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American Idol Recap March 23, 2006

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You have no idea how good it feels to be able to sit down and write my Thursday American Idol Recap instead of the weekly who’s-sick-this-week report. Both the boys went to school today, Ryan’s ear still hurts a little but as long as they don’t overdo it I think they’ll be fine. I’m dreading what their backpacks will look like when they get home though. Ryan missed a total of 4 and half days of school, Nathan missed 3.

BUT, American Idol. So. You know I’ve only been watching the men compete because I really want a man to win this one. I watched clips of the women’s performances on idolonfox.com and have to say they really impressed me. I think this was the best week so far. The songs from the 50s really seemed to suit everyone’s voices and styles. Here’s a rundown:

Mandisa sang “I Don’t Hurt Anymore”. The judges are speechless, and rightfully so. From what I heard she belted it right out. Although apparently Simon said she moved like a “stripper”. So?

Bucky sang Buddy Holly’s “Oh Boy”. I thought he gave it a nice country-rock feel, although he had trouble reaching some lower notes.

Paris sang “Fever”. The song was a great fit for her. I know everyone loves her, but I wonder how her voice will hold up throughout the rest of the competition. I don’t doubt that she’ll end up with some kind of record contract no matter how she does on AI.

Chris sang “Walk The Line”. Televisionwithoutpity.com called it “the Stappiest version of a country song you could ever possibly imagine”, Scott Stapp is the lead singer for Creed, remember them? I don’t know. I like Chris, I’d like to see him go far in this, but he should stick to rocking out and not do ballads. I’m just saying.

Katharine sang “Come Rain or Come Shine”. She sang the heck out of that song. This was a great performance for her, and she moved really comfortably around the stage.

Taylor sang “Not Fade Away”. Sigh. I like Taylor less and less every week. I just don’t think his voice is that strong, and that jerky dance thing he does was quirky at first; now it’s just annoying. I can see him doing dinner shows in Vegas, but not as the American Idol. Sorry.

Lisa sang “Why Do Fools Fall In Love”. She was adorable and seemed to have fun singing the song. I don’t know about the outfit though, it was a little costumey for me.

Kevin sang “When I Fall In Love”. Was this song ever used in a Disney movie? That’s what it sounded like to me. I thought Kevin sang this well, his performance was better than Bucky’s. I was surprised he was voted off. He should sue Seacrest for that dumb “Chicken Little” comment.

Elliott sang “Teach Me Tonight”. I didn’t like it, it didn’t seem like a good fit for his voice. That’s really all I can say about that, it was just okay.

Kellie sang “Walking After Midnight”. I don’t like the high pitch of her voice, it’s a little nasally. She looked pretty in her yellow top but that bleached platinum hair-overdone. It’s not an audtion for “Laguna Beach” after all.

Ace sang “In The Still Of The Night”. I have to admit to being less enthusiastic about Ace than I was at the beginning. That falsetto thing he can do is cool and all, but he uses it in every song and he really needs to start showing more range. Also, he closes his eyes when he sings, which is a no-no. But I’d still do him if he showed up at my door, don’t get me wrong.

Overall, a good week for most contestants. If I were the men, though, I’d be watching Mandisa very closely. They’d better step it up big time or I’m afraid it will be another win for the ladies.

Side note: On “Live With Regis And Kelly”, Regis just held up a newspaper photo of Kevin next to a shot of Gelman ( his producer), and they look so much alike it’s uncanny. Maybe Reeg should give Kevin a job.



1. Fraulein N - March 23, 2006

I think I’m almost over American Idol. The only one who is consistently excellent is Paris, and like you said, she’s going to do well no matter what. Meh.

2. Mightymouse Mommy - March 23, 2006

It’s so interesting to see/read others opinions and how they differ from your own. Here’s my own views:

Mandisa: Insanely incredible performance – Side note: Simon didn’t say she moved like a stripper, he said she was incredibly sexy and made that song sexy enough to be a great stripper’s song or something to that effect.

Bucky: I can’t get past Bucky’s emotionless face and the track meet stretch lunge thing he does during the entire song – every song he’s ever sang. I don’t think he did that well with the song but it could be the other two things jading my critique.

Paris: For a 16 year old to sing this song made me queezy. Good fit for her voice but not *her* imo. I’d really like to NOT see her win this competition because she’s going places with or without AI – and in fact would probably get a better deal w/o it considering who her Grandmother is.

Chris: LOVED how he made Walk the Line his own rock version – which he did rock out in the second half. Which makes me curious if you weren’t able to see the whole performance and maybe only clips. If just clips, you were juped.

Katherine: I agree with your take on this 100% with one added note. I’m getting sick of Seacrest making comments about the girls’ wardrobe. How inappropriate to mention that her dress has been strategically taped – geesh. It’s double sided tape because it’s suppose to add to the illusion that the dress is staying in those places on their own. What an idiot.

Taylor: I usually love him but this week I was bored. I think his song choice stunk and while I love his quirky dancing, it’s not American Dance Idol.

Lisa: Lisa is just rubbing me the wrong way more and more every show. I can’t really put my finger on it except that none of her performances seem very genuine. I didn’t like this performance at ALL.

Kevin: I actually think this was Kevin’s best performance. It felt as though he had taken what he had learned from Barry and really put it to good use. He seemed to “get it.” I didn’t even notice his lisp all that much. I was surprised he was voted off instead of Bucky. But in a way I think it was better that he was voted off now simply because he does still seem a little immature to handle “stardom” but I think the attention probably gave his teen boy ego a nice boost. 🙂

Elliot: Didn’t seem to follow Barry’s advice. He still seemed to be belting out the song right from the beginning.

Kellie: I thought she did well – better than last week. Her hair’s not what’s getting on my nerves though. At first her “dumb hick” nature was adorable and all but I think she needs to tone it back. Stop talking about your fake eyelashes! Why wear them if you’re going to tell everyone they’re fake?

Ace: Unfortunately I didn’t get to hear much of his song – babies and naptime fusses and all that fun stuff (we Tivo’d it.) He does remind me of George Michael though.

3. sweatpantsmom - March 23, 2006

Me and my girls were all hoping that Kevin would get voted off, but once he did last night I felt sort of…guilty. Like the nerd at school had finally gotten chased out.

I’m pulling for Mandisa.

4. Beth - March 24, 2006

i didn’t like Kevin at first, but i felt bad when he was booted. poor chicken little.

sort of like how i didn’t like Sean Astin’s character on ’24’, but when he died, I got teary.

5. MrsFortune - March 24, 2006

Thanks Elizabeth!!! One more week of pre-natal classes and then I actually get to watch the show myself! Woo-hoo!

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