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Surprises Make My Back Hurt May 7, 2006

Posted by table4five in Uncategorized.

Here’s a list of things my husband will NOT have to do when he gets home from his business trip:

1. Rake out the planting bed.
2. Mow the grass in both the front and back yards.
3. Trim all 7 of our hedges in the front yard.
4. Do any laundry at all.
5. Organize all the boxes in the basement, sweep the basement floor, take out all the trash in the basement, make a pile for a garage sale.
6. Collect all the empty laundry detergent and kitty litter plastic jugs for the recycling center.
7. Clean out our overflowing closet, pack up clothes that don’t fit for the garage sale.
8. Vacuum all the rooms of the house.

That ibuprofen that Dawn mentioned in her comment? I would take Tylenol with Codeine (left over from my ear infection) if I felt comfortable being completely zonked out while solely in charge of three young people.

Not that it isn’t tempting, but since I may be called on to administer late night bottle feedings or diaper changes or take still-sleeping-yet-walking-around-the-house boys to the bathroom, it might be a good idea for me to at least be able to be conscious for brief periods of time.

Therefore, there will be the taking of 800 mg. of Ibuprofen and possibly, hell probably the drinking of a Rolling Rock after the kidlets go to bed. Because this old body hurts.

What can I say? I love him so much it’s beyond words. Sure he drives me crazy, I drive him crazy, we push and pull and drift apart and collide and love and sometimes even hate, but at the end of the day, it’s all about love, baby. Besides, he gave me the DNA to make the most beautiful children on the planet. The least I can do is a little yard and house work. Even if it does hurt.



1. madge - May 7, 2006

You are my hero.

I do twenty minutes of yardwork and flounce down in a heap of dramatic exhaustion. (And I only have ONE kid.)

2. Elizabeth - May 7, 2006

Aww, thanks Madge! It wasn’t at all planned. Sometimes I think I must have adult ADD, because I started all the projects one right after the other and sort of bounced between them until they were done.

3. mama_tulip - May 7, 2006

Can you sneak a long soak in the tub in? You deserve it.

Boy, do I ever see the resemblance between Kaitlyn and your husband in that picture!

4. Elizabeth - May 7, 2006

Mama T-Unlike most women on the planet, I do not like baths. But I do like the drinky the beer, which will help with the relaxing.

Chris and Kaitlyn have the same eyes, don’t they? Otherwise she looks just like Nathan.

5. Dawn - May 7, 2006

As the woman who drank the WHOLE bottle of wine tonight. Viva la differance

6. Elizabeth - May 7, 2006

Dawn-Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Cripes, you had Ballet, and Best Buy, and American Girl Go-Go Boots to deal with. I would drink many more Rolling Rocks if I could.

7. Nancy - May 8, 2006

Elizabeth, I love, LOVE your last paragraph. Seriously. That’s a publication-worthy way to describe a relationship.

And your list of stuff accomplished completely rocks.

8. mama_tulip - May 8, 2006

It is the eyes. I noticed it right off. 🙂

And bottom’s up, girlfriend. 😉

9. Marcie - May 9, 2006

What a sweet post:)

10. TB - May 9, 2006

Ha! You do more with three kids than I do with none. Amazing!

That last paragraph. Wow. Just perfect. And Kaitlyn looks so much like her dad :o)

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