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Bargaining May 3, 2006

Posted by table4five in Uncategorized.

Congratulations to Lanna on the birth of Nicholas! Click and scroll down to her post from Monday to read an amazing story of homebirth, 3 minutes of pushing, and a 9 pound 11 oz baby!

Tomorrow my husband goes to Seattle for 4 days, sniff. The house will be way too quiet at night.

I’m looking for some help with t-shirt design. I figure it can’t hurt to ask if anyone would be willing to help me with the artistic part. If I don’t start making some money soon, there’s not much chance I’ll go to BlogHer next year.

Other money-making opportunities I’ve considered:

SMC or Specialty Merchandise Corporation, As Seen On TV With Tom Bosley! I can set up an online business, sell all kinds of tchotchkes and rake in the cash! It makes a lot of sense when you’re up at 2:30 am with a wide-awake baby.

Avon. Not because I want to sell Precious Moments figurines or Sweet Honesty Perfume, but for the discount I would get on Moisture Therapy lotion. My skin isn’t even all that dry but I love these lotions and creams. I use the hand cream, body lotion and the lip balm, which is so much softer than Chapstick and doesn’t taste weird. But there’s the whole handing out of the little catalogs and collecting money from people thing, which I hate.

Club Mom already hired Amy from Amalah.com for the ULTIMATE JOB, blog reader and rounder-upper. She’s getting paid to read blogs and write why she likes them or something. Dude. Wouldn’t I be outstanding in that capacity? (famous quote)

I suppose if I can’t get a decent t-shirt that people actually buy, I could always get to BlogHer like people used to get to Grateful Dead shows. I could hitchhike to California, then set up a tent in the hotel parking lot and sell t-shirts and beaded necklaces while waiting for a glimpse of the Internet Rockstars. At night I could organize jam sessions and hacky sack tournaments while tripping on acid and dancing around a bonfire with a tambourine. Yeah. That’s it.

Oh Powers-That-Be, oh Flying Spaghetti Monster, oh God-that-looks-like-Alanis-Morrissette-did in “Dogma”, please send help. I’m willing to do the hard work, I just need an idea and a little boost. And possibly the guidance of Tom Bosley.



1. Nancy - May 3, 2006

If you come up with the idea, I’ll do the artwork. I suck at creative vision, but can handle the execution piece.

I know, I know, I’m no Tom Bosley…

2. Elizabeth - May 3, 2006

Thanks Nancy! So that’s a vote against my becoming an Avon lady? Whew!

3. Beth - May 3, 2006

isn’t it funny what seems like a good idea at 2AM?

i was pretty sure that the answer to all my problems was in buying real estate cheap and reselling at a higher price! government auctions! foreclosures! exploiting the misfortune of others!

thank god the Tylenol PM usually kicks in by this point.

4. Elizabeth - May 3, 2006

Beth-Ah yes, Carleton Sheets, real estate guru, wants to invite you to a “free” seminar in your area! There you’ll be asked to register for another seminar that costs $1100.00!

Must look into Tylenol PM.

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