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Thursday American Idol Recap April 27, 2006

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Sorry this took so long to do today. Kaitlyn has been practicing her squealing and screeching all morning. Plus, errands, and stuff. But here I go:

This week’s theme was Classic Love Songs. You would think that love songs would be easy to sing, right? Actually, no. This was the week that really separated the good singers from the just-okay singers.

This week’s coaches were Andrea Bocelli and David Foster. Now Bocelli seems like a nice enough guy, but the only reason he’s on is that he has just put out an album of, you guessed it, Classic Love Songs. Also, English is not his first language, and so the clips showing him meeting the contestants also show him saying almost nothing.

David Foster (who produced Bocelli’s Love Songs CD) is a 14-time Grammy Award winner who has, according to his website davidfoster.com, worked with just about anybody who’s anybody.

As a side note, if you click on that link, you’ll hear music by someone called Renee Olstead. She has a beautiful singing voice in an Alicia Keys kind of way. On the bottom left is a little window with an audio player, click to find it. Ooh, now it’s “Sway” by Michael Buble. Cool.

OKAY. On to the performances:

Katherine went first, singing Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing“, from Whitney’s pre-crack ho days. She looked beautiful as usual (Katherine, not Whitney), and sang the whole song like she was belting it out to the cheap seats. And got BLASTED by all three judges for taking on a song that was “too big for her voice”(Randy), “pushed her voice too much” (Paula), and “insinuated that she was just like Whitney, which she is not” (Simon). OUCH!

Elliott went next, singing “A Song For You” by Donny Hathaway. I thought he was fantastic. Really. He had good pitch and breath control, and put just enough of his own style into it without overdoing it. Randy said he didn’t like the arrangement, but thought Elliott was “the bomb”. Then there was Paula. Weepy, drunk or possibly zonked out on painkillers Paula, with big fat tears streaming down her face. It’s so sad there’s no point in even making fun of her anymore. She went on for too long about how he had “moved her” and that he was the American Idol. Thanks, Paula. Simon was uncharacteristically positive, saying that Elliott’s singing was “like a vocal master class” and was “superb”. Wow, who would have thunk it?

And then there was Pickler. She sat down with Seacrest for the little chat and explained that she was singing “Unchained Melody” from the movie “Ghost”. Ryan asked her if she was dedicating it to anyone special and she actually said “you know that scene in Ghost with the pottery? Ain’t it sweet? I don’t have anyone to play pottery with.” Oh, and when she sang for Bocelli and Foster, Foster asked Bocelli, who is blind, if he could guess what color Kellie’s hair was. “Blonde”, he said. Making fun of her is just too easy. Foster also had her practice hitting the highest note in the song, and despite suggesting that she stay on the note longer, she couldn’t do it in her performance. Here’s a quote from americanidol.com/recaps:

“Randy felt that it wasn’t the right song and that the only good thing about it was the fact that she wasn’t out of tune singing the high note. Paula said that she adores her but that she doesn’t really see her raising the bar each week. Simon said that her performance warranted tears, but for a different reason. He said that there was no heart or warmth to the performance and that she was like a robot.”

Paris sang next, she chose Barbara Streisand’s “The Way We Were“. It might not have been the best idea for her to remind voters just how young she is by admitting that she hasn’t been in love yet. Her singing was sweet, as usual, but nothing spectacular. Randy said she was good but “didn’t blow him away”, Paula said it was the best female vocal of the evening, and Simon made the confusing observation that it sounded like she was “impersonating an older singer”. Um, Simon, Barbra Streisand IS older than Paris. So that’s exactly what she was doing.

Taylor sang James Ingram’s “Just Once“. In the rehearsal, Bocelli called Taylor’s voice “interesting’. Which is a polite way of saying not that good, I think. I can see why Taylor would pick that song, James Ingram has that scratchy kind of voice that Taylor has, but it just didn’t sound right. I don’t know what it was. Randy called it “weird karaoke”. Paula said something to the effect that even though it seemed like Taylor was made to sing Ingram’s songs, it wasn’t the right song choice. Simon compared it to a performance by a lounge singer. And then Paula, in some sort of hyped-up fit, jumped up, pointed at Taylor and screamed “but we LOVE YOU! We LOVE YOU!”. Um, okay.

