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Posting with the devil… June 6, 2006

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Oh come on, you know I had to make up a post just so it could have the date 6-6-6!! I feel like I should have some heavy metal head-banging music on. Except I don't own any.

I think this made the national news, but if not, there is a town in Michigan called "Hell". Today, they are having the biggest party in the town's history, the "Once in a Lifetime" party.

I learned from the Absolute Michigan website (that's the best name they could come up with? Really?) that Hell, MI celebrates Halloween all year round. Who knew? Today they are selling ice cream cones at Scream's Ice Cream Shop for-what else?-66 cents. Gift shops will be carrying merchandise like t-shirts and mugs for $6.66. It almost makes me want to drive there just to get in on the kitschiness of it. Except I don't even know where it is. I don't know where Hell is!

Oh, would you look at that? Hell is halfway between Flint and Ann Arbor. There's a joke in there somewhere. Something to do with Flint's failed auto industry and the U of M Wolverines.

They both suck.

Actually, I take that back. I don't think Flint sucks.

++++++++++++++++ See? A row of crosses. Take THAT, Beelzebub!

I have yet to write the post I've been working on in my head for a while about how I had a huge crisis of faith shortly before Kaitlyn was born, how I'm not sure what I believe in anymore and don't know what to do about it. Today isn't the right day for that post.

I would go see "The Omen" today, because I LOVE scary movies, but I would have to go alone. Which might not work out too well for the person sitting next to me whose shoulder I would be grabbing the whole time. Chris, who will ride any roller coaster and squish any size bug, does not like scary movies. I think "Stir of Echoes" was the last horror movie he went to with me.

Don't even ask him about "Thirteen Ghosts". Or "The Grudge".

Happy 6/6/6 day, everybody! I'm off to Wal-Mart and lunch with my Mom friend.



1. mothergoosemouse - June 6, 2006

You are cracking me up. Especially the part about U of M, since my beloved cousin will start school at OSU in the fall.

And I’m glad to know where Hell is, because you already knew I was headed there.

2. radioactive girl - June 6, 2006

My husband wants to see that movie too. I love scary movies, but can’t see them. I stay scared for weeks, and since my husband travels quite a bit, that is no good.

3. Beth - June 6, 2006

i love scary movies — but i wind up hiding under my coat usually. i spent all of “The Ring” with my eyes closed.

glad to know when i’m spending eternity in hell, i can take correspondence classes at U of M…:)

4. halloweenlover - June 6, 2006

I am dying to see the Omen!

I’ve been a little worried that some crazy might do something given the 666 thing, but fingers crossed, so far nothing!

5. Undercover Angel - June 6, 2006

LOL! I never even thought about the date being 6-6-6. I wonder how many people didn’t leave their houses today out of fear based on the date.

I love scary movies too. I didn’t really understand The Grudge….

6. Becki - June 6, 2006

As you’ve pointed out, Hell is also halfway between you and me. What do you make of THAT, hmmmmm?

7. DancesByMoonshadow - June 7, 2006

OK well I clicked your ad for you but now I am tagged with looking at Gothic sites at work! LMAO!

8. Catherine - June 7, 2006

What a great post, Elizabeth!

So, like, all these years, when I would tell a person to go to hell, I was ACTUALLY saying, “Go on a permanent vacation to Michigan!”

Who knew?!

9. Nancy - June 7, 2006

Hey, you and Becki can meet in Hell for coffee! Sounds like an excellent plan.

I love your row of crosses, that totally cracked me up! Here’s some for you now: +++++++++++++++

10. Dawn - June 9, 2006

OOO, you’d really like the Japanese version of the Grudge – the original. It was GREAT!

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