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Apropos of Nothing April 19, 2006

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This morning Nathan asked me why the Easter Bunny didn’t come and I said how do you think the eggs got in the backyard? He said you and Dad put them there.

So I asked him who he thought the Easter Bunny was and he said A man in a bunny costume. I said you think a man in a bunny costume should have come to our yard and left the eggs? He said, Yeah. Man, I hate to have to burst his bubble.


You know what someone needs to invent? Something like the hose attachment on a vacuum, except for a mopping system. Something I could use to spray the area between my kitchen counter and the refrigerator, that narrow space where gook and dust accumulate. Spray, scrub, mop up, in a narrow wand-like thing. It would also be good for the narrow space between my bathroom counter and the wall, and for behind the toilet. Quick, someone call “American Inventor”.


Last night, Chris read to me the news that Tom and Katie had their baby. If one more news source calls that baby “Tomkitten”, I’m going on a spree of violence. Anyway, they named her “Suri”, as in “Surrey-with-the-fringe-on-the-top”. Apparently in Hebrew it means “princess”, and in Persian it means “red rose”. Pretty, but I have another theory. I think Suri was the wife of Xenu, Scientology’s Galactic Overlord. Did you know that Tom’s other children spend every day after school at the Scientology Center where they can interact with other Scientology kids?
I still think there was something hinky about the whole thing, perfect timing what with MI3 coming out so soon. How sad that a baby is a publicity gimmick.


Listening to the soundtrack from “Rent”. It’s like having the show performed for you right in your living room. I never saw the show on Broadway, just the movie, and I think I was too busy staring at the gorgeousness that is Jesse Martin to realize that there is almost no speaking in it, just singing. “La Vie Boheme” is a rockin’ song.

Like Tammie, I feel uneasy today. I’ve started thanking people in their comments for the comments they left me yesterday. If I haven’t left you one yet, I’ll get to you soon, I promise. I’m also trying to organize the boxes of clothes in the basement so I can find us all something to wear now that the weather is warmer. Of course I found a whole box of stuff Nathan could have been wearing this past fall and winter if I had bothered to unpack the box. Kaitlyn won’t nap, the kitchen is a mess, so is the living room for that matter, and there’s still homework to help with and dinner to cook. There’s not enough Calgon in the world to make me feel like I could be taken away.


My prediction for tonights AI bottom three? Ace, Elliott and Kellie. Tune in tomorrow for my complete recap and the results!



1. Dawn - April 19, 2006

One thing at a time, darlin, one thing at a time….

2. MrsFortune - April 19, 2006

Can’t wait for your recap …

Okay, and that cleaning wand thing? Great idea. They already have that, a pressure washer, but that’s all complicated and stuff, you’re right, there should totally be a simpler one. I’d buy it because the space between my fridge and the cabinet next to it? G-ross, with a capital G.

3. sweatpantsmom - April 20, 2006

I think you’ve just found your ‘lottery ticket.’ Let me know when you’re shipping your first shipment of ‘cleaning between the fridge and the counter’ thingies to Costco cause I’ll pre-order a dozen.

Everytime I look between my stove and the counter I just shudder, thinking about all the meals that all that gunk represents.

4. Mightymouse Mommy - April 20, 2006

I keep telling Chris we need to win a million dollars so I can invent all the cool things I have down on paper and make us a million dollars šŸ˜‰

I cringed when I saw who was NOT voted off last night, thinking of you. hehe šŸ™‚

5. Nancy - April 20, 2006

Take care of yourself, kiddo. We love ya.

And I don’t watch Idol, but I believe you were correct about Ace — right?

6. Elizabeth - April 20, 2006

aww, thanks Nancy. {{smooch!}

Yes, unfortunately I was correct about Ace, but I’m hanging on to Chris Daughtry with both hands.

7. Stacy - April 21, 2006

Elizabeth: “You know what someone needs to invent? Something like the hose attachment on a vacuum, except for a mopping system.”

Stacy: I suggest you call the swiffer people. It’s probably in the works. LOL!

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