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Wanna know what’s new? May 10, 2006

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As much as I like looking at Einstein down there, it’s time for a new post. Chris is home from Seattle, he says it’s really nice there. He found the corporate offices of Wizards of the Coast-they make the cards used to play “Magic” and “Dungeons and Dragons” among other things. He went to the Space Needle and paid $15.00 to go up in the elevator, only to discover that there are other, taller buildings right nearby. Kind of a scam.

I’d like to welcome my SIL Mightymouse Mommy, and my husband’s stepmother to blogspot. I keep spreading the word about this here blog thing, and people keep coming. That’s why I like the saying I chose for my Cafepress t-shirt:

I’m showing it in pink because I love the color, but I also have it in white and yellow, and would be happy to order it on any other item at Cafepress. The link is over there on the right. Under that is a link to other Cafepress shops-it’s called their Affiliate program, and if you go there and order something I make a teeny bit of money.

There is also a teeny box with a Google ad. I suspect I don’t get anywhere near enough traffic to make anything off of that, so it might go away in another month or two. I thought it was worth a try.

Under my Flickr thumbnail box is a link to Boca Java coffee and tea. Now this website I really like. They sell a line of coffees called Blogger’s Blends with fun names like Boot Up Blend, Pajama Passion and Late Night Log In. If you click my link it takes you to their page, at the top there’s a pulldown menu called coffee. Besides the many blends for sale, there is also a link on the left of their page to donate coffee to the troops in Iraq. Bags of coffee are discounted at $4.00 for 8 oz., which makes 60 cups, and the website matches the donation with another bag of coffee. It’s a cool and very cheap way to help get some caffeine to our soldiers.

Boca Java also runs a separate website called Blogger’s Fuel, which offers a coffee club. You order four bags, then they automatically send you more every 5 weeks. There are samplers, and gift baskets too. With the samplers you get a free hat or mug that says “Always blog on a full tank”. So true! It’s probably too late to hint to my husband how much I would love a Mom Needs Coffee gift basket for Mother’s Day.

I know some of you are jonesing for my American Idol recap, but you have to wait! I’m not a big Elvis fan at all (my MIL named the dog, not us), so I wasn’t too enthusiastic about this week. But darn it if Taylor didn’t sound great again, and Chris. Chris, Chris, Chris. Dude. When he sang that song I think is called “A Little Conversation”, and he whipped off his sunglasses. Yum. My prediction for tonight is Katherine gets voted off, or Elliott. But it’s looking more and more like Taylor will join Chris in the race for the win. Honestly I thought Taylor would have been gone a LONG time ago.

“Lost” is on tonight too, and we get to find out if Libby is dead or not! I hope not, because that would really suck for Hurley. He finally gets a pretty girlfriend and then she gets shot before he can even get him some? That’s cold, man.

Blah, and blah. That’s all I have. I know, snore. Sorry.



1. mama_tulip - May 10, 2006

I cannot WAIT for Lost tonight. Be sure to blog about it tomorrow, okay? Because like, I know you have nothing better to do, what with three kids and a life and all. 😉

2. Dawn - May 10, 2006

Oh. Dawn gets paid on Friday. I see a new T-Shirt in my future…

3. Catherine - May 11, 2006

I liked your Einstein message thingy almost as much as I like your pink t-shirt!

4. Marcie - May 11, 2006

I wish I would of watched Lost from the beginning. I hear so many good things about it, but I feel it’s too late to start watching now. And as for Idol, we all know who was voted off. I really don’t get Elliot’s popularity, I don’t think he’s that good.

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