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“Outlander” is my Crack March 14, 2006

Posted by table4five in Uncategorized.

It started innocently enough. Someone listed “Outlander” in their 4 Things Meme, and the comments were along the lines of “oh, sigh, I love “Outlander”. I just finished the 3rd book in the series” etc. etc. So I think to myself well why not see if the library has it? That way if I don’t like it, I won’t have wasted 20 bucks buying it. After all, it’s historical fiction, not my cup of tea.

“If I don’t like it”. Ha. Hahahahahahaha.

That damn book is going to be the DEATH of me. My family will find me filthy, and near-starvation, clutching my copy of “Outlander” and mumbling “But why, Claire? Why did you betray your real husband to marry Jamie? And then have sex with him? WHY?” I’ll wake up two years from now, having just finished the sixth book in the series (God help me if she writes any more after that one) and realize Kaitlyn has learned to walk, and talk, and feed herself, and I’ll have no recollection of anything but Claire, and wherever and whenever she’s been.

Unless the last Harry Potter book comes out before then, in which case I’ll have taken a break to read that. Otherwise, I’m becoming Diana Gabaldon’s bitch, and that’s all there is to it.



1. TB - March 14, 2006

Oh I loved those books. LOVED. But I think Dragonfly in Amber is still my favorite.
You need to talk to Jess at Fancypants about this. She’s got your back.

2. Beth - March 14, 2006

Oh god. Am I finally going to have to break down and read this book?

3. Elizabeth - March 14, 2006

Beth-Yes. Yes you are. Resistance is absolutely, positively futile.
I thought it would be the typical “bodice ripper” and it is so, so much better than that.

4. roo - March 14, 2006

TB! Dragonfly in Amber is my favorite, too! We’re like book twins.

Glad you’re enjoying the series, Elizabeth. Make sure you don’t have anything important to do before you get the next one– a thousand pages or so is a lot to take in one sitting.

5. Jess - March 15, 2006

HAH! Another one snared. You should commiserate with Dawn (baleful regards), as she is also in the throes of Outlander fever.

Read it, Beth. It’s got sex in it . . .and time travel. And cute Scottish guys.

6. MrsFortune - March 15, 2006

Wow, sex, time travel, cute scottish guys? Does it have anything to do with that Star Trek episode? “Outlander” … ?

Hey, Elizabeth, I came by for your Idol recap. ? I didn’t get to see it last night and I was counting on your insight. 🙂 No pressure.

7. jen - March 15, 2006

the phrase “bodice ripper” is cracking me up. I must find a way to incorporate this int omy everyday lexicon. “Yer lah’r, and a bodice ripper.” that would be the ulitmate sentence.

8. Elizabeth - March 15, 2006

“Bodice Ripper” means one of those mass-market Romance novels that always feature a woman with the top of her dress ripped open while a muscled Fabio-looking guy leans over her seductively. They are usually pretty thin on plot.

If you can find a way to use “Lah’r”, “Bodice Ripper”, and “Bay-bee bay-bee bay-bee bay-bee” in the same sentence, you will totally ROCK.

9. Dawn - March 15, 2006

I am in number three right now too. And Claire just walked into Jamie’s shop…and I cried.

It was fancypants…That Bitch.

And I follishly rented the Firefly series and so now it’s Firefly…then outlander. ARGH!

10. Elizabeth - March 15, 2006

Oh man, Dawn, you might as well plant your ass on the couch because once you start Firefly you won’t want to stop. “Our Miss Roberts”, “Jaynestown”, and don’t forget to watch the movie, “Serenity”. You’ll be Joss Whedon’s bitch in no time.;)

11. Nancy - March 15, 2006

Damn. Based on your comments I can’t decide whether to add this to my library book list or not. Sounds like if I do I’ll have even less of a life than I do now, since I am easily addicted to books.

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