Last to sing was my man Chris, singing Bryan Adam’s “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?”. In the rehearsal, David Foster told him he was singing too much from his throat, and suggested he try an exercise that Bocelli himself uses. He had Chris lay down on the floor and sing the song. You might already know that laying down automatically forces you to breathe from your diaphragm. It completely changed the way Chris sang the song. And he was all smoldering looks and bedroom eyes and…where was I? Sorry. Oh, and he was wearing this long pinstriped coat, which Randy thought was hot along with his performance. Paula once again jumped up with the finger-pointing and the yelling of “LOVE YOU! LOVE YOU”. Yeah. Simon, once again surprisingly positive, called it a “very very good song choice” and a “great performance”.

Fast forward to Wednesday, with Ryan Seacrest dividing the six into three groups of two. Katherine and Chris got the highest votes (damn right!), Elliott and Taylor were safe, and Paris and Pickler were the bottom two. I thought it was funny that Ryan called her “Pickler”. And then, the heavens opened up, and a ray of sunlight beamed down, and the gods smiled, and PICKLER GOT SENT HOME. AND ELIZABETH DID REJOICE, YEA VERILY.

I’ve left this same comment on a few blogs already, so I apologize if you’ve read this already, but my first thought was David Spade and Helen Hunt on Saturday Night Live, as the Flight Attendants who just want the passengers to get the hell off the plane.

PICKLER, buh-bye. Buh-bye, now. Buh-BYE. Hope that guest spot on the O.C. works out for you. If Lisa Tucker can get one, you’re a shoo-in.

Next week, two songs each. One from the year they were born and one from the week’s Top Ten Billboard Chart. See you then.



1. stacy - April 27, 2006

…And Stacy then called Elizabeth and they did rejoice together. 😉

2. Elizabeth - April 27, 2006

stacy-..And Elizabeth did do a Happy Dance around her living room while singing “uh huh, that’s right, buh-bye!”

3. Fraulein N - April 28, 2006

When people talk about Paula being drunk or high or whatever, I always thought it was funny, but I didn’t really get it. Loopy, yes. Useless, certainly. But high? Really?

Then she started jumping and pointing and screaming, “LOVE YOU! LOVE YOU!” and I have seen the light, yo. Girl is flying high like James Blunt.

Also, why do I get the feeling next week’s episode is going to be kind of a hot mess? Oh wait, but Kellie’s gone, so that’s okay then.

4. jen - April 28, 2006

you do such a good job recapping 2 shows worth of material into a few paragraphs. Yeah, I don’t know what was all teh katharine hating (not that I want her to win but I thought she did a very good job performing – and I don’t think pickign that songs “suggests you are as good as whitney houston”. I just think it means she thinks she can sing it.
To he point is actually made me think that that performance might….MIGHT be a case where it sounded different live than to the viewers watching on TV (that has been mentioned before). So live it doesn’t translate?? thoughts? because damn I thought she did a good job, even if I do find her a little annoying at times.

yeah, elliott di a great job – but um…TEARS?

when I read that “and Elizabeth rejoiced..” I thought it was Kaitlyn – only b/c my new niece is named Elizabeth, so I thought you months-old daughter was happy Pickler was sent home (like, she’s sitting there watching with you and giving out baby high-fives). And I found that amsuing until I realized um, right,…not the baby.

congrats on the 2 lbs!

5. Elizabeth - April 28, 2006

Jen-You’re talking about Libby, right? You know I think she is absolutely adorable. And yes, Kaitlyn is very happy that Pickler got sent home. She told me so while high-fiving me and chewing on my finger.

6. jen - April 28, 2006

yeah- Libby/libs/elizabeth – all same kid.

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