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A Weird Post About Nothing, plus Pictures March 31, 2006

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I wrote an awesome American Idol Recap post, with a section at the beginning about the Detroit man who’s “On strike” because his wife won’t stop sleeping with their two month old baby or take their two year old’s pacifier away. That link is here. I had all the contestants, and what they sang, and how they sounded, and how Lisa was voted off. It took about an hour to write.

And then, I opened a new window and googled one of the artists who’s song was sung last night, and the page I was directed to started loading and then started flashing. Flashing! I didn’t know if I was getting a computer virus or what, so I panicked and hit ctrl-alt-delete, and clicked the task manager to stop the program from running, but I didn’t save the American Idol post first, and all the windows closed.

My post went bye-bye.

You didn’t hear me screaming NOOOooooo, like the lady in those Best Buy Geek Squad ads? Only I didn’t have someone drop from a helicopter and fix it. So, pictures instead.

Yes, I have a double chin, dammit. But Chris and Kate look cute. Taken by Ryan.

This is what Kaitlyn really thinks of the carseat. At least it’s warm enough that she doesn’t have to wear the evil snowsuit of evil. She loves playing with these linking rings. They hold a pacifier (“ha”, she says, “you’ll never get me to use that pacifier, Mom. NEVER.”), and a loop of teething beads too. Fun!

Okay, I know you’re not supposed to give sharp pokey toys to babies, but if she’s going to live in this house she might as well get to know Bionicles. If you don’t know, they are these creatures made by Lego. There’s an extremely detailed story about the Bionicle world, and every year Lego puts out a new “race” of Bionicles. Ryan and Nathan probably have close to 50 0f them, and not a day goes by that they don’t take them apart and re-build them into new creatures of their own design. This one was laying on the couch.

The boys didn’t even mind when I told them she had this one in her mouth. Looks like I’ll have to figure out a way to disinfect the thousand or so teeny pieces. 50 Bionicles x 50 pieces each =holy crap that’s a lot of tiny connectors plus theparts that make the arms and legs and bodies.

Even the cat doesn’t understand third grade math. I was trying to help Ryan, only I was telling him the wrong formula for calculating the area of a triange (length x width divided by two) so all our answers were wrong. Can I help it if third grade was…oh my God…THIRTY ONE years ago?

So sorry no Recap, there are excellent ones at Televisionwithoutpity.com and Idolonfox.com.

Go there, because I suck.



1. MrsFortune - March 31, 2006

Dang, Elizabeth, your cat totally DOES look like my cat! Did you get it from the Okemos shelter by any chance? That’s where I got my evil-ness.

I’m so with ya on the math thing. I dread the day my child finishes 2nd grade.

2. Elizabeth - March 31, 2006

Mrs. F- you just freaked me out by mentioning Okemos, where I lived from 5th grade to college. The cat was a birthday present from a friend who only knew she had been a “farm cat”, but I don’t remember where the cat came from.

You wouldn’t believe what my son is studying in the 3rd grade-Geometry, Economics, even a little physics. I’ll be looking up a lot of Homework Help webites for him!

3. Dawn - March 31, 2006

The evil snowsuit of evil. I don’t suppose she looks like a …baby Seal?
I love Babies that do that tongue sticking out thing.

And the cat cracked me up. There are moments reading some of Em’s homework that I think “Um, I’m supposed to be able to teach this – what the hell are they talking about?”

When I insist that she do something the worng way, I always want to write to her teacher and apologize for leading my child down the wrong path like
“Dear Teacher,
It isn’t Emily’s fault that she answered those questions wrong. Sadly, I am a dolt and didn’t realize that she was supposed to count ALL the coins.
Emily’s Math deficient Mother”

4. Elizabeth - March 31, 2006

Dawn-Thanks for cracking me up with that “baby seal” reference. I knew you’d understand!

I almost wrote Ryan’s teacher a note apologizing for all the erasing on the math paper due to my ineptness. And once we wrote Nathan’s teacher asking her not to mark him down if the answers were wrong (something to do with groups of beans, only the paper didn’t say how many beans there were). That was FIRST GRADE math. It’s a miracle I haven’t screwed up raising them so far.

5. jen - April 3, 2006

love the picture of the 3 of you…so damn cute!
you know times are desperate when as a last resort you ask the family cat if he can figure out your son’s homework.

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