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Another death in my family July 6, 2006

Posted by table4five in personal thoughts.

Last night, my husband’s Grandmother passed away in the night. She was in her 80s and living with my husband’s Aunt in New Mexico. As far as I know, she did not know that her daughter, my mother in law, had passed away two weeks ago. She had grown more confused over the years and it was decided that she would not understand.

I didn’t know her very well, but I know that she loved collecting clown figurines, loved the city of San Fransisco, and always wore hats. She was sweet and funny and liked to dance. If you would like, please visit my sister in law’s blog Java Junkie and the Monkey to read another touching tribute.

And since bad news always seems to come in threes, I also got a call from my father’s girlfriend today telling me that he was taken by ambulance to the hospital because he was taking a non-prescription diet pill and had a bad reaction to it. He may have to stay overnight just for observation.

Would you please say a prayer or whatever it is that you do for my family? We are all in pain right now. I feel numb, and yet have so much to do. I don’t even want to answer the phone at this point.



1. mamatulip - July 6, 2006

Oh, Elizabeth. I’m sorry. So sorry. I’m here if you need anything or if you want to talk, okay?


2. Lanna - July 6, 2006

Geez. I hope your dad’s okay. And be careful on the way to BlogHer. 🙂

3. Nancy - July 6, 2006

I am so sorry, Elizabeth. I am thinking of you and of course I’m here if there’s anything you need. (what Mama Tulip said.)

4. catherine - July 6, 2006

I’m so terribly sorry, Elizabeth. Warm thoughts and heartfelt prayers coming your way.

5. tori - July 6, 2006

I wish there was something I could do or say to make this better for you! I am so sorry for your bad luck recently!

6. Izzy - July 7, 2006

I’m so sorry about the rough time your family is having. I’ll definitely say a prayer for you guys.

7. Arabella - July 7, 2006

I’m so sorry to hear about this rough time.

8. Fraulein N - July 7, 2006

Wow. I do believe these things come in threes, so hopefully that’s the end of it. I really hope your dad’s okay.

9. Dawn - July 7, 2006

I declare that this is enough for your family. No more universe. do you hear me? No more for this family….

10. jen - July 7, 2006

I got your e-mail late yesterday (and I plan on responding).
I am so sorry to hear about Chris’ G-ma. I am saying prayers for you all and glad to hear your Dad is ok. But you best get yo ass to Blogher in one piece. You serves your “threes”, so enough.

I think you (and me) could use a laugh.

11. Becki - July 9, 2006

Oh, what you guys have been through lately. Will definitely be praying for you guys, especially Chris. So many losses, so fast. Thank goodness you have those beautiful kids to keep your spirits up.

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