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Links to t-shirts and babies May 3, 2006

Posted by table4five in Uncategorized.

Yes, I watched American Idol, and yes, I was happy with the results, but no, I’m not saying anything until tomorrow. Gotta let my West Coast blog peeps watch the show first.

I really am writing this post to let everybody know that my husband redesigned my BlogTogether t-shirt. He is a COMPUTER GOD. I have yet to see a program or software application that he can’t figure out. He helped me improve the font size and style and center the text better on the shirt. Go here, and look for yourself!

http://www.cafepress.com/table4five And buy! Remember, I’m using the profits to help pay for BlogHer 2007. I’m making about $4.00 on each shirt, because I can’t bring myself to charge more than that. Unless they start really selling like hotcakes, then I just might have to.

Congratulations are also in order for Mrs. Fortune, a.k.a. her first name rhymes with story but isn’t Lori, on the birth of her son Jacob Paul! Hooray for the cookie baby!

For another great picture of a cute baby in big sunglasses, check out this picture of Mrs. Chicky’s daughter Chicky Baby (scroll down to Monday). Too cute!

I’ll be husbandless from tomorrow morning until Monday afternoon, so you might see even more of me around the Bloggernet this weekend. Tomorrow: Thursday American Idol Recap.



1. Izzy - May 6, 2006

I linked to your super cool everyone-should-own-one t-shirts!

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