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Behold The Cuteness/Kaitlyn’s first Chucks June 1, 2006

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There are just no words. And Jennster, she IS cute, so I’m posting her photo, so there!!! LOL *smooch*!

I don’t even know where to buy these, but I’d sure love a pair for her in pink! And maybe a pair for me, too…

That’s all I’ve got for now. Some days there’s just nothing interesting to talk about.

Edited to add: I got the shoes in a hand-me-down box, but I went online and found them at this website. There are hi-tops and low-tops, Infants sizes 3-10, and Youth sizes 11-3 (aren’t kids shoe sizes weird?) Prices range from $22.95 to $29.95, which is pricey on my budget, but about what you’d pay at Kids Foot Locker or Stride Rite. The hot pink ones only come in Youth size!



1. Jenny - June 1, 2006

Where inthe world did you find those? They are adorable.

2. Java Junkie - June 1, 2006


I’ve been looking for a pair of canvas shoes (I don’t care if they’re Chucks or Bucks or Georges or Freds) for Parker for like 2 months. The ONLY pair we can find is at Payless and (imo) ugly as HELL. Peanut would be oh-so-cute in a pair of cherry red or navy blue canvass shoes.

As for Muffinest – of COURSE she’s adorable. Look at that hat! You tell her that Auntie is jealous!

3. Meg - June 1, 2006

Oh my lord how CUTE!!! Adorable!

4. radioactive girl - June 1, 2006

With a baby that cute, you don’t *need* anything to talk about! Beautiful!

5. janice - June 1, 2006

So cute!! love the hat! she is sure a sweetie!

Thanks for dropping by today šŸ™‚

6. mama_tulip - June 1, 2006


7. jennster - June 1, 2006

omg, i saw these pics last night on your flickr and i almost commented on the cuteness, but i refrained! HAHHA!

8. mommy on the verge - June 1, 2006

those sneakers are adorable! Converse for babies! What will they think of next?

9. halloweenlover - June 1, 2006

She is the CUTEST EVER! Look at that big smile!

10. Dawn - June 1, 2006

Jesus. That could ALMOST make my ovary’s want to have another go at it..
But I must refran.

11. mothergoosemouse - June 1, 2006

Chuck Taylor CRIB SHOES? And I thought the youth ones were unbearably cute.

12. Fraulein N - June 1, 2006

Heee. I don’t know why but baby shoes just tickle me pink. Especially the ones that look like shoes I might wear. I swear, I was looking at baby sneakers in Modell’s and I think I heard my ovaries calling.

13. Undercover Angel - June 1, 2006

They are adorable! Baby shoes are so cute and tiny! I miss the days when my kids were able to wear them…

14. Mocha - June 4, 2006

If I scrunch her legs together I think I can fit them both properly into my mouth. SHE’S AMAZINGLY CUTE.

Do you sniff her all the time? I was a big baby sniffer with my kids.

15. Nancy - June 7, 2006

The shoes and hat together have slain me. Completely. I must now go and reproduce.

(kidding! but she does make me crave another little one…)–>

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