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Thunderbolts of Lightning, Very Very Frightening April 13, 2006

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Yes, this is my Thursday American Idol Recap. But that title doesn’t seem to draw any traffic, so maybe this one will.

I like Queen, I do. Here’s a memory for you-one year for my birthday my Grandma took me to the record store to buy new 45s, and I picked one with “Fat-Bottomed Girls” on one side and “Bicycle Race” on the other side. Still, it surprised me that their songs were the theme this week. Making each contestant pick a song that fits their voice from just one artist seems unfair to me. Why would the judges assume that each contestant could even find a Queen song that was right for them? Here’s the recap:

Bucky went first, singing “Fat-Bottomed Girls”. Now, I liked this one. If any Queen song sounds like a country song, it’s that one. I thought Bucky moved around the stage well, and tried really hard to control his voice. Obviously, it wasn’t enough.

Ace sang “We Will Rock You”. No, no no. Just the wrong song choice for him. And was he wearing eyeliner? You know I love Ace and all (still wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers), but I don’t think he’ll last much longer. Two weeks in the bottom three means he’ll probably go in another show or two.

Kellie was wearing an outfit straight from the costume department of The Matrix, and I just didn’t know what to think. Then she opened up her mouth and sang a little of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and I had to SHUT UP. Because she was GOOD. Which made me die inside a little, but I can’t help it, she was.

Chris, Chris, Chris. When the band tells you not to choose a song because even they don’t perform it live, LISTEN. His voice sounded good, as usual, but I couldn’t understand a single word. The song he chose is called “Innuendo”, I’ve never heard it and I bet either had most of the audience. Randy scared everybody for a second acting like he hated it and then yelling that Chris “didn’t disappoint”. Well, okay then. And then Paula started out complimenting him and got lost in a rambling sentence but the point was positive. So good for him.

Katherine sang “Who Wants to Live Forever”. She sounded great, she looked great, and she could be a serious threat to Chris. And the judges fell all over themselves complimenting her, even Simon came pretty close to saying she was good.

Elliott sang “Somebody to Love”. I still don’t like how he looks on stage, but he sounded pretty good. I actually had to step away from the TV during his performance so I can’t really say one way or another.

Taylor did “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. I know I’m the only person in America who feels this way, but if you listen really closely when he sings, he’s really not that good. His voice is all over the place, and it was on this song too. And he should just not dance. Or try to do hard-rock moves with the mic stand. Ugh.

Paris came out with hair extensions and a little black dress and the highest, narrowest high heeled boots I’ve ever seen. Huh? It was a little girl playing dress-up. She sang “The Show Must Go On”, and once again it was a big song that she had to really work at, but she was okay.

Bottom Three: Bucky, Ace, and Elliott. People of America, you’d BETTER be voting them off so Chris has a better chance. I’m sick and tired of the winner always being a girl. The loser? Bucky. Hope he keeps singing and makes something of it, because with this week’s performance it seemed like he was growing as a singer.

If they said what next week’s theme is, I missed it. I was watching “Lost”. Oooh, Rose has a secret! And she saw Locke in the airport before the plane took off, and she knows he was in a wheelchair! She knows the island has cured them!

Eko and Charlie are building a church? Blech. Plus when Bernard was asking for help with his giant SOS rock sign, there were some new faces I hadn’t noticed before. I liked the montage at the end, showing what each of the main characters were doing. Jin was rubbing Sun’s stomach while she looked unhappy, Hurley was making hand shadow puppets for Libby, Claire was playing with Aaron. All so peaceful, you just know that means something big is about to happen. Oh wait, like Jack and Kate finding Michael? Yeah, baby!



1. jen - April 13, 2006

Okay, I just fnd the whole Kellie thign weird now. She is weird. She is dumb (or faking dumb well) and her performance I thought was just whatever. I think myself pretty objectve but maybe I can’t get over her persona.

Oh, and Chris (my love, too!) also looked to be wearing eyeliner. eh? I agree with the judges – he could have brought it Tuesday but chose the odd song. at least he is safe, so who cares…moving on.

Ace – you is a pretty, pretty guy but yeah – wuh? huh?

I missed paris’ performance so I’ll take your word for it but katharine I thought was solid as well.

2. gingajoy - April 13, 2006

oooh, i still have list to watch, because for some reason i cannot stay up past 9 pm these days;-)

so anyway, lady–I’ve tagged you. apologies, and all that!

3. MrsFortune - April 13, 2006

Okay, you lost me at Lost, but I’ll take the Idol recap! I agree with your assessment, and especially about that Chris thing. For a while I was picking Katharine to win but if you think about it, a white guy hasn’t won yet, so it’s bound to be Chris’ turn.

4. TB - April 13, 2006

Reading your awesome AI recaps is great for me because now I don’t even have to watch the show. Thanks :o)

5. Stacy - April 13, 2006

I thought Katherine was a little off pitch in some areas but she was fine this week… I CAN’T BELIEVE that you thought Kelly’s performance was good. I don’t really think that little voice pulled that one off. Sorry, I’m not buying into that. 😦

6. Mom101 - April 13, 2006

I don’t watch AI, but I DO want to hear more about Marilu Henner!

7. Elizabeth - April 13, 2006

jen-I know. I keep thinking Kellie is like a reject from “Laguna Beach”. It was kind of funny when she said she couldn’t understand Simon’s accent and he said he couldn’t understand hers either.And Katherine’s the one Chris should watch out for.

joy-You just stick to gestating and I’ll write the recap for you, ‘kay? :)Sorry about the confusion with the tagging.

Mrs. F-I didn’t want to say that, but you’re right, it is about time for a good hard-rockin’ guy to win. There’s no reason the American Idol has to be a girl.

TB-Tell you what, tape it, fast forward until Chris sings, then just stop watching after that!

Staceeee-Thanks for calling me during the show, that was awesome! I almost called you back right after Chris finished singing (um, AI Chris, not MY Chris, LOL)

Mom101-Just as soon as I stop getting tagged, I’ll write the Marilu story. I have pictures and everything. It’s pretty cool.

8. Fraulein N - April 14, 2006

I don’t like Kellie Pickler. Gee, she’s dumb. Or maybe just pretending, which might be worse. I am seriously devoting an inappropriate amount of energy to disliking this girl, so I really really wish they would vote her off already. I think the AI theme next week is Rod Stewart Pimps His New CD or something like that. I know Rod Stewart is definitely involved, which … eh.

And what is this Marilu Henner story? I definitely want to hear it.

9. Mary Tsao - April 15, 2006

Nice title! I love Queen.

Am I the only person on the planet who doesn’t watch American Idol?

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