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Ten M Things May 16, 2006

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There’s this thing going around, it’s like a meme except everything in the list has to start with the same letter. I asked Fraulein N for a letter, thinking I would need something to post about anyway (ha!), and she gave me M:

McDonald’s – In an attempt to make up for contributing to the obesity problem in America, they have started selling an “Adult Happy Meal”. It consists of a new Asian Chicken Salad which sounds pretty good and is only 290 calories with the dressing, a bottle of water, and one of four exercise DVDs. That’s right. McDonald’s is sorry that you grew a second ass eating Quarter Pounders with Cheese all these years, and they’d like to suggest you do some yoga or cardio or strength training to make up for it. Too little, too late McDonald’s.

Music– When I look back at 2006, one of the things I’ll remember is that this has been the year I have rediscovered the joy of listening to music. I have dug all of my old favorite CDs out of storage, uploaded them to Windows Media Player and burned mix CDs of my favorites. I sing more to Kaitlyn than I did to either of the boys, and she listens and smiles.

Mission:Impossible III– Chris had comp time at work and took Monday off, so we packed up the baby and took in the earliest showing. I hate to admit it, but as batshit-crazy as Tom Cruise might be, he makes a hell of an action movie. I think it would help the movie if the trailers showed more of the other actors, like Laurence Fishburne, Ving Rhames, Billy Crudup and Keri Russell. Our little Felicity does some major action-hero work in the movie. Who knew?

Muffinest– I know it’s not a real word, but it’s what my sister-in-law and I call Kaitlyn, as in “she’s the muffinest!” Because she is a scrumptious little muffin baby, and that’s all there is to it.

Martha Logan– I watched every episode of “Designing Women”, and I always knew there was more to Jean Smart than naive Charlene Frazier. Her work on “24” this season has been surprising. Martha Logan is a woman you just should not mess with.

Mushrooms– Can’t stand them. There’s nothing I find more disgusting than ordering Spaghetti with Meat Sauce at a restaurant and finding it contains those rubbery, grayish-beige sliced canned mushrooms. Gah! Even after I pick them out I can still taste them. I will, however, eat the dry, chewy black mushrooms that sometimes show up in Chinese food.

More Movies– In my DVD collection are some movies that I can’t really explain. I’ve never been a cheerleader, yet I love “Bring It On”. Especially the Finals competition with all the squads performing the most amazing moves. And the music is good. I’ve never been a ballet dancer, but I love “Center Stage”, especially the final performance when Jody, Cooper and Charlie dance to “The Way You Make Me Feel” and “Canned Heat”. And I’ve never danced on a bar but I love “Coyote Ugly”. I have a bit of a girl-crush on Bridget Moynahan, and I like Maria Bello. I’ve even been watching “The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search” on CMT.

Meals– In a few short weeks, school will be out for the summer, and I will have to provide my kids with more than just a bowl of cold cereal in the morning and a sandwich/apple/juice box lunch. When they’re home all day, I feel like I should cook for them. Plus it gives me the opportunity to dust off my cookbooks. For even more ideas, I naturally turned to the Internet. It occurred to me that the one place that has to provide meals and snacks that kids will eat are daycare centers. And you wouldn’t believe how many websites there are that post daycare menus. Breakfast, lunch and snacks, well-balanced, lowfat, with dairy and protein and whole grains. There are even vegan/vegetarian daycare menus. I’m hoping the boys will appreciate the effort.

My hair – It’s been short. It’s been long. It’s been blonde. It’s been even blonder. It’s now more brown than blonde, with streaks of gray that defy any and all attempts at coloring. It’s had bangs, then after a good year and a half of growing it out it was all one length. Then, the day before Easter when the long front not-bangs layer kept falling in my eyes, I took a pair of sharp scissors and snipped it a little, and now it’s bangs again. I will never, EVER, be satisfied with my hair.

Matrimonythe state of being a married couple voluntarily joined for life. Next month Chris and I will celebrate 13 years of marriage. And 21 years of dating, living together, convincing my parents we weren’t making a huge mistake, getting engaged, breaking up a little, getting re-engaged, and then finally getting married. There will be a blog post, and photos, and much gushing about how lucky I was to find my husband and how much I luuuuv him.

And that’s Ten M Things! If you want to do one of your very own, say so in a comment and I’ll select a letter for you using a scientific method involving closing my eyes and pointing at a random collection of alphabet letter magnets.



1. Arabella - May 16, 2006

Tag me, please!

Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary!

Do you know about the Allrecipes website (allrecipes.com)? There’s lots of fun stuff on there and many ways to search. You might find some good summer recipes that your kids would like.

2. Fraulein N - May 16, 2006

McDonald’s cracks me up with their “Adult Happy Meals.” I bet the salads they actually serve (unlike the ones in the commercials) are the sorriest looking things in the world, too.

3. mothergoosemouse - May 16, 2006

I owe Rachel my entry – she gave me “G”.

Love yours, Elizabeth!

4. Java Junkie - May 16, 2006

Dat’s because she IS da muffinest little girl in the WHOLE world. Smoochnibble her cheek for me until I can come up next weekend.

Jean Smart deserves SEVERAL awards for her performance on 24 – hope she gets them.

I’ll never like my hair either. Or my nose. Or my butt.. or my chin.. Or my…. 😉

And *SHOCK* I did NOT know you and Tover broke up/unengaged for awhile. Sorry I was too “Just out of highschool and far too concerned with my own life” to notice or be there for either of you. Love you.

Tag me for either tonight or tomorrow

5. Nancy - May 16, 2006

I think “muffinest” is such a cute term of endearment. And hey, it can serve double duty as a way to describe the little indentation on the bed where I rest my “muffin top” belly when I sleep at night. 😉

(you can tell it’s about time for me to do another word validation post when I’m making up words ad nauseum!)

p.s. — I don’t know if I told you that I accepted your voice recording challenge and posted myself talking last night!

6. TB - May 16, 2006

muffinest – I love that! I know it sounds weird and not at all the same, but I make up funny names like that for my cats. (give me a break they’re the closest thing I have to kids right now :o) )

7. Catherine - May 16, 2006

Wow, you described your distaste for mushrooms almost EXACTLY like my husband describes his! On a slightly another note, I look forward to hearing more about YOUR husband in the husband-gushing post. 🙂

8. Izzy - May 16, 2006

Mushrooms give me a horrible stomach ache. That said, I’m not a fan.

And hair. Ugh. Don’t get me started!

9. Mary Tsao - May 17, 2006

I hope your kids appreciate your cooking efforts this summer, too!

This was a good list. You had me laughing at the McDonald’s one.

10. Orion_skie - May 17, 2006

This is a good unique idea. I’d like to participate. “MacDonalds” totally had me nodding at my monitor. I know exactly what you mean.

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