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I Loved The 80s April 3, 2006

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Well not loved so much as lived during, and in the tradition of passing on the wisdom of the ages (smirk), I thought I’d share some 80s memories. Arabella did a post about makeup she remembers from her teenage years, and Chelle did one about what she wore to an “80s party”. Do you know HOW OLD it makes me feel that my formative years are now the subject of theme parties? And that the makeup styles we wore are fodder for Halloween costumes?

In 1980 I was thirteen (quit doing that math in your head!), and my Mom allowed me to both pierce my ears and start wearing makeup. I know nowadays no self-respecting fifth grader would go to school without makeup on, but back then it was not unusual to have to wait. Unfortunately, my Mom knew next to nothing about makeup, so she did not volunteer to help me select flattering shades or teach me to apply it. I learned everything I needed to know by reading both “Teen” and “Seventeen” magazines.

I remember Cover Girl blue eyeshadow kits, the ones with four shades from light to dark. On the back was an illustration of how to correctly apply all four shades at once, which I did. It looked something like this. Also Cover Girl Cheekers blush, which came in four basic shades: light pink, dark pink, light orange and dark orange. I’m pretty sure I (incorrectly) chose the dark pink, with lipstick to match. I didn’t wear foundation back then, just Clearasil which I piled on to pimples thinking I was “covering them up”. I wasn’t.

The hair was Farrah Fawcett’s, my thick hair was perfect for the cut. I got up every morning at 5:45 am so I could get a shower before my sister and have time to blow it dry and then meticulously curl the sides into feathery sausages. A shellacking of Aqua Net completed the look.

As for products I remember, I read Arabella’s post too late to contribute a comment, but it set me off in a frenzy of Googling to see if I was remembering things correctly. Here’s what I came up with:

Shampoos and conditioners: I know there was a shampoo who’s main ingredient was beer. The commercial had a lady telling a man “I just washed my hair with beer!” There was Milk Plus 6, the milk supposedly had proteins that strengthened your hair and the “Plus 6” were added “vitamins”. There was Tame Cream Rinse, which came in a tall white bottle and smelled really good, but didn’t do much conditioning. There was Vidal Sassoon shampoo too.

Deodorant: I remember “Tussy” roll on, and Mitchum-“s0 effective, you can even skip a day!”. Ewww. I’m pretty sure I used some kind of aerosol spray, which felt cold going on and required you to stand there with your arms in the air for a good minute so it could dry.

Makeup: I remember Maybelline Dial-a-Lash mascara, which Arabella mentioned. And Maybelline strawberry-flavored roll on lip gloss, which I was wearing when I had my first kiss with Chuck Johnson in the hallway outside the lunchroom. Ah, Chuck Johnson. Wonder what ever happened to him? There were three guys named Chuck in my class, there’s a name I doubt many new boys are getting. But I digress! I remember liquid black eyeliner, which was carefully applied to the inside of our bottom eyelids. It’s a miracle we’re not all blind from that.

Perfume: I remember Love’s Baby Soft, of course, and Jean Nate (pronounced Nah-tay, there was a mark over the e that I don’t know how to make). That was lemon-scented and you were supposed to splash it on. The commercial showed a woman getting out of the shower, pouring it into her hand and then splashing it on her leg. When I tried to do that it always made a big mess.
Calvin Klein’s Eternity and Christian Dior’s Poison were popular with older girls I knew, they seemed so sophisticated wearing it. 70s perfumes like Charlie and Enjoli (the “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and nevernevernever let you forget you’re a man” perfume) were still popular.

Play along if you have ones that you remember.

Here’s More:
Perfume-Remember Avon’s Sweet Honesty? Remember Jontue?

Clothes-Gloria Vanderbilt jeans with the swan on the butt, Jordache jeans, Candie’s sandals, Bass Weejun loafers (with a penny in the little slot in the front). Shaker sweaters (a loose weave with a deep v-neck), Oxford Shirts with the sleeves rolled up and the top two buttons undone, the whole neon thing (bright hot pink, yellow and green tops, pants, socks, headbands, etc.).

