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Making the move June 12, 2006

Posted by table4five in Blogging.

My "Dear Blogger, fuck you" letter: 

I tried, Blogger, I really did. I remembered that you were giving me and a whole lot of other people a free blog, and that sometimes the server just couldn't keep up. I dealt with connection failures and photos that just wouldn't upload no matter how hard I tried. I rewrote more than one post after it just disappeared. But Blogger, I just have had enough.

I don't know if I'll like it here or not. The free blog is the only thing I can afford right now, but the template is awfully plain, and WordPress isn't letting me switch back and forth between the WYSIWYG editor and the HTML like Blogger did. I don't know how to change the fonts if I want to, or put anything at all in the sidebar yet. But I hope to learn.

I will probably keep my other two blogs, Blogger. But Table for Five is just too important to me to not try to improve it. I want people to be able to come and read what I have to say and leave a comment if they want. I don't want my readers to lose patience and give up and go read someone else's blog instead.

I was hoping to make at least a teeny bit of money with Google AdSense, but despite my readers'  best efforts, it just wasn't happening. So that's no excuse not to leave. I'm sorry Blogger. Thank you for letting me write 198 posts on you. It would have been nice to stay, but I won't be. Hope you understand.



1. izzymom - June 12, 2006

Hey! Your template keeps changing!

Make sure to change your setting so that people dont have to log in to comment and also, turn off comment moderation or they will stack up until you approve them. Moderation ON is the default.

Are you going to import your old posts? It’s way easy.

I’m so glad you did this. I tried to leave you comments SO many times recently with no luck.

If you want, send me the graphic for your old header and I’ll try to make it fit the Kubrick template.

2. izzymom - June 12, 2006

Oh wait. I just realized you’re using the hosted WordPress so you can’t replace it. Sorry! But I think you can change the colors under “Presentation”

3. rmeekster030 - June 12, 2006

Hooray for you. I am so proud of you. I hope you have so much fun getting things the way you want them here. WOO HOO!

4. K. - June 12, 2006

Blogger definitely has its frustrations.

5. Fraulein N - June 13, 2006

The WYSIWYG editor is the main reason I came back to Blogger. It really wasn’t that big of an expense to use another platform (MT, in my case) and pay for hosting, but GOD did I feel like such a boob. At least I have Blogger (mostly) figured out. Hope you have better luck with your switch!

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