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I didn’t get banned from the Dollar store April 12, 2006

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It’s cold, wet, overcast, and I have the headache I get every time the weather changes, especially when the barometric pressure drops. Kaitlyn has developed a new form of communication called “scream so loud her face turns maroon”. Last night it was a good five minutes of shrieking/screeching/screaming that was finally remedied by my sitting her up in my lap to drink her bottle instead of reclining her in the crook of my arm. I mean, honestly, how could I have not known that she wanted to sit up? Some mother I am.

Today at the Dollar Store she drank up half a bottle, then started a vocalization that quickly turned to a noise I’d never heard before. You know that noise weightlifters make when they hoist a 300-pound barbell straight over their head? That eeeuuuuuuuuggggghhhhh sound? She was doing that, except with deep breaths straight from her diaphragm. So I abandon my cart, grab her carseat and run out to the parking lot in the rain to get the back-up bottle out of the diaper bag. She drinks that straight down, then turns back into the tiny, screeching bodybuilder again. Ladies walking by were stopping to say things like “oh my goodness, aren’t you mad about something?”

Attention Dollar Tree shoppers! Mother who cares more about cheap Easter trinkets than the comfort of her own baby! Please proceed immediately to Aisle 3 to make her feel even worse!

I swear, neither of the boys ever acted like that in a store, even as babies. They were pretty content to hang out in the car seat and run all kinds of errands. Kaitlyn, not so much. I know, every child is different, girls are different than boys, whatever. All I know is, if she thinks she’s having one of those laying down on the floor with her limbs spread while screaming temper tantrums, she has another think coming. Because I will leave the store without buying anything rather than give in to that.

While I was ignoring my child’s obvious need for mothering, I did score some awesome Dollar stuff. I don’t know if Dollar Tree is a chain, but the one I go to is a former CVS drugstore, so it’s big, with wide aisles of mostly organized shelves, it’s clean, and it has everything. Today’s purchases included:

  • 2 small pots of FRESH Mums to give my Dad and Grandma for Easter


  • Gifts for my awesome next-door neighbor, her granddaughter and great-grandchildren. The granddaughter leaves A. and T. there while she works, they are close to Nathan’s age. He runs in and out of their house all day, plus they occasionally feed him dinner and last night took him out for ice cream and wouldn’t let me pay. That’s definitely worth a gift.
  • Silly Putty, small rabbit figures that are bendy, boxes of gum shaped like small Easter eggs, a bunny-shaped disposable snack bowl, and five Bunny figurines to display on my sideboard.
  • A tube of Loreal Rouge Pulp lip gloss in Harlot (HA!). I love love love Rouge Pulp and can never find it at the drugstore. Maybe they don’t make it anymore and this tube is 6 years old, but I don’t care. I love the consistency, the spongey applicator, and the slight flavor. I’m using it.
  • 2 bottles of Maybelline fast drying nail polish. Pale pink for my nails and hot pink for my toes.

So that almost makes up for the crappy weather and the headache. How’s YOUR day going?



1. Mocha - April 12, 2006

Very well, thank you very much. But you can read about it yourself if ya want.

When we were very very poor in college and wanted to have some fun (dangit – no Dollar stores back then!) we went to the Hallmark store and read funny cards and also went to Osco to check out the funny names of makeup.

LOVE those OPI color names. Current toenail color of choice: “Hey Vito! Is my car ready?”

2. Nancy - April 12, 2006

Oh, I love me a nice Dollar Store. You can find all sorts of goodies there!

I can sympathize on the mysteries of Kaitlyn — Rosie is a kid of a different breed entirely from Mimi. Sometimes I am simply baffled because the things that worked like aces in the hole for Mimi just seem to fire Rosie up completely. It must be even more baffling after 2 similar kids to have a 3rd that’s so different!

3. Elizabeth - April 12, 2006

Mocha-I went to the OPI website and found more fun names:

Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie
Fiji Weejee Fawn
Melon of Troy
I’m Not Really A Waitress

Plus there’s a photo of a hand and you hold the mouse pointer over a color and the nails on the hand change to that color. Cool.

4. Mother GooseMouse - April 12, 2006

Hey! I have the first and last of those OPI colors (among way too many others). I’m not sure what shade I have on right now, but it is the most neon shade of fuschia I’ve ever seen.

And I have to admit, that’s one thing that well-meaning strangers do that really makes me want to lose my shit. Don’t pay attention to me or my baby when SHE’S losing HER shit. Babies cry. And scream. And sometimes they even imitate weightlifters. IGNORE US.

5. Elizabeth - April 12, 2006

Julie-exactly! I forgot to mention the lady in the checkout line who started rubbing the top of Kaitlyn’s head with her cigarette-stinky hand. How do I know where else her hand has been? FYI-Don’t touch my baby!

6. mama_tulip - April 12, 2006

Yup, I hate that too. Nothing bugs me more than someone who comes up to me and talks to me through my child. “Wow, someone needs a nap, huh?” or “Awww…doesn’t your mummy know you’d rather be at the park?” is a good way to get a pop in the nose.

7. TB - April 12, 2006

Poor Kaitlyn and poor you. I get weather change headaches too. I had a four day one last week. I hope you feel better soon and Kaitlyn turns back into the sweet baby she is soon.

I love dollar deals, like the dollar aisle at Target! I don’t think we have a Dollar Tree here, unfortunately.

8. roo - April 12, 2006

Pretty good. Thanks for asking!

9. Mary Tsao - April 13, 2006

We’ve got a couple of dollar stores. They’re the best for kid party favors.

Hope tomorrow is better. My daughter was a shopper but my son wasn’t. đŸ˜¦

10. Izzy - April 13, 2006

Dude..I NEED to be banned from ALL Dollar Stores (there are tons of them here). I walk in for one or two stupid things like sand toys and I come out with $40 woorth of crappydoodles. And I LOVE it!

Sounds like other than the tantrum, you totally scored. High fives!

11. Izzy - April 13, 2006

PS: I’ve moved. My new address, that I forgot to change in my post…duh…is http://izzymom.com.

12. sweatpantsmom - April 13, 2006

Gawd, Elizabeth – I make those same ‘eeeuuuuuuuuggggghhhhh’ sounds when I’m in the dollar store, too. Although it’s usually after I see the Ajax on sale two for a 99¢.

13. Fraulein N - April 13, 2006

I love the Dollar Store. Sounds like you made out like a bandit. My mom always ends up spending like $60 in there. Her excuse? “But it’s only a dooooollaaaar.”

14. Mrs. Chicky - April 13, 2006

It sounds like I need to spend some more time in dollar stores! But if any of those women try to comment on my kid’s behavior I’m going to run over their toes with my shopping cart. Do you think I would get thrown out for that?

15. Elizabeth - April 13, 2006

izzy-“Crappydoodles”-HA! And I try to weed out the true crap from stuff I’ll actually use, like the maybelline makeup. And the Dollar Tree has the BEST candles.

SP Mom-HAhaha! It really is the best place for cleaning supplies, isn’t it?

Fraulein-I try to limit myself to $25.00, because buying 25 things makes me feel like I splurged.

Mrs. Chicky-Um, no, just distract the cashier by knocking over a shelf of angel figurines or something. They’ll never notice.

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