/owning a motorcycle, so can you break the news to Kaitlyn now? And what is it with doctors and total lack of tact? Mine said some pretty embarassing things while my parents were in the room when I was in the hospital after having Jacob. Ew ew ew. My dad was totally grossed out, as was I.

9. Mary - July 9, 2006

The swimsuit is adorable! What a sweet little girl. What a great addition to a family of boys.

Sorry about your dad and I hope he’s allright. Um, and sorry you had to hear about his activity level. Not what you want to know about your parents!!

Looking forward to buying you that drink at BlogHer.

10. Nancy - July 9, 2006

That’s a great picture of the three of you in the pool. And Kaitlyn’s smile in the photo with the boys — wonderful!

Glad to hear you confirm that you will be at BlogHer. Only 19 more days!!!

11. Becki - July 9, 2006

Has your dad seen those pictures of Kaitlyn? Because there cannot be any better medicine out there than her adorable self. I hope your Dad is all better soon, and, um, congratulations on, um, keeping busy. Glad to hear it.

12. Undercover Angel - July 9, 2006

Adorable photos. I’m hope your father is feeling better soon.

I hope you have a wonderful time at BlogHer. You’ve had such a rough time lately, it will do you good to get away from it all…

13. Fraulein N - July 9, 2006

Squee! to the picture of the three of you in the pool. That’s a really great shot, and baby bathing suits crack me up. Good for you, getting yourself into a bathing suit. In public. Not that I can see anything you need to be worried about, but just the thought of being among other humans in a BATHING SUIT terrifies me.

Another thing that terrifies me: a doctor talking about my parents’ sex life in front of me. Gah! And EW! Um, no. Also, EW. Did I say that already?

Have fun at BlogHer!

14. roo - July 10, 2006

What a beautiful family you have!

I’m glad to hear that the doctors have figured out what made your father so ill. I hope he feels better soon.

15. Izzy - July 10, 2006

Fab photos! And that suit is a-fricken-dorable. Think they make in a size “G” (Giant) for me? Glad you’re still going to BlogHer and hope your pops is doing better soon.

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