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You can find me at the Carnival May 30, 2006

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If you came here looking for my post about Homeschooling, it’s the next one down. I never thought a post I wrote would get so much attention! Thirty-plus comments might not seem like a lot to some of my popular readers, but to me it is pretty cool. And the most amazing thing is that not one commenter called me stupid or yelled at me or wrote anything mean at all. My husband offered to post an anonymous comment flaming me just to stir things up. Which is sweet and all, but not necessary!

All I can say is, a mention on two ClubMom blogs=increased traffic. Suh-weet!

But now it’s time to move on, much as I’d like to milk the post for all it’s worth. I have actually been doing other things besides questioning the educational decisions of other parents. For example, a post I wrote was linked to on a site called Carnival of Family Life. What is a blog Carnival you ask? I didn’t know either, until I was contacted.

It’s called a Carnival because each one is hosted by a different blogger, and can travel around between different hosts. Blog Carnival lists what looks like a hundred different Carnivals. Each one represents a group of posts about a specific topic. It’s published like a magazine, with an Organizer that decides when to publish and who should host.

The Organizer of the Carnival of Family Life found my blog on Blog Explosion, and asked me to contribute my post about Kaitlyn turning six months old. I originally titled the post “Look what she can do!”, but when I asked Kailani (the Organizer) which post she was interested in, her reply was “the one called Happy Birthday to my Baby”. Those were words I used in the post, and it was a catchy title, so I changed it.

Here’s a link to the site, my post is the third from the bottom. For some reason I’m listed under “familiar friends”, even though I’ve never contributed before. But that’s okay!

Next up for me is a contributing post at 5 Minutes for Mom. I contacted them after finding their site. I love what they are doing! In addition to blog posts, there are links to Mom-run websites and Mom-owned stores. They offer free promotion for stores, and offer readers special discounts. Plus, Janice, who runs the site, does a post on Tuesdays called “Tackle It Tuesday” where she takes a picture of a messy place in her house and then shows another photo after she’s cleaned it. It might just inspire me to start tackling my messy house!

So that’s what’s going on with me. Oh, and my friend Stacy had a baby this morning, a sweet 7 lb. 15 oz. baby girl named Gretchen. She has a full head of black hair and is very cute. Blogger is being a pain in my butt and not letting me post her photo, but I will as soon as I can.

Update: Here’s my Interview at 5 Minutes for Mom. Stay and poke around the site for a minute if you can. There’s a lot of great information.



1. sweatpantsmom - May 31, 2006

You’ve been busy! Congratulations on all your extra-curricular blogging! I’m off to read your posts. (I like the idea of ‘Tackle It Tuesday’ but that would be embarrassing for me – I’d never be able to post an ‘after’ photo.)

2. radioactive girl - May 31, 2006

I love babies, so congratulations to your friend! And wow! Exciting times for you too! Congratulations all around!

3. Fraulein N - May 31, 2006

Congrats to your friend, and to you on the writing gigs!

4. TB - May 31, 2006

Holy crap, you’ve been busy lately! Good for you – this is great exposure. And I consider you one of my blog BFFs too :o) Now I’m off to check out your other two sites.

5. Meg - May 31, 2006

You are one busy lady! Too cool!

6. motherhooduncensored - May 31, 2006

Look at you all branching out and all. I like that site as well. We found the Daddy Dolls we ran on Cool Mom Picks for Memorial Day on there…

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