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Happy Birthday to my baby May 18, 2006

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Six months old today, and she can stand up, on a soft couch, holding on to an afghan with one hand and barely using the other hand at all. Clarification: She didn’t pull herself up to standing. I have to stand her up, plant her feet and get her balanced. Just off to the left of this photo is the cat, which is why she likes to stand here. Also, I promise I snapped this photo very quickly, which is why the top left is blown out. Because, baby falling backwards off couch=Britney Spears parenting=BAD.

At her checkup today, she weighed 14 lbs., 12 oz. That puts her in the 25th percentile for height and weight. The nutritionist wants her drinking baby juice, which she will, and eating baby cereal, which she won’t.

Some days she naps once, some days twice. The time that she will go to bed without screaming has moved from 8:30 to 9:30. Mama is very tired most days. Coffee helps.

I’m thinking I’ll have to start keeping sharp poky things off of the coffee table now.

When I look at her face, I feel a swirling mix of emotions. I love her in a pure, basic, jump-in-front-of-a-speeding-car kind of way. I want to wrap her in a cocoon and keep her six months old forever. I don’t ever want her to be hurt, disappointed, betrayed, broken-hearted. I see in her a perfect blank slate, and yet I know I am far too flawed to mold her into the person she will be without making mistakes along the way.

Right now, at this moment in her life, every single thing that is ever going to happen to her has yet to happen. She doesn’t know about war, about child abuse or murder or skinning her knee or burying a pet. She’s never been to a funeral or seen a house fire or mourned the loss of hurricane victims. She doesn’t know about school shootings.

She went from this:

To this:

I read somewhere that baby girls are born with all of the eggs their bodies will release throughout their life. Isn’t that amazing? Inside Kaitlyn RIGHT NOW could be the very egg that will some day be fertilized by her future husband and become my Grandchild.

I hope I never forget how she lays on the changing table in the morning smiling at me and making her “talking” noises. I can see her moving her tongue and lips, trying to imitate us. I hope I never forget that her favorite game is to gum the knuckle of my finger, start humming, and then jiggle my finger up and down. It cracks me up every time.

I hope I never forget how it feels to sit in our feeding position on the couch, her laying half on a pile of pillows and half on my lap, turned in toward me with her head on the crook of my arm and her face pressed right up against my breast. We may not be breastfeeding, but she instinctively lays in that position. Once her bottle is gone her mouth goes slack and a dribble of formula runs down her cheek. I lean over and kiss her temple, the side of her mouth, her cheek, and that spot under her ear where her jaw and neck come together. I love that she lets me kiss her as much as I want.

Happy 6-month Birthday, sweet pea. May all your dreams come true.





1. mama_tulip - May 19, 2006

*sniff, sniff* Beautiful…the post and the baby!

2. jen - May 19, 2006

aw, I’m melting….

I can’t believe she is pulling herself up like that so soon (well, it seems soon to me, maybe my sisters kids are slower).

That first pics kills me – makes me laugh but makes me want to hug he. Looks like she’s up to something.

She gorgeous.

3. rhonda - May 19, 2006

She is just beautiful. I just love this post. It brought back lots of memories from when mine were little like that. *sigh*

4. Arabella - May 19, 2006

What a cutie! And it’s amazing that she’s already able to stand!

P.S. My word verification is “puzsy.” Hehe!

5. Fraulein N - May 19, 2006

Aww. Happy 6 month birthday, Kaitlyn! Y’know, even though you totally can’t read this. Heh.

I love that first picture. She’s all, “You’re getting this, right?”

6. TB - May 19, 2006

I’m crying over here. She has such a beautiful angel face and Iove what you said about the eggs and your potential grandchild.
Beautiful post.

7. mothergoosemouse - May 19, 2006

I see in her a perfect blank slate, and yet I know I am far too flawed to mold her into the person she will be without making mistakes along the way.

Yes. A thousand times yes.

She is so beautiful.

8. Mrs. Chicky - May 19, 2006

So beautiful. And your little girl is too precious for words. Although, you did a pretty good job there, Mama.

BTW, I like the new site. And I can’t believe I forgot to tell you… Congratulations on Blogher! Woohoo!

9. Nancy - May 19, 2006

(tearing up here, and fanning my face)

Wow, Elizabeth — I have read some beautiful posts in honor of the 6-month milestone, but yours has to be the most wonderful I’ve ever read. You have a gorgeous girl. And she is lucky to have such a great momma.

10. Dawn - May 19, 2006

I can not believe how big she is and how cute she has stayed. Seriously.
Six months – it hardly has seemed that long…

11. Catherine - May 19, 2006

You’re such a good mama, Sweetie. And a great photographer, I might add. Those are beautiful pictures!

12. roo - May 20, 2006

Your little girl is so pretty! Happy Six Months, Kaitlyn!

13. Java Junkie - May 20, 2006

Wow Sissy. I have to admit I didn’t read this post until today. I was busy squealing and gushing over the pictures of da Muffinest and totally missed what an increadible post this was. You truly know how to capture what mothers love best about their babies.

Happy half-year Muffinest – and happy 6 month 3rd time mommy Sis.

14. Rachael Linsley - May 20, 2006

what an absolutely beautiful and snuggly baby girl you have. 🙂

thanks for the comment. hooray for the aldi’s club! 😀

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