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Blah Blah BlogHer May 21, 2006

Posted by table4five in Uncategorized.

I’ve added some new products to my CafePress shop at the suggestion of Arabella. Now you can help me with my BlogHer expenses by purchasing any of these items:

Ash Grey T-shirt
Fitted T-shirt
Bumper Sticker

All with my oh-so-catchy saying “I Might Like You Better If We Blogged Together”. Arabella also asked about a black t-shirt, which I would like to do, but damn if I can figure out how to put white letters on a transparent background in Photoshop. If anyone can help, please speak up!

A blogger called Minti is giving away 2 tickets to attend BlogHer. It is two separate tickets, you’ll have to contact him to find out if they are for Friday or Saturday. Register before this Thursday the 25th. If you win, you’ll need to pay for accomodations and any transportation costs. I can’t wait to see which deserving blogger wins!

I’m feeling a little tapped out on Blog subjects. Anybody want to ask me a question?



1. Mom101 - May 21, 2006

My husband-ish is addicted to football. It’s his crack. What’s yours? (Besides blogging.)

2. Meghan - May 22, 2006

If you’re using photoshop to make the file for your shirt, all you need to do is delete the background layer, change your text to white, and you’re good to go.

Let me know if you need more help than that (If you let me know the name of the font and the text size I can whip up a file for you in a few minutes, or if you want to send me the original file I can make any necessary changes and send it back to you.)

meghan at chubbercheekers dot com

3. sweatpantsmom - May 22, 2006

Here’s my question:

Taylor or Katherine? Please say Taylor.

4. rhonda - May 22, 2006

Hey Elizabeth, email me and I think I can help you if the letters are in a JPEG or GIF file đŸ™‚


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