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Regularly scheduled Entertainment Blogging March 13, 2006

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Kaitlyn and I are feeling much better today. Sitting up and looking around and all that. See?

And look! An outfit that isn’t pink! Thanks to my cousin Kyle for the three boxes of hand-me-down clothes including this adorable set. I know the picture is blurry, stupid supposedly-good Canon camera (or stupid picture-taker, who doesn’t really know how the camera works and shakes like Katherine Hepburn when she shoots a picture). I tried to show the print on the pants, smaller versions of the chicken on the cardigan, which is reversible to a print that matches the pants. The chicken is saying Cheep!Cheep! I think it’s adorable. Notice the scientific use of the MSU blanket as a stabilizer for the wobbly baby head.

I added 3 new blogs to my blogroll today. Breed ‘Em and Weep, Mom 101, and Roo The Day. The writing these ladies do? I’m not worthy, seriously. But if I don’t add them to the blogroll I’ll forget to read them, and they are not to be missed.

In fact, Mom 101 made a comment on another blog about “Lost” that gave me one of those “Eureka!” moments. She suggested that what might really be going on is something similar to “The Stand”, or “The Truman Show”. The more I think about that, the more I like it. The castaways could be like the plague survivors in “The Stand” (one of my favorite books), maybe they all dreamed each other before getting on the plane, and maybe everyone else is dead which is why no one is looking for them. Maybe the Others are like the people gathering in Vegas in support of Satan. Every once in a while they send out a recon party to see how close the survivors are coming to banding together and banishing the evil from the island.

Or maybe it’s like “The Truman Show”, and there are cameras all over the island recording everything they do, and broadcasting it back to the States or somewhere. And the Others are there to provide tension and high ratings. Maybe that button down in the hatch resets the cameras which is why it’s so important to push it on time. If they don’t, all the cameras will stop recording and the ratings will plummet.

Last night was a stellar night for TV. I don’t even know what political crisis was averted on “West Wing” this week, because Donna and Josh kissed each other! Freakin’ finally. And then she slipped him her hotel key at dinner, and gave him hot, suggestive looks, but then this assistant came up and grabbed the key off the table and gave it back to Donna. She gave Josh the saddest look. I asked Chris, “couldn’t he still go knock on her door? I mean, she’s offering him sex and all”. “No”, he said. “It was all about the moment, and it’s over”. Poor Donna.

“Sopranos”! The anticipation was practically killing me. It was a good thing they did a recap of the last two seasons because I forgot a lot of stuff. Also, does anyone know anything about the song that was playing during the opening montage, like when Carmela was remembering walking through her spec house with Adriana? I know it was William Burroughs, and it sounded like “Sharkey’s Day” which he did with Laurie Anderson, but we watched the end credits and didn’t see any details. ANYWAY, I don’t want to give away the end in case you TiVo’ed it, but oh my God! I looked over at Chris and he was just sitting there with his mouth hanging open.

“Big Love”-HBO does it again. Yes, it’s about a man with three wives and families, but it sure isn’t glorifying it. You know when 60 Minutes does those shows about polygamist families, and the wives are always going on about how they are “sister wives” and love each other and don’t care if their husband marries someone younger and prettier than them? Well, on “Big Love”, the wives don’t particularly like each other, and aren’t afraid to say so. And there is a LOT of sex on this show. I don’t know if it was just to draw people in for the first episode, but Bill Paxton had sex scenes with all 3 wives. At one point, they showed him naked from the back, and Chris offered this comment:

“Hey, the reviews said there would be nudity. They didn’t say it would be guy nudity. I want to see nude women, not nude Bill Paxton.”

The man is 51 years old. He should be proud to have a butt that looks that good at age 51.

Have thoughts to share about any of the above topics? Post them please.



1. Nancy - March 13, 2006

I am glad you and Kaitlyn are feeling better. Her outfit is TOO cute.

I love all three of the blogs you added. Excellent writers.

I missed the West Wing — aaagh! I’ve been waiting forever for Josh and Donna to get together. I hope the Tivo took pity on me and recorded it.

2. Fraulein N - March 13, 2006

Sopranos and Big Love rocked last night. Although both my husband and I agreed we could have died happily without seeing Bill Paxton’s booty. Then again, I’m all about the equal-opportunity nudity.

3. TB - March 13, 2006

Yes to both of your impressions of HBO shows last night. I was a little worried that I would be weirded out by Big Love because I grew up in a similar fundamentalist envioronment, without the polygamy and the funny underwear. I think the mormon thing is going to be a background thing, kind of like the mortuary was in Six Feet Under. The cast is awesome and it’s obviously going to be very character driven. I’ll definitely watch again.
Glad you guys are feeling in the pink, even if you’re not wearing it.

4. sweatpantsmom - March 13, 2006

I was waiting for the Sopranos premiere for WEEKS. And looking forward to checking out ‘Big Love’ too because I really am just an HBO junkie.

But then I missed both because we had a death in the family. (see my blog.)

Thank God HBO repeats everything a gazillion times during the week.

(Glad baby is better!!)

5. roo - March 13, 2006

Aw, thanks for the link!

My hands become palsied when I take pictures, too– it’s very frustrating, unless I have something to lean on.

Glad to hear your little’un is feeling better.

6. Nixie Knox - March 13, 2006

So glad the peanut is feeling better! I totally missed the Soprano’s last night and having been kicking my ass all day about it!

7. Dawn - March 13, 2006

Yee-ha for the big gun antibiotics!

I didn’t see any of the shows. I have a love hate thing with HBO…I get obsessed and then I get mad for being obsessed. Like it’s THEIR fault for being so good.

8. Mom101 - March 13, 2006

well first of all THANK YOU for putting me in such esteemed blog company. Roo and Breed ’em are among my favorites and I often don’t feel worthy myself.

But the Lost theory–that’s too funny, I vaguely remember posting that but have no idea where I did so. It is pretty good, isn’t it. 😉

Be happy to have coffee with you anytime. Make mine a decaf latte.

9. MrsFortune - March 13, 2006

She looks like a happy baby!

I sooooo wanted to see that Big Love show! Too bad we don’t have HBO. 😦 I’m fascinated by fundamentalist religions, mormon fundamentalists in particular so I am really bummed.

I’m so glad you’re all better!

10. mama_tulip - March 14, 2006

I’m so glad to hear you both are feeling better! Phew. 😉

My husband’s theory on Lost (he varies, but this one he’s kind of sticking with, for now at least) is that they’re all in like, group therapy together and are sort of having out-of-body moments on the island. Have you seen the movie Identity? The main character thinks he is a totally different person at a hotel solving a murder, when in reality, he’s in a straightjacket in a boardroom listening to his lawyer argue for his life. Dave’s theory is sort of along that line.

11. halloweenlover - March 14, 2006

SOooooo glad you are both feeling better. Thank goodness!

12. jen - March 15, 2006

Cute pic of Kait.

I saw teh “Making of Big Love” and I swear, not only in Cloe S.(blonde wifey) annoyin gas a charachter but when she does the interviews for it, too. Her voice, can. not. stand. She comes off sounding sooo superior or soemthing (I know that how her voice IS but still, just something about her makes me want to smack her one).

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