Remember the Prairie Skirt? A long, ruffled denim skirt worn with a white ruffled blouse, “Cowboy”boots, and silver/turquoise jewelry.

This is fun.



1. gingajoy - April 3, 2006

the main thing I remember was wearing electric blue mascara–and great, vast quantities of it. like blue spangly spiders hanging off my eyelids. glamorOUS!

2. Mrs. Harridan - April 3, 2006

That beer shampoo was called “Body on Tap.” Gawd, I really wanted it, and my mom refused to buy it, so we were stuck with Flex instead.
And I totally had that Cover Girl eyeshadow kit in pink (eurrgh). Why did we think 3 shades of pink on our eyelids looked good? My look was not complete unless I had used all 3 colors.
And those roll-on glosses were a more sophisticated version of the Bonne Bell Lipsmakcers (which I still use), but stickier. Loved them!
My best friend used Tussy, which was also available in a mysterious “cream formula.” She was 2 years older, and I think Tussy was out of fashion by the time I started smelling full-time.

3. jess - April 3, 2006

I didn’t wear much makeup in the eighties (compared to now) but I do remember my trusty sidekick Aquanet. Is that how you spell it?

4. Chelle - April 3, 2006

I faithfully matched my mascara to my outfits… green sweater? Green mascara! Purple IZOD shirt? Purple mascara! I also had blue, brown, gold and silver. No wonder I didn’t get a date during highschool…

5. Elizabeth - April 3, 2006

gingajoy-last summer Almay came out with color kits for specific eye colors, and mine had blue mascara. So it’s back in!

Mrs. H- THANK you! Body On Tap! I also remembered Breck shampoo, but I forgot about Flex.

Jess-Aqua Net was vital to keeping every strand of the Farrah Fawcett ‘do exactly in place.

Chelle-You had gold and silver mascara? Cool! And if YOU didn’t get a date, the boys in your school were just stupid-heads.

6. Nancy - April 3, 2006

Oh yes, I remember the blue eyeshadow. Not a great choice for me with my brown/green eyes.

Remember Sun-In? I used to spray that liberally in my hair whenever I spent even a minute outside, hoping my hair would lighten to brown.

I also remember my curling iron with the teeny, tiny barrel that I’d use to get my bangs just so. Ahh, the days of innocence.

7. Lanna - April 3, 2006

I mostly grew up more in the 90’s, but our town was just a *little* behind, so our fashions were about a decade behind most everywhere else.

There was Rave hairspray – went through a bottle of that a month. And you had to curl the bangs half back and half forward to get maximum poofiness before you shellacked it.

Rolled up my pant cuffs in a french roll (I think that’s what it was called). Oy.

Had a green jean jacket. At least I had only one.

My grandma used Breck shampoo up until she died a few years ago. To this day I have no idea where she found it the last few years or whether she just had a secret stockpile.

8. MrsFortune - April 3, 2006

Oh GOD the blue eye shadow. Deliver us from evil.

I’m flashing back to that Jean Nate commercial, with the woman’s legs … what was that slogan … man, this is gonna drive me nuts.

9. Dawn - April 3, 2006

And the Line of blush?

I was kind of early goth, late punk – so I wore lipstick which was either dark purple OR light blue/white. I looked like a corpse most of the time. With extremely dark eyes, outlined in BLACK.

By the time I got to College – That Aussie Scrunch spray was the shit.

And lets just try to forget the Sun In Nancy shall we? I did some terrible things to my hair in the name of a “Sun Kissed” mane – like turned it a wierd shade of orangey blonde.

And to this day – Poison makes me think of that Cheap designer Imposter shit which a girl I disliked very intensely wore – by the gallon.

