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Colds for the Ladies March 6, 2006

Posted by table4five in Uncategorized.

Just a quick post to thank everybody for their nice comments on my last post. I was happy to be able to share the photos from the dinner with everybody. I would normally send commenters a quick email but I am sick, and the baby is sick. I have a bad headache and neckache, sore throat, runny nose and cough, and sore ears. Kaitlyn has a runny nose and a cough and has been throwing up part or all of every bottle for two days. The throwup is formula mixed with mucus(I know, eww, sorry), so we know her tummy must hurt. She has just a slight temperature, but when she’s not sleeping she is whimpering in a horrible, screechy voice. We’re giving her Infant Tylenol, Infant Saline drops, smaller amounts in her bottle, but she’s still miserable. The general guidelines at the Pediatrician’s are to come in if the temperature is high or she looks dehydrated. Fortunately she must be keeping enough of the formula down because she’s still wetting her diapers. I may take her in tomorrow if she doesn’t have a better night’s sleep tonight. Meanwhile, everybody take care and I’ll get back to the regular blogging soon.



1. Beth - March 6, 2006

oh poor girls!!

why can’t mommies ever just get to be sick alone?

here’s to a very speedy recovery for both of you!

2. Nancy - March 6, 2006

Oh no!!! Take care of yourselves and hope you feel better soon.

3. Izzy - March 6, 2006

Bummer! Hope you all are feeling better really soon. We’ll miss you 🙂

4. Trisha - March 6, 2006

Yikes Elizabeth! You two do not sound good! It always worries me when my kids are sick, and the younger they are, the more worry. I hope it turns around quickly.

5. MrsFