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Fun With Friday Stats May 5, 2006

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The post that generated the most hits for me this week?

David Spade’s SNL skit on the plane saying “buh-bye”. People are actively searching for info on that, who knew?

I also got “Whitney Houston singing high on crack video clips“. Um, I don’t have any of those, but it might be funny to see one. Or just sad.

I had a visitor from Kuala Lumpur. Bet you didn’t think Malaysia even had internet access, did you? Well they do! And also, according to www.geographia.com, “bustling streets, … shining, modern office towers, and (a) cosmopolitan air! Sounds like a great place.

Could someone please tell me how to pronounce “Puyallup“, which is in Washington? My first guess would be like Pull-up, or Pooh-uh-lup, or possibly Pie-ah-lup. Pile Up! I just don’t know!

Phase One of my Secret Surprise Landscaping project went well. Yesterday morning and early afternoon I raked out the planting bed and dug out all the weeds. I had bonus help from my next-door neighbors great-grandkids. They had a blast pulling up giant dandelion roots and picking up rocks the size of a baby’s fist.



Pretty awesome, yes?

“Don’t worry, Mama didn’t find this in the planting bed, it’s a toy! And hopefully coated with non-toxic paint, cuz it’s squishy and fun to chew.”



1. TB - May 5, 2006

Wow. That is a good day’s work. You must feel very satisfied with what you accomplished. As much as I hate yardwork, looking at how great things turn out after a day in the yard always makes me feel good. Kaitlyn looks like peaches and cream.

2. Lanna - May 5, 2006

Almost like you’re saying pee-you. 🙂

3. Dawn - May 5, 2006

Wow. Take some ibuprofen cause that looks liek you did a ton of work. And can I tell you how much it tickles me to see the clothes on another baby?

4. Izzy - May 6, 2006

Nice job on the flower bed!

And Puyallup is, if I’m not mistaken,
is like this : Pew al up

lol…I just scrolled up and saw that someone else wrote it the same way.

I visited Seattle in the 80’s and I stayed in Puyallup.

5. Marcie - May 6, 2006

Good work on the landscaping, makes me tired just looking at the pictures. That sure is a cute baby.

6. roo - May 6, 2006

Your blank slate looks very Zen.

7. sweatpantsmom - May 7, 2006

Wow- looks great. Can you send your next-door neighbors great-grandkids over to my place?

Our neighbors kids are useless, always throwing their balls into the neighbor’s yards and yelling at their dogs. Oh, wait. Those are MY kids.

8. mama_tulip - May 7, 2006

Wow. You can come and landscape my yard anytime, kay?

9. Elizabeth - May 7, 2006

Roo- it does, doesn’t it?!

SP Mom- I know, and I didn’t even ask, they just saw me out there, came over, and started working. It helps that they are “homeschooled”.

Mama T- HA! If you saw how pathetically neglected the rest of my yard is, you wouldn’t ask me that!

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