And Polo? Puke-o-rama. Every self absorbed douche bag wore Polo. And Most were named Peter.

10. sweatpantsmom - April 3, 2006

Oh, all your talk of hair care products and makeup is making me nostalgic for the days when personal hygiene and appearance were important.

(I remember ‘Milk Plus Six.’ Do you think there was actually any milk in there?)

11. jen - April 3, 2006

sun in exhibit a)
Me, summer 1989
sun in exhibit b)
sophomore year

and I lied my face off and said it was from the summer at the pool where I babysat/did daycare.

oh yah, so totally natural.

12. Cityslicker Mom - April 4, 2006

Ohh…Tussy. I remember that stuff well! That was my very first deodorant!! What kind of name is tussy? saying it now, it sounds like Hussy!

13. jen - April 4, 2006

I loved Loves Baby Soft. Wore it grade 5-7,8?

14. Mightymouse Mommy - April 4, 2006

I haven’t read the other comments yet, too excited to write the things I remember down hehe.

Perfume – Cody “Musk” was my best friend’s favorite

Shampoos and Conditioners – Remember Alberto VO5 hot oil treatments? Pert 2 in 1? Also Herbal Essence, White Rain, Silkience?

Deodorant – Teen Spirit I think is what I wore, and Secret (strong enough for a man, made for a woman)

Make up – remember that really bright pale sparkly pink? What about body glitter and sparkly decals we use to put my the outside corner of our eye?

Clothes – Weird prairie type plaid shirts with a high ruffle collar that had a ribbon to tie? Remember wearing sports jackets with HUGE shoulder pads and the sleeves pushed up? Remember Harem pants? And *shudder* Parachute pants? I remember, even have pictorial evidence somewhere, of me in white jeans with a pattern of huge different kinds of fruits on them – bananas, apples, pineapple. Oi vey. I also remember wearing long cotton shirts and a white belt with silver grommets loosely around my hips. I remember sandals that were made up of a bajillion strips of leather. and Oh My God Headbands! The kind that go over your forehead, like worn by Olivia Newton-John in her Physical video. Also the leotards HAD to be worn with those, too.

I could go on forever! lol

15. Mrs. Harridan - April 4, 2006

“You get the feeling … there’s nothing you can’t do! {backup singers} Jean Nate, Jean Nate!”

Wasn’t the chick in the commercial, like, a jockey or something?

16. Elizabeth - April 4, 2006

Mrs. H-I think you’re on to something! There’s got to be at least one research paper out there on the role of women in 80s advertising.

17. Mother GooseMouse - April 4, 2006

Gloria Vanderbilt perfume…Camp Beverly Hills perfume…Maybelline Expert Eyes shadow in pink/purple…Outback Red…Forenza…Esprit…paisley print clothes…Jams (board shorts)…Swatches…crimping irons…matching my socks to my shirt…on and on and on

18. Izzy - April 5, 2006

I hit every blog like 10 times yesterday. How did I miss this? Great post. Love that eyeshadow picture. We wore the Maybelline waterproof LIQUID eyeliner on our lower eyelid. These days that would be considered way trailer-parkish…lol

19. Elizabeth - April 5, 2006

I do remember Outback Red, and Benetton was huge when I was in High School. And Forenza, I think they made those “Shaker” sweaters.

I never used liquid eyeliner because I was afraid I would gloop it in my eye!

20. TANYETTA - April 6, 2006

Tussy deoderant. Yeah!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness I’m dating myself now. Sigh.

21. Arabella - April 7, 2006

Well, now I’m late to the party, too. 😦 Oh well.

Tussy was the first deodorant I ever used. And, yes, I remember Jean Nate! My friends made fun of me the first time I said it out loud, because OF COURSE I pronounced it wrong.

Does anyone remember Maybelline Kissing Koolers?

22. Arabella - April 7, 2006

Oh, and wasn’t Kathie Lee Gifford in the Jean Nate print ads at some point?

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