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Thursday American Idol Recap April 20, 2006

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Well, I was only one-third right on my final three prediction. What a shock that was! And what a sucky thing to do to Taylor, asking him to join the group that he thought was safe. So he walks over to Chris, Ace, and Paris, and he was wrong.

The theme this week was “standards recorded by Rod Stewart and a bunch of other people too” or something. Here’s how it went:

Chris sang “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. He sounded amazing. The judges have been after him for weeks to show he can sing a different style of music, and he proved he can croon with the best of them. If he doesn’t win, he damn well better get a record deal anyway. Why he ended up in the bottom three is a great mystery to me. Listen up America, do NOT vote off my new American Idol boyfriend Chris Daughtry. If you purposely didn’t vote for him to increase Pickler’s chances, cut that crap out.

Paris sang “These Foolish Things” by Billie Holliday. As wrong as her dress was last week, this week’s Nancy Reagan red power suit was no better. But as usual, she sounded fantastic. How someone who talks like she just sucked the helium out of a kid’s party balloon can sing like an old soul like that is beyond me.

Taylor sang “You Send Me” by Sam Cooke. Dammit, he sounded really good. This was like the absolutely perfect song for his voice, and it’s a good style for him vocally. But he still did that weird crouching over-arm jerking thing, which he should stop doing now. I’d rather have him just stand there like a statue.

Elliott sang “It Had Be You” by, well, everybody. He was okay. But surprisingly, not in the bottom three this week like he was the last two weeks. Suddenly he’s getting the votes?

Kellie sang “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” by Ella Fitzgerald. America, I’m only gonna say this one more time. Stop voting for Kellie Pickler. Just stop. Being cute and blonde does not automatically mean she’s the next American Idol. We already have one of those, her name is Carrie Underwood, and she’s not exactly an enormous star now. So please. Kellie started out okay, but the song was too much for her and it ended with her barely hanging on. And she said, right on stage, that she butchered it, and she still got the votes. What do I have to do, America?

Ace sang “That’s All” by Nat King Cole. The wardrobe department must have suggested he try a Rat Pack-type look, but it was wrong. He looked like a creepy guy who would hang around outside a playground ogling the children. If you didn’t see it, he wore this really tight-fitting suit and his hair was greased back into what looked like a ballerina bun but was actually a ponytail. As for his singing, it was okay, but he wavered on the pitch a little. And then, he got voted off. How do I feel about that, since I’ve been backing him since the beginning? Unfortunately, I think he showed he doesn’t have the vocal strength of Chris or Katherine.

Katherine sang “Someone to Watch Over Me”. Dammit again, she was so, so good. And she sings to the camera so well. I guess if Chris can’t win, I would be okay with Katherine winning. I just always think about what happens after they win, the recording of the CD and the appearances and the touring. Can I see Katherine doing that? No, I can see her guest-starring on Veronica Mars. But if it has to be a female winner, it should be Katherine.

Next week, classic love songs and coaching by Andrea Bocelli. It shouldn’t be hard for the remaining six to find a good love song to sing, so it should be another tight competition.



1. Arabella - April 20, 2006

I really must start watching American Idol. I feel like an old fart for not knowing who any of these people are.

2. jennster - April 20, 2006

why am i the ONLY one not watching this show?!?!! wait, arabella isn’t either! lol

3. Elizabeth - April 20, 2006

That’s why I try to keep the Idol talk to Thursdays, for my readers who don’t watch it. But you two came anyway!Read and learn 🙂

4. Mightymouse Mommy - April 20, 2006

Kellie was God awful. And I thought Ace did his best performance. How she beat him out is due to the pure and simple fact that there are more male nerds out there than female nerds. Kellie Pickler will NOT DATE YOU! She doesn’t even know what one of them thar computer thingies is fer.

I thought her dumb blonde act was charming in the beginning and I think it’s sweet that she comes from where she does but now her dumb comments just grate on my nerves.

Chris I can only explain by saying that probably the majority of voters are male and felt weird voting for a crooning male, so they voted for Kellie. Who knows.. Maybe the entire world just lost their brain for that quick second.

5. Cityslicker Mom - April 21, 2006

I haven’t been watching as much anymore, but I will catch the recap in the last 5 minutes and that’s all I need! I want Kelly to get voted off!

6. Fraulein N - April 21, 2006

I guess I want Katherine to win, if anybody should. She’s very poised and talented and beautiful. And talented. Did I say that already? (Heh, and the cameraman is totally in love with her.)

Also? Kellie Pickler is NOT cute or pretty or whatever they’re trying to shove down our throats. She’s got an okay voice, but damn is she funny looking. I think her eyes are too close together or something; check it out. Maybe she’s inbred. That would explain the stupidity, too. (I don’t think it’s an act, y’all.)

Also also, I am a little bit more in love with Taylor after his fakeout choosing the “wrong” group on Wednesday. So cute.

7. Stacy - April 21, 2006

I was disappointed with Ace’s performance of That’s All. That was my wedding song and now I will never see it in the same way again…

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