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Here I Am! March 27, 2006

Posted by table4five in Uncategorized.

Well I’ll be darned. It worked just like Blogger said it would. Here I am in my new address and everything. Now I just have to send a few dozen emails, change my address with Technorati, SiteMeter, BlogMad, and TTLB (shoot, am I forgetting anyone?), and get some new posts ready.

You know, for the amount of time I spend on this blog, and believe me if I didn’t have Kaitlyn it would pretty much be all damn day, I should really be earning some money with it. I know I don’t have anywhere near enough unique visits to warrant AdSense, I get in a week what some bloggers get in half a day. But there should be some way to make a little spending money, don’t you think? A lousy twelve bucks to pay for Weight Watchers meetings? 48 dollars might not seem like much, but it’s costing Chris that much a week to drive to his new job and back.

Did you know that a study showed that Moms, whether they stay home or work an outside job as well, should be paid $130,000 a year? That’s for all the jobs we do i.e. chauffeur, events planner, housekeeper, food service manager, accountant, nurse. Take the average salary for each of those jobs, prorate it based on what percentage of our day is spent doing each, and it comes to $130,000. Huh. Would I be happy if the government gave me free health care instead? You bet your ass I would.

Oh-KAY! Enough ranting for one post, geez. I’m off to start emailing everyone I know.

SHIT! Shit! I left a post at the old address that says the new address is table4five.com AND IT’S NOT!!!!! It’s table4five.blogspot.com! And now I can’t change it because blogger doesn’t recognize the old address anymore. I thought the old address would take me to the “URL not recognized” page, but it doesn’t. So now visitors to the old address will see a link to a page that is not me. That’s what I get for not proof-reading the damn thing first. And see how I am reduced to cursing like a sailor? I don’t have a clue what to do now. Shit.

Okay, I need to just calm the f__ down. If I had read my email first, I would have seen Chelle’s suggestion to re-register the old address under a different name and leave the correct new address there. God Elizabeth, have a little more coffee in the morning why don’tcha?



1. gingajoy - March 27, 2006

hey there! just came here via sweatpants mom. congrats on the new blog-home, etc. and ain’t it a beatiful day in lansing? (yup, i’m here too).

$130,000 a year? sounds about right. (sigh…)

2. Elizabeth - March 27, 2006

gingajoy-my first commenter at my new address, and a hometown lady to boot! Everyone should click her link and read her blog, she’s a freakin’ PH.D. and everything. Why is it that I think of Professors as being older than me when in fact she is actually younger than me? I so need to grow up or something.

3. Fraulein N - March 27, 2006

Glad you got the behind-the-scenes stuff worked out. It looks great!

4. MrsFortune - March 27, 2006

Hey I found you! And can I say I llllllllove the new look. Totally great. Best of luck! I’ll change my link to you sometime very soon. Congrats.

5. Chelle - March 27, 2006

E – You did it! Great job. :o) Going now to my blogroll to update your URL…

Have a great day!

6. gingajoy - March 27, 2006

elizabeth–how i glow in being called a young ‘un! it’s actually got me thinking about a post on “upon learning celebrity X is younger than you…” gwyneth paltrow? (yikes! how???) younger than me. jennifer aniston, totally older. (phew…) this, of course, means that i still have time to make it in hollywood (snort!)

7. Mightymouse Mommy - March 27, 2006

Gingajoy – I would SO love to be a Lansing native living in London! Can we arrange that somehow? Especially considering I now live in Toledo?

Grats to see it all worked out sissy. No worries, either, the old url directs you to here, not .com anymore. Not sure if you were aware or not.

Love and miss you, kiss the fidgets and the muffinest for me pls 🙂

oh, and you may now stop avoiding my blog on your blogroll, update complete – just make sure you have some time… a LOT of time. Oh. Wait.. You’re a mom.. What the hell is time, anyway? lol.

8. Jenny - March 27, 2006

I love it!

9. TB - March 27, 2006

Congratulations Elizabeth and nice job Chelle! Now I’m off to change my links.

10. mama_tulip - March 28, 2006

It’s AWESOME. Nice work, Chelle! I love it.

11. Nancy - March 30, 2006

I’ve changed my links.

Don’t worry too much about the wrong link — all your buds will find you with no problem, and I bet you’ll get some new audience members too.

(love the caffeine-enhanced rant at the end! LOL!)

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