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Happy Birthday to my Baby May 14, 2006

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No, not these babies:

THIS baby:

Yesterday was Chris’ birthday, although when I first mentioned it to him his reply was “it’s NOT my birthday”. Sorry honey, I know you don’t want to be a year older, but you are.

He’s never been one to want a big birthday to-do. His answer every year to the what do you want for your birthday? question is always “Oh, I don’t know.” The past few years as he’s honed his skills with computers and digital cameras, he answers with “anything I would really want we can’t afford to buy anyway.”

There’s no special dinner he wants, no particular way he wants to spend the day. How did he spend his day yesterday? After sleeping in until 9:45, he let me go back to bed at 11:00 for a “few hours” which turned into a FOUR HOUR nap for me. Then he spent a gift of birthday money on two Xbox controllers so the boys and their friends could play video games during their sleepover.

That’s right, two weeks ago he suggested inviting the boys’ friends to spend the night last night, and I made the arrangements without even registering that it was his birthday. When it did occur to me, we had already talked it up with both sets of boys and made the plans. Did Chris want us to cancel just because it was his birthday? No way.

38 years ago, the man that would end up spending more of his life with me than any other person was born. I think of all the circumstances that had to come together for us to even meet and I decide I do believe in fate. I think of how different our lives were growing up, how to anyone else (especially my parents) it must have seemed like we couldn’t have anything in common. And yet we had a connection from the first day we met, and when I realized I was in love with him I knew it was the kind of love that binds people together forever.

Happy Birthday to my baby, to my first love. My heart must be the size of the Grinch’s after he steals all the Who’s Christmas presents and they still get together to hold hands and sing. How else could there be enough room in it to love him as much as I do and love our children as much as I do?

Happy Birthday Chris. It’s okay that you’re a year older. You’re still the hottest man in the room as far as I’m concerned.



1. mama_tulip - May 14, 2006

Awwww — I love the pics! Happy Birthday!

2. Dawn - May 14, 2006

And men who play “Magic the gathering” card games with sons are even hotter, indeed.

3. Fraulein N - May 14, 2006

Happy Birthday, Chris!

4. Mary Tsao - May 14, 2006

What a great post! Funny and touching, too. Happy Birthday to Chris! He sounds like a great guy.

5. Java Junkie - May 14, 2006

Tover’s da best 🙂 Anyone else notice the flowers on the table that are probably *not* for him? 😉

Tell him that I love him and I’m glad he’s my big brother. I forgot when I tortured him by singing him “Happy Birthday” on the phone. 🙂

6. sweatpantsmom - May 15, 2006

What a great tribute to your husband! And he deserves it – any man who volunteers to host a sleepover without being hogtied and threatened is a saint.

(It was great to hear your voice in your audiopost!)

7. TB - May 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Chris!

I can’t wait to listen to your audiopost when I get home to my laptop :o)

8. jen - May 15, 2006

He had curly hair! ADORE that second picture. A. DORE.

Yes, it seems you have married a saint as well as your BFF.

Happy birthday, Chris.

9. Beth - May 15, 2006

happy birthday, chris!! may your mana points be many and your morale +5!

10. Nancy - May 15, 2006

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Those pictures of him as a kid are just TOO CUTE. Like Jen, I love the curly hair!!

11. sweet rose - May 16, 2006

Happy Birthday, Chris. A little late but you didn’t tell me. I tell everyone that a national holiday is approaching when it is my birthday. Hope you had as good or better a time as in the pic. We love you.

12. Me - May 16, 2006

Awwwww, you are such a sweetie.. LOVE you too!

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