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Come see what’s new at Table for Five! May 18, 2006

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No, really, it’s still me, I promise. The old design? Loved it, but it wasn’t letting me make changes. The code was just too hard for me to work with. I’m trying to learn HTML, and I needed something simple to play around with.

If anyone knows how I can change the titles of the posts and the sidebar categories to another color, I’d sure appreciate a nudge in the right direction.

So, in addition to needing to put all kinds of links and buttons back in the sidebar, I’m also working on putting up a Pay Pal donation button. It’s CRAZY how many people have gone above and beyond to help me make this BlogHer trip happen. I even got my husband to say that he’s happy for me and hopes I have a good time.

Just don’t let me get kidnapped and sold into slavery or anything, okay?

Anyway, Pay Pal is giving me a pain in my ass because I signed up for my account about five email addresses ago, and I can’t remember the password. Well, they’d be happy to email me a password to the email address I had five addresses ago! I even tried calling Customer Support which was a completely automated system.

“If the phone number related to the account you are calling about is 555-555-5555, press 1”.

“The number you pressed was 1. If that is correct, press 1”.

“To access our main menu, press 1”.

“The number you pressed was 1. If that is correct, press 1”.

BLAM! That is my head freaking EXPLODING already. Sweet Jeebus I just want to access my account!

I bet I’d have better luck if I just held the phone up to Kaitlyn’s ear and let her make her babbling sounds. I’d like to see what the damn automated system thinks of that!

“I’m sorry, we did not understand your answer. Please press 1”.

In my next life, I’m inventing a telephone system that does not use the number 1. At all. You’ll have to call 9-3-3 for emergency assistance.



1. Java Junkie - May 18, 2006

Call me when you read this, sis, I’ll walk you through changing the font/text colors. It’s really easy.

loveonya, glad to hear you’re actually going to go! I’m very happy for you – I know how much you really wanted to go!

2. jen - May 18, 2006

this post reminds me of that visa (?) commercial where the “operator” asks, “please say your password”, [mumbled] “bigboy”, “I”m sorry, we we unable to confirm, please say your password again”, “BIG BOY!”

your tagline is just a hair deeper than mine. y u make me luk stoopid?

3. Nancy - May 18, 2006

I can try to help with the HTML stuff but I won’t be around tonight — if you need assistance after tomorrow let me know.

I think we should completely do away with automated phone systems. Free the machines!!

4. TB - May 18, 2006

Let me know when the account is ready to go. I’m going to check around and get some help designing the button and I’ll see if anyone else is interested in putting it up as well.

5. Becki - May 18, 2006

I am useless to you as far as HTML is concerned. But I do plan to purchase t-shirt or at least a mug.

And I’m totally going to BlogHer next year. With my luck it will be in Peoria.

6. urban child bride - May 18, 2006

Automated system woes are the worst! According to the gethuman database (http://www.gethuman.com/us/) the number 888‑221‑1161 will take you directly to a real live human being with whom things can be sorted out.

But that’s all I’ve got. No HTML help here.

(Here from IzzyMom – have fun at BlogHer!)

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