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Part Two, The One With the Surprises April 21, 2006

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Last Friday, Chris had the day off from work since it was Good Friday and his family-owned company was nice enough to give everyone a long weekend. We ran a few errands in the morning, had a restaurant lunch that did not involve a children’s menu or anyone spilling their milk (Kaitlyn was a perfect angel who slept in the car seat through the whole meal), and then came home to find a surprise. I knew it was coming, in theory, but when Dawn said she was sending me two big boxes of baby clothes, I honestly expected them to be about the size of those boxes that copy paper comes in. Instead, what I got was these:

Each box was filled to bursting with the coolest clothes for a baby, toddler and preschool age girl I’ve ever seen. Almost all of them either Hanna Andersson or Gymboree. It was better than Christmas. There were some definite treasures in those boxes, like a t-shirt that read “Ben & Jerry’s Pint-Sized Fun”, and a pair of Fuschia suede clogs. (Note: Although this picture was right-side up in CompuPic, no matter what I did it came out turned 90 degrees. No idea why. The t-shirt is on the far right.)

So of course I immediately started playing dress-up with the baby. The first outfit I put on her was this pink striped dress with hot pink leggings.

It was so cute on her, but unfortunately she spit up on it shortly after I took the picture, so I changed her into another outfit, proving once again that she is adorable in any color of clothing.

There were so many amazing things in those boxes I would need a whole separate post just to list them all. Suffice it to say that I won’t need to buy Kaitlyn any clothes for the next four years. Seriously. Dawn said in an email that she was glad the clothes were going to someone who would not only wear them but love them. And she’s right on about that.

THEN, this past Friday, I got another surprise in the mail from Tammie, a Soul Gardening mix CD! And a card with a kitty wearing kitty-shaped sunglasses which made me say “awwww” when I opened the envelope. Once this crazy weekend I’m having is over, I’m looking forward to a quiet house on Monday so I can listen to it while I do all the chores I won’t get to do until then. I think that CD will definitely make mopping the kitchen floor and vacuuming the whole house a lot more pleasant. Thanks again, Tammie!

Coming up next: Our trip to Central Michigan University for the Destination Imagination State Finals, also known as why I think our coach was really, really lame and other stories.



1. mama_tulip - April 23, 2006

Holy crap, it’s Christmas in April! That’s AWESOME!

Ooooh, and a Soul Gardening mix cd to boot! Tammie makes *great* mixes.

2. MrsFortune - April 23, 2006

You are one lucky woman. And your baby is absolutely so adorable. She looks just like you, I never noticed that before these two pictures.

3. Elizabeth - April 23, 2006

Mama T-Awesome is right. I’m continually amazed at the generosity and kindness of people who only ‘know’ me from my blog.

Mrs. F-Thanks! I guess that makes me adorable too, huh? 😉

4. Mimi Mommaamme - April 23, 2006


love, Mimi

5. Nancy - April 23, 2006

That was Mimi typing a message to you above. 🙂

We got a bunch of clothes from Dawn, too. I still am so touched about it that I can barely tell anyone without getting choked up. She’s an amazing and considerate woman.

That Kaitlyn is just so adorable. She looks lovely in those Hanna outfits.

6. Elizabeth - April 23, 2006

Nancy-There are just WAY too many “M’s” in that name! Tell Mimi I hope Kaitlyn will be wearing her jacket soon. And thanks, I do think Kaitlyn looks pretty cute both in the pink and the purple. Like a little blonde dolly.

7. Mightymouse Mommy - April 23, 2006

Ok stop it. Just stop it dammit! melting… from… waytocute muffinest pixers! Feeling bioclock kicking into overdrive!

Damn you, Muffinest! Stop being so cute way up there in Michigan with your Auntie way down here in Ohio. You guys are GOING to have to come visit once we’re settled into the new house so I can smother the baby with pink lipstick marks like I use to do with the boys.

Love and miss all of you, Sissy

8. roo - April 24, 2006

Yay for new-to-you clothes! What fun! Dawn rocks. And so do you. And your baby girl is adorable.

9. TB - April 24, 2006

How awesome! Getting blog love is the best, isn’t it? And Kaitlyn looks absolutely edible in those pictures.

10. Elizabeth - April 24, 2006

Ms. Mousie Mom-We miss you guys too! I need some Parker-smooching! I promise we’ll come down in May after Chris gets back from Seattle

Roo-I like that term “new-to-you clothes”. And thank you!

11. Anonymous - April 24, 2006

She’s so cute!! You must have had some darn good karma going on this week.


12. Izzy - April 25, 2006

Ohhhh…I love lil girl clothes. And how awesome are Dawn and Tammie???? Very!

13. jen - April 25, 2006

you seem to have a Fairy Blogmother in Dawn. I love hearing how clothes at a “second chance at life”. My sisters are saving their clothes for me…my sister kate has taken handmedowns and has barely had to buy anything.

14. Mightymouse Mommy - April 25, 2006

The best thing about baby girl clothes is that they never REALLY go out of style (I mean come on, cute pink dress will ALWAYS be a cute pink dress) and babies outgrow before they wear out clothes. Baby boy clothes are cool because they actually look CUTER when they’re sort of worn out looking. One of my favorite outfits of Parker is comprised of a Old Navy navy blue thermal shirt with white stiching for the seams, a “worn out” looking Baby Gap navy blue hoodie, and his levis, complete with worn out knee marks that were there when they were brand new. He looks too cute for words in it and I pout when I think of how it’s getting too warm for him to wear it anymore.

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