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It’s gonna take a VILLAGE, but I’ll get there May 17, 2006

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Today begins Operation: Get Elizabeth’s butt to BlogHer here at Table for Five. I have already had dozens of emails this morning and I am just blown away by the outpouring of support. The fact is, my husband makes a good salary at his job, but after taking care of a family of 5 there just isn’t much left over. So coming up with a round trip plane ticket, my share of a hotel room, and money for food and drinks and what not is going to be hard. Here’s what I have so far:

I have received an offer of Delta Sky Miles to help pay for the plane ticket. I’ll keep the person anonymous for now since I sort of forgot to ask them if they would mind my mentioning it. I don’t really know how it works, but if anyone else has Delta miles they would like to contribute, I can see if Delta will accept miles from different sources for the same ticket.

Tammie over at Soul Gardening offered to put a Pay Pal donation button on her site to collect donations for me. Which is awesome, by the way. I have to see if my Pay Pal account is still good, and then I’ll see about getting a link started here for now.

I hope everyone reading this isn’t disgusted by my flagrant begging. I’m getting the feeling from my husband that he doesn’t like it, but I don’t know what else to do. I know two ways I could get $700 in two months, and neither of them are legal. I emailed my contact at the P.R. firm that has been giving me product review jobs, and asked him if he knew of any paying freelance jobs I could do. He’s looking into it.

Also, Sue at Red Stapler offered to have me as her roommate for Thursday and Friday nights. And, the wonderful Mary at Mom Writes offered to host me at her house on Saturday night, and take me to the airport on Sunday! Breakfast with Mary, Mike, Emily and Thomas would be the perfect way to end the weekend.

So that’s what I have so far. Seriously, everybody, thank you. I’m going to keep thanking you, and then when I find you at BlogHer I’m going to make you hug me. Just so you know.

Edited to add: In a most unexpected and exciting turn of events, an anonymous benefactor has donated ALL of the Delta Sky Miles and will be paying for my ENTIRE plane ticket. I still love Izzy, mind you, but this new person? Forget the hugs, they’re getting SMOOCHED when I see them!



1. mothergoosemouse - May 17, 2006

Elizabeth, you already know how excited I am for you. I can hardly wait to see you there – truly. And I will kiss your SkyMiles benefactor too, because I’m a tramp like that.

2. Undercover Angel - May 17, 2006

Wow – it looks like everything is falling into place! I’m so excited for you!

3. Arabella - May 17, 2006

Wow! The anonymous donor is amazing!

4. Dawn - May 17, 2006

And I wil show the donor my boobs, cause they may be the only one who hasn’t see them. OR for more money for you I won’t show my boobs. Which ever will bring a higher price…

5. Anonymous - May 17, 2006

I was Googling for a vocal group called “Table for Five” and came across your blog. What a hoot! How cool. I see that you need money for a trip or something (San Jose?) and thought you might want to know about http://www.elance.com. (No, I don’t work for them.)

They post all sorts of jobs from graphic design to writing to data entry — all stuff you can do at home. My sister-in-law in DC develops auction fundraisers for area schools and uses a women in Tennessee that she met on elance to do her data entry on the donated products.

Anyway, just thought I would let you know. Good luck.

6. Izzy - May 18, 2006

I’m with Dawn on the usage of boobs. I will NOT show my boobs if someone will help pull this whole thing together. But if nobody does, watch out people!

And to your amazingly generous anonymous Delta miles benefactor, I will identify them when I see them covered in your lipstick. Hah!

Once again, high fives to Sue for setting this whole wonderful thing in motion!

It’s BlogHer or my bust, kids 🙂

7. Nancy - May 18, 2006

It just sounds like BlogHer is going to be one big love-fest. I can’t wait to meet everyone!

8. jennster - May 18, 2006

that is so awesome! man, everyone is so fucking supportive! i am psyched to see you!!!!!!

9. gingajoy - May 19, 2006

congratulations!!! I am SO jealous, but look forward to hearing the details.

on another note, I am going to be volunteering at the kids area at the Art Fest this Sunday (1-3). if you’re there, come say hi! Get the kids faces painted in the meantime, or summat!

10. Sue's Sister - May 20, 2006

Sue is a good person with a generous heart! A beautiful spirit doing brave giving!

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