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Thursday Thirteen 05/04/06 May 4, 2006

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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things in my brain today:

1. Chris left for Seattle this morning. I am sad. I always miss him so much when he’s not here. Even though he frequently drives me completely crazy when he is here!

2. That means tonight, during Kaitlyn’s nightly meltdown, he won’t be here to walk around with her in the sling on his hip. She really likes that.

3. “American Idol”-Paris was voted off, but I think she’ll do okay anyway. She should finish High School and get a part on Broadway. Chris was rockin’ as usual, and Taylor was GOOD again! I might have to predict Chris and Taylor for the final two.

4. A New Jersey couple with two year old triplets just had a SECOND set of triplets. That’s 6 kids in diapers, 6 car seats, plus all the bottles and sippy cups and highchairs and YIKES!

5. “Lost”!-Michael seems to have gone over to the Dark Side. He got the gun from Ana-Lucia, ostensibly to shoot NotHenry, but then he shot AND KILLED Ana-Lucia! Michelle Rodriguez was on Live With Regis And Kelly this morning saying that she’s known for a long time that her character was getting killed off.
But he also shot Libby! I hope Hurley comes looking for her (“uh, dude? where’s the wine? oh my God she’s been shot! Get Jack!”) or something like that. I want Hurley to remember her from the mental hospital so we can get a flashback of exactly why she was there. What was Michael doing right at the end, shooting himself in the arm? The show ended so abruptly, I couldn’t tell.

6. My goal for the next 4 days is to really surprise Chris by getting some major stuff done around here before he gets back. This morning my next-door neighbors great-grandkids helped me dig up the old planting bed on the side of the house. It is full of clay, sand, rocks and weeds, so it needs a lot of work. Then I’d like to get at least one row of flowers planted. It’s so wide across, I know one row won’t be enough, so I’ll plant towards the front and then maybe scatter those mixed wildflower seeds along the back.

7. Project #2 is to clean the basement. We’ve lived here almost a year and the basement looks like a bomb went off in it. When we’re looking for something down there, we open a box, pull out half the contents, say “nope, not in this one”, and then just move on to another box. I won’t be able to actually unpack a lot of things because Chris is building shelves to go all the way around the perimeter which aren’t done yet. But at least I can get the boxes labelled and stacked neatly. Oh and wipe the concrete dust off them from when Chris had to knock a huge hole in the wall to get access to the crawlspace under the addition.

8.If I could get those two things done, I will feel a major sense of accomplishment. One of the responsibilities that comes with home ownership is to take care of the outside, pain in the ass though it may be.

9. Julie’s post about her job in New York. I have always been in awe of women who are successful at work. Not once in any job I’ve ever had was I ever a manager, or in charge of any important projects, or assigned “clients”. All of my jobs besides the fast food ones have been Clerical/Secretary type jobs. Which is what I’m good at. But when I read about a woman who is a high-powered executive, the President or Vice-President of a company, a CEO, I am always a little envious. You see, I never, EVER had an answer for what did I want to be when I grew up. I never had any idea. I took the A.C.T. my Junior Year and it said I should be a FLORIST! Aaahhh!

10.Things I’ve been eating this week that are not on my diet-Lay’s Sour Cream n Onion Potato Chips, Cheesecake, Oreos. And don’t tell me there are no bad foods, ’cause for me these are BAD.

11. There are so many terrific blogs on my blogroll that most days I can’t get to all of them. And there are so, SO many more I would read every day if I had the time! So if I left you a comment, and then weeks go by before I leave another one, please don’t take it personally!

12. Whew! Almost done. I found a blog called http://veganlunchbox.blogspot.com/ which you should stop by and see. Even if you are’t a vegan, the pictures she takes of the lunch she packs for her son every morning are beautiful. I have been very, very seriously considering transitioning my whole family into a less meat, more vegetarian diet. I feel ashamed of the crappy lunches my boys eat compared to her son, a first-grader, who eats carmelized tofu and rice, or fresh Broccoli soup with homemade brioche. I hope to learn something from this site.

13. And finally, in my brain today, all of you. Really. Lanna and Mrs. Fortune with their new babies, Mary at Mom Writes with her trip to New York, Tammie at Soul Gardening with her upcoming move to Florida, Meg revealing her true name and moving her blog to her own domain, Nancy from Mom/Ma’am/Me inviting us all to the prom(!), plus all your Flickr photos I’ve been looking at. I THINK about you guys, I really do. In fact, this here blog community was the subject of an essay I wrote for the “Send a blogger to BlogHer” contest at Mommybloggers. I probably won’t win, but I wrote from my heart, and I’ll share the essay with you after the contest is over. The theme of the essay was the same as this year’s BlogHer theme: “How is your blog changing your world?”. This blog, all blogs, all of you, have changed my world in ways I could never imagine. Thanks, everybody. I owe you all many drinks and laughs and good times. Hope it happens some day.



