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Even Elvis wouldn’t eat a blog post, would you boy?

SiteMeter says people are still coming here, which is a miracle considering the crap I’ve been putting up with from Blogger over the last week. Starting last Saturday night when I tried to post photos from our Family Reunion, continuing on to the two posts that disappeared during a connection failure, and then right up to yesterday, when once again a post disappeared.

You’d think by now that I would have figured out to write the post in NotePad or even Word and then copy and paste it into a blank Blog post, but…nope. I like to create my posts right here where I can edit the HTML and put the photos in as I go.

So thank you, people who are coming here to see if I’ve written anything new lately. I’m trying, believe me. I’m trying.

Not much going on with site referrals this week. People are still finding me by searching for some derivation of the Bohemian Rhapsody lyric “thunderbolts of lightening, very very frightening”. Maybe they caught a fragment of the song on the radio and want to know the artist?

Check out this one: tiny poops diaper rash -everyone This had better be a mother wondering if frequent tiny poops are more likely to cause diaper rash because the “everyone” at the end? Makes me a little nervous.

I also got UPN wake up news kaitlyn. Does UPN have it’s own morning news show with a host named Kaitlyn? I’ve really got to start watching something other than “Buffy” reruns in the morning, because that is news to me.

And finally waytocute for pictures. I will forgive this person for running the first three words together and spelling “too” incorrectly as long as they stayed and looked at the post they linked to with the cute pictures of my baby!

() () () ()

If I may ask a general question now, how does everyone really feel about the Google AdSense banner I’m running up at the top? It doesn’t feel too intrusive to me, but I look at it all the time. Because I often just sign in to my blog to gaze fondly at it, don’t you?? I’m joking!

Anyway, the reason I ask is because last week I had FOUR HUNDRED NINETY visits to the blog, and not one single click. Even more shocking is that for the month of May I had 1,426 page impressions for a grand total of four clicks, which made me THIRTY-SIX Cents. Can you imagine if everyone who came here clicked? That would be a lot of money! And I’m only planning to keep it up until after BlogHer, because the whole point was to make some money so that I can EAT and DRINK THINGS while I am there.

But if those banners have become “invisible”, then I will take it down. And ask my kids to sell lemonade on the corner instead. I’m joking!

Sort of.

Coming up next: What we learned about Nathan and how it will affect both us and him. AND, fun tales of me losing my mind over summer vacation!



1. Lanna - June 9, 2006

I usually just ignore the ads. On my blog it’s just part of the scenery because I’m too cheap to pay for a premium membership or whatever. But I just clicked your banner ad for you. 🙂

2. radioactive girl - June 9, 2006

I don’t think one person has ever clicked my ad, but I leave it anyway, just in the hopes that someday, someone will. I would leave it, you never know, and hey, 36 cents might not get you a drink, but it’s a start, right? I try to remember to click people’s when I visit, but sometimes forget. I did click yours though.

3. Elizabeth - June 9, 2006

Thanks! Of course, I may have just violated the AdSense Code of Ethics, and any minute now uniformed men may slide down ropes hanging from helicopters and crash through my ceiling just like in “Minority Report”. That would certainly be interesting.

4. Suebob - June 9, 2006

Does it count if we click every day?

5. Monkey - June 10, 2006

I click everytime I’m here so… maybe I should not allow cookies 😛

6. sweatpantsmom - June 10, 2006

Hey girl – I just clicked your ad! Does that mean I get to split that penny with you?

And ‘waytocute.’ So catchy – I think you should register it and put it on a t-shirt.

7. Java Junkie - June 10, 2006

Couple of things, Sissy.

Banner Ad
Just out of curiosity is there a way for you to throw target=”_blank” in the link tag or is that a violation of Adsense? Just wondering because it’s a pet peeve of mine to be taken away from a page unvoluntarily lol. I figure I can ask since I’m your HTML go to lady 😀


warning: Office Space Lumbergh impression)

Um yeah.. I’m going to have to have you not ask me how to cure diaper rash on adult fannies.


Maybe they were looking for directions? You could make the aforementioned t-shirt for babies with a road sign arrow pointing up “This way to Cute” 😀

word verrification: yoppwzfu

sounds like something you say when you stub your toe bad and are trying not to curse.

8. Undercover Angel - June 10, 2006

I’d keep the ad. I used to have adsense ads on my blog, but nobody ever clicked them so I got rid of them. If you’ve gotten 36 cents worth of clicks, I’d keep them so you might get lucky and get lots of clicks.

9. Elizabeth - June 10, 2006

Java Junkie-HAHAHA! You’re right, that would be a cute t-shirt. And I could see someone stubbing their toe and yelling “YOPP! WZ! FU!! Of course, that last word is pronounced “fuh”.

10. mothergoosemouse - June 11, 2006

I don’t mind the ads, but I’m not a clicker. Usually. Maybe I’ll make an exception for you. Because it won’t be any fun at all if I’m drunk at BlogHer and you’re not. Well, it’ll still be a little fun. Anyway. I’ll go click now.

11. Lunamynx - June 12, 2006

I clicked your 6-6-6 ad from two different computers plus the previous one a few times as well. You’re not getting credit for them somewhere along the line.

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