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Just A Little Recap Today-And Kaitlyn Is Better, Thanks March 16, 2006

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Mrs. Fortune mentioned stopping by my blog to read my American Idol recap. Which is flattering, and now that I look back at my archives I realize I have been using Thursday to discuss “Idol” and other TV-related topics.

I did have Idol on the TV on Tuesday, but I was only half-watching. I know about Stevie Wonder, and it is pretty amazing that the contestants got to spend time with him individually having him help them pick a song to sing. I tried to explain to Ryan why Bucky was crying.

“Imagine if you sat down to write a story about Harry Potter, and J.K. Rowling was sitting next to you reading your story and helping you write it.” He understood.

As for the actual singing, I heard Ace and the first girl. They both seemed off-key, like they were having trouble finding the tune. I understood why on Wednesday night when Stevie sang. When he sings some songs he uses his voice to sing around the tune. His voice dips, and slides, always ending up back on key. It’s hard to sing something like that note for note. I read over on Ninja Poodles that “Doogie” (I think she means Kevin Covais) sang “Part-Time Lover”. I’m really glad I didn’t hear that. No disrespect to Mr. Wonder, but that song is annoying as hell.

What did Chris Daughtry sing? I can’t imagine how he found a Stevie Wonder song that fit his voice and style. And what the heck was up with Bucky’s hair? I assume they have hair and makeup people, one of them thought Bucky would look good with soft, shiny curls? Uh, no.

I also caught the opening number Wednesday. What does the song “All I Need” have to do with camping exactly? The set was wrong, the costumes were wrong, Ace wearing a MONSTER SUIT with a big scary head was WRONG.

As for why no complete recap, there has been a major crisis in my family this week involving my mother-in-law. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital yesterday, and my husband left work and drove up 3 hours to be with her. I want to say more, because it would be good to get the story off my chest, but I want to make sure it’s okay with Chris first. He might want to protect his mother’s privacy by having me not discuss it, I don’t know. But suffice it to say that Tuesday night was somewhat stressful, Wednesday morning was full-blown stress and panic, and the rest of yesterday was upsetting.

I do have good news, amazingly enough. Chris is leaving his current job on Friday and on Monday starts a new job that is more suited to his skills and interests and is paying him a LOT more money. He probably wouldn’t mind me revealing that he has been working for Electronic Data Systems, they used to be part of GM and then were spun off, and they provide GM’s Information Technology support as well as supporting other clients. The reason Chris is leaving? Most of the jobs are being outsourced overseas. His team will continue until Spring of 2007, but there’s no guarantee after that. And it was time for him to move on. This new company has great benefits, the only downside is that it is about a 30 minute drive each way, which means no more driving him to work so I can have a car. We’ll have to get another used one at some point.

So that’s the current news at this point. Now that the baby has gone down for her morning nap I’m planning to crawl into bed with “Outlander” and maybe even sleep a little.



1. TB - March 16, 2006

Have a great nap. It’s key for your recuperation. I am very jealous though.

And congratulations to Chris and your family. That’s awesome news!

2. Nancy - March 16, 2006

I am sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. I am thinking about you and your family, and please let me know if there’s anything I can do.

Congrats on Chris’ new job. It’s always exciting (stressful too, but exciting) to have a new job.

3. DeAnn - March 16, 2006

Congrats on the job for Chris. I hope everything is ok with your mother-in-law. And, MAN, that is almost too much news for one post, isn’t it?

4. Izzy - March 16, 2006

I don’t watch AI but I’m glad you guys are feeling better 🙂

5. Izzy - March 16, 2006

Duh…I forgot to add Congrats on Chris’ new job!

6. MrsFortune - March 16, 2006

Ooh, Elizabeth, be HAPPY you didn’t see Kevin it was awful. I watched a bit of it on tape yesterday. Chris sang “Higher Ground” but he did the Chili Peppers version of it.

I’m sorry about your MIL, and it sounds like you’ve had one hell of a week. I hope it turns up and that your hubs is happy at his new job.

7. Dawn - March 16, 2006

Smart man to wean off the GM – The Detroit Peeps are getting nervous too.

Hoping MIL is doing better today and that the nap/outlander fiesta was as good as I am thinking it was.


8. mama_tulip - March 16, 2006

Sorry to hear about your MIL — ((hugs)) to you all.

And congrats on Chris’ new job! Best of luck to him!

9. jennster - March 16, 2006

don’t make me watch AI to even know what oyu’re talking about.. i’ll just read along and nod approvingly!

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