1. mama_tulip - May 4, 2006

OMG — Lost got turned upside freakin’ down last night! Holy crap! Exclamation point!

I feel kinda bad for Hurley though…he was just about to get some.

2. Fraulein N - May 4, 2006

Lost – oh my god oh my god oh my gaaahhh that was SUCH a good episode. I believe Michael’s either been brainwashed by the Others into freeing NotHenry, or struck a deal with them to trade Walt for NotHenry.

I’m thinking he shot himself in the arm to make it look like NotHenry killed the girls, shot Michael, and escaped. I really really hope Libby’s not dead, though; I love her and Hurley together and want him to remember where he knows her from.

Still, thinking about him going, “Uh, dude? Where’s the wine? Oh my God she’s been shot!” is funny. Hee.

3. Elizabeth - May 4, 2006

Mama T-Holy Crap is right! And just when we thought the wine would soften up Libby’s cold heart a little,poor Hurley.

Fraulein-*slaps self on forehead*-I didn’t even think about a Walt-for-NotHenry trade! Yes!

4. Nancy - May 4, 2006

Sadly, I lost interest in Lost a few weeks back, and just can’t bring myself to go back to it. But I keep reading Fraulein N’s summaries — maybe someday I’ll get back in the groove.

Thanks for the bloggy love. You are an amazing woman, and I’m so glad we “met.” We WILL get together some day and have an outstanding, rip-roaring prom. 🙂

5. Elizabeth - May 4, 2006

Nancy-I might still have my bright blue, tea length, fabric flower on one strap prom dress. Should I bring it to next year’s BlogHer?

6. roo - May 5, 2006

Prom/Blogher=Progher? Sounds dirty…

So many blogs, so little time– I feel your pain, Elizabeth.

Have fun gardening– let your inner florist bloom.

7. Belinda - May 5, 2006

You’re right; it has been WAY too long since I’ve been by! Just got you back on the blogroll, too, finally, after the old one expired!

And I’ve been glued to the series, “Honey, We’re Killing The Kids,” and YES, there ARE bad foods! We’ve just now had a “cleansing” of our pantry. And I gotta tell ya…we are totally craving “something sweet” right now! This will be harder on us than it is on Bella, I predict.

8. Elizabeth - May 5, 2006

Roo-hee hee! My “inner florist” 🙂

Belinda-YAY! You came back! And I’ve been too chicken to watch that show. I can just imagine Chris’ reaction if I told him I wanted us to stop eating sugar. Those Mountain Dews he lives on? Dozens of teaspoons of sugar EACH

9. Dawn - May 5, 2006

When I finally had my “Hey Dawn – you’re depressed AND diabetic and you have to ease up off the sugar carb crackpipe you’re smokin” epiphany a few years ago, I was very sad. Very, very sad.

All I can say is that I am as close to sugar free as I think I can get. But it’s been almost four years or hard work. Don’t feel like you can rid your house of all of this overnight.

And the longer I abstain from sugar, the more convinced I am that I was/am truly addicted to it.

And lost totally kicked my ass. The sawyer Ana Lucia hookup? Knocked me over. I actually yelled out “WHAO! I totally didn’t see THAT one coming!”

10. Elizabeth - May 5, 2006

Dawn-It is hard, and it’s the reason 3 of the 5 people in this house are overweight. Well, Kaitlyn’s got a little baby chub, but she gets a pass on that one.

I totally blocked out Sawyer hooking up with Ana-Lucia. It was like one of those things you see but aren’t really sure you saw it.

11. gingajoy - May 5, 2006

re: Lost. Do you think Libby’s dead? I mean, those blankets might have deadened the bullet, right, right?


12. Elizabeth - May 5, 2006

Joy-I think the reason she chose jail over Community Service is that jail was only 5 days, CS would have been around 30 days, not including weekends. Since her time on the show was over, she wanted to come back to L.A. That’s what I think at least.

It is oddly coincidental, maybe that’s why they were so drunk, they were bummed about getting killed off!

13. mothergoosemouse - May 7, 2006

Thanks for the link and the kind words! I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, and I’m actually not bothered by that fact either. But it looks like you have grown up to be a pretty incredible person with a wonderful family.

Those before/after pictures are fantastic – Chris will be impressed. And I can hardly believe how much Kaitlyn has grown. Every time you post a picture, I notice it. Sigh.

I do hope you win the Mommybloggers contest, because I’d love to see you at BlogHer.

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