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“Spring Forward” my ASS April 4, 2006

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Daylight Savings Time SUCKS. Sucks, I Say. Just when Kaitlyn had settled into a predictable bedtime schedule, DST had to come along and laugh and point and say HA!

I always feel a little guilty when I read posts from new Moms who can’t get their babies to sleep. When she was about 2 1/2 months old, Kaitlyn settled into a routine that made everyone happy. 4 oz. bottle at 7:00 pm, then a clean diaper and blanket sleeper, then around 7:30 another 2 oz. bottle, by 7:45 she would get sleepy. One of us would lay her down in her crib still awake mind you, wind up the bunny mobile which rotates and plays the “Lullaby” song, and tiptoe out. She would watch the bunnies for a minute, and then close her eyes and go to sleep. And sleep until at least 6:30 am the next morning, sometimes longer.

That’s right, none of that “Ferberizing” or Cry It Out nonsense, no going back in at all until morning.

Then she got RSV and slept constantly for about a week, but when she came home from the hospital she settled right back into the old routine with no problem.

Then stupid Daylight Savings Time came. And it’s still light outside at 7:00 pm, and her body thinks 7:00 is still 6:00, and now she’s not tired until 8 or 8:30 or 9:00. The last two nights in a row, we’ve had to go back in and get her up after listening to her screech for 5 minutes, and let her sleep on the couch. Funny how she’s perfectly happy to fall asleep out here on the couch while we watch TV, but not in her room like she has been for two months.

Yes, I know we could treat the screeching like the books say, and wait 5 minutes, go in and “comfort her” without getting her up, and leave again. But she has been so darn predictable for so long. Even as a brand-new baby she didn’t want to be held while she slept, she wanted to just lay down in the bassinet and sleep. I’m sure it’s just the time change and it’s taking her longer to adjust. I know her, and she doesn’t just screech for no reason. She’s not manipulating us, she’s asking us for help falling asleep.

But still. And this fall, when we “fall back”? If she starts waking up at 5:30 am instead of 6:30? Well you bet I’ll be bitching about that, too.



1. Chelle - April 4, 2006

By far that is the saddest & cutest baby picture you’ve taken of her. I just want to nuzzle that little tear-stain away! :o(

2. DancesByMoonshadow - April 4, 2006

All I can say is AMEN SISTER! I have been ranting about DST for three straight days and I haven’t found one person who can stand it. Every damn year its the same thing and does trying to sneak it by a child work… Noooooooo! By the way, cats don’t observe daylight savings time either. Once you’ve messed with it, you can’t seem to recover. Last night my son was up until 10PM (9PM real time). I think the best solution would be to try putting her down at 8PM and then backing it off 15 minutes a night AFTER she gets back into her routine. I am only able to adjust my 4yold’s schedule by 15 min a night without getting busted. Best wishes. Love, Niki

3. K. - April 4, 2006

I just made a very similar post about my own sleep woes w/ my 8-month old. We should be past this, I know, but alas – I don’t believe in CIO either and I started him off sleeping with us. So I get what I ask for.

Anyway, your daughter is cute and I love that little pink outfit. πŸ™‚

4. Elizabeth - April 4, 2006

Chelle-I know! Actually her face looks shiny because her skin is so sensitive that her cheeks get chapped, so we coat them with Aquaphor.But she does look sad and sleepy too.

Niki-My cat sleeps all the time anyway so I haven’t noticed if DST affected her. But that’s a great suggestion about the 15 minutes thing. I’ll have to suggest to Chris that we try that.

K.-Hi and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! All of Kaitlyn’s clothes are hand-me-downs, I’ve never bought her anything new but Onesies! The turtleneck is Baby Old Navy and the pants are Baby Gap “Newborn Layette”. I’ll stop by your blog.

5. Nancy - April 4, 2006

Kaitlyn does look totally serious in that picture.

We struggle with the daylight savings time, too. Last night Mimi was up until almost 10, and even then wasn’t sleepy. (Her bedtime is 9, which is late anyway, but 10 was ridiculous!)

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog earlier today. I do appreciate that you’re thinking of me.

6. MrsFortune - April 4, 2006

And next year it’s only gonna get worse, I hear. You could always move to some weird place in Indiana where they don’t do daylight savings. But that’d kind of suck.

7. TB - April 4, 2006

I was just asking my friends with twin girls Kaitlyn’s age if daylight savings effected them. I imagine it has to be a real pain to mess up your child’s schedule by an hour.
I know it messes me up for a couple of days!

8. Mother GooseMouse - April 4, 2006

No DST in AZ either. Better option than IN (in my opinion).

That picture of Kaitlyn is darling.

9. Dawn - April 4, 2006

All babies in child care get Seriously Bitchy for the week After DST changes.

I mean – SERIOUSLY bitchy.

Me too, come to think of it.

10. Cityslicker Mom - April 5, 2006

Aww, poor mama. She’ll adjust, she wont have a choice. Hope you’re coping in the meantime πŸ™‚

11. Izzy - April 5, 2006

Spring forward blows. The baby is fine with it but my older one isn’t tired at bedtime and keeps coming out and telling me she can’t sleep *sigh*

Can you tll your SIL that I enjoyed her post on my blog. We have a lot in common. I tried to post on her blog but it asked me for an MSN ID and told me I had to sign up for one and when i tried it flubbed and I got annoyed so I looked for na email address for her and couldn’t find one so here I am. Could you pass that on to her? lol Thanks!

12. Mary Tsao - April 5, 2006

Ha! I love the title. And she’s such a cutie! Here’s hoping for normal sleep schedules to be resumed ASAP.

13. halloweenlover - April 5, 2006

I hate it too. I’ve been exhausted since Sunday, and I can’t seem to shake it! Poor Elizabeth!

14. Elizabeth - April 5, 2006

Nancy-You’re welcome. Hope the girls get back to their regular schedule soon.

Mrs. F and Mother G- Indiana gave in and went on DST this year. I saw a news story about a kid who made money going to people’s houses and changing all their clocks! Some of them had never had to reset their VCR or the clock in their car. Pretty smart kid.

Teebs-Did you say TWIN 4 month olds? They have my sympathy, getting TWO babies to change their sleeping schedules? Yikes!

Dawn-God, I didn’t even think about how it affects entire Daycares. I’d have been bitchy too.

Izzy- I know about her blog problem, I’m emailing you her email address.

CS Mom, Mary, Miss Halloween-Thanks for your support! Hope you’re sleeping okay πŸ™‚

15. TANYETTA - April 6, 2006

if only we could read her mind. please! tell me your secret to the whole ‘sleeping through the night’

my son wakes at 12:01am-as if to say hey look woman, I slept through the nite! it’s a new day! YIKEs! is right.

16. Elizabeth - April 6, 2006

tanyetta-honestly, no secret. Kaitlyn has always been a good sleeper up until now. Even as a brand new baby she would squirm and fuss until she was swaddled and put down in the hospital bassinet. I truly think this will pass.

Hee hee, your son is smart! 12:01 IS a new day technically.

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