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Six Weird Things Meme April 13, 2006

Posted by table4five in Uncategorized.

I got tagged to do this meme by Fraulein N, who got tagged by Sarcomical, who got tagged by Amy from amalah.com. Shoot, those are some damn fine bloggers right there. How could I refuse?

6 Weird Things About Me That I Think Haven’t Landed on The Blog Yet but I’m Too Lazy to Dig Through the Archives to Be Sure:
1. When I put on socks or shoes, I have to start on my left side. I am physically incapable of starting on my right. If I ask someone to hand me my shoes and they hand me the right one first, I wait until they hand me the left one to get started. Seriously. Don’t laugh. Okay, laugh a little, because it is pretty weird. I can’t explain it, I just know it has to be the left foot first.
2. I often sleep fully clothed, especially in winter. I can fall asleep wearing a t-shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants and socks, covered by a sheet, blanket and quilt. There is no such thing as too warm.
3. I have to count on my fingers to add, especially if I have to add 9 to another number. Also, if I get directions with East or West in them, I have to mentally picture a compass and whisper to myself “East is right, West is left”.
4. My husband says I am the only person he knows who actually twiddles their thumbs. And only when we’re on a long car ride. I sit with my fingers laced and slowly rotate my thumbs around.
5. I have scoliosis, a 10 percent C-curve in my spine. My right hip is higher than my left. I don’t often wear dresses or skirts because the hem hangs crooked, which isn’t as noticeable with pants. When I was first diagnosed in the 6th grade, I was terrified I would have to wear a back brace. My Mom bought me the Judy Blume book “Deenie”, to prepare me for what to expect. Thank God I didn’t need a brace, because that book scared me beyond belief.
6. Speaking of scared, when I was 20 years old the Stephen King book “IT” was released. I read it while home for the summer and living in my parents’ apartment. The book spooked me so badly that I had to sleep with the closet light on. And I had to check in the closet and under the bed before I went to sleep at night. Shut up, I was a kid! Well, not really, but that book was scary, y’all.
That’s all I’ve got, although I’ll probably think of more after I post this. I won’t weasel out of the tagging this time, let’s see…I’ll tag
Nancy from Mom/Ma’am/Me
Julie from Goosie, Mousie, Daddy and Me
Dawn from Baleful Regards
Kelly from Mocha Momma
Marsha from Sweatpants Mom
Arabella from Trattoria Breve
And YOU! I’m tagging YOU! Ready, Set, Go!


1. Dawn - April 13, 2006

OK. I’m it. Damn. I’ll have to think on this tonight.

And honey, where we live to sleep NOT fully clothed would be a downright stupid thing to do. I’m all like “Give me an extra layer of flannel and keep your cold ass feet off of me”

And “It” was the one that scared the shit out of me too. The clown? ARGH. I knew those fuckers were bad news.

2. Elizabeth - April 13, 2006

dawn-My poor husband, though. He is always too hot. And he likes to grope me while I’m sleeping, the perv, and he hates having to burrow through my multiple layers of clothing first.

I should add that the movie of “It” didn’t scare me. I watched it with my hands over my eyes just in case, but no. Just the book. Which I never read ever again.

3. mama_tulip - April 14, 2006

LOL! I just looked at Dave this morning and wondered how the hell he can sleep in his CLOTHES! The guy’s got like, pants and a polo shirt on. I was totally LOL.

He’ll be glad to hear someone else out there sleeps fully clothed, too.

4. Elizabeth - April 14, 2006

mama_t: Oh my God I BUSTED out laughing at this comment! I read it to Chris and said “at least I don’t sleep in pants and polo shirts” and he said “You would if I let you” LOL!

5. Nancy - April 14, 2006

I’ll take your tag challenge, fine lady. Actually I was tagged by 4 people simultaneously, so I can kill several birds with one stone. Figuratively, of course.

Why is it that husbands are all about the nocturnal groping?

6. Sarcomical - April 14, 2006

yay! i do the “west is left” thing too. all the time. 😉

7. Mother GooseMouse - April 14, 2006

I knew #1. And likewise, that book scared the shit out of me. I remember starting to read it, getting through a chapter or two, and then putting it away for several months until I worked up my courage again.

I will definitely play along – thanks for the tag!

8. Elizabeth - April 14, 2006

nancy-I thought that was pretty funny when I came over to leave you the comment and saw two other people already had. We ALL want to know what’s weird about you! LOL

Sarcomical-Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. I also teach my kids which side of the plate the fork goes on by chanting “Fork has an F, it goes on the left”. Is that weird?

Julie-Did I already mention the shoe thing? I guess I really think it’s weird then. And I’m pretty sure it took me all summer to read that one book because I could only get through one chapter at a time. Well done, Stephen King!

9. Nancy - April 14, 2006

Done — go check it out!

10. Izzy - April 15, 2006

Was IT the one with the clown? Because that one scared me a lot. Also, Stephen King’s book “Nightshift” with all the short stories was pretty scary, too.

11. Mary Tsao - April 15, 2006

I sleep fully clothed, too! With socks. Some people find that horribly wrong, but I guess I have poor circulation? I dunno.

12. Elizabeth - April 15, 2006


Izzy-Yes, the scary, scary clown. I’ve never read Nightshift all the way through, I’ll have to pick that one back up.

Mary-my husband used to have this “rule”, about “no socks in bed”, but he gave up. If I’ve got to get up at 2:30am to feed the baby, I’m not walking through the cold house in bare feet!

13. roo - April 15, 2006

I like to remember the compass with “Never Eat Shredded Wheat.”

Sometimes I have to hold up my hands with the thumbs out and remind myself that the left one makes an L.

14. Elizabeth - April 15, 2006

Roo-I didn’t know the Shredded Wheat thing, but it seems helpful!
And you’re not the only one I’ve read that does the left hand L thing.

15. sweatpantsmom - April 15, 2006

I am directionally challenged as well. When someone gives me north/south directions I have to face my entire body towards the ocean and say to myself, “Ah, north is to my right…”

(Got your tag – am working on my list!)

16. Elizabeth - April 15, 2006

SP Mom-Yeah, but you get to FACE THE OCEAN! I guess I could try to figure out which way Lake Michigan is and then North would be on my right!

17. TB - April 17, 2006

It was a scary book, but it’s one of my fave Stephen King books of all time, after The Stand. I love all the musical history he includes.

And I’m sure you know this, but East isn’t always right… do you get lost a lot? :o)

18. Elizabeth - April 17, 2006

Teebs-Yes, smartypants, I know East isn’t always on my right! Fortunately my van has a built-in compass so at least when I drive I know which way I’m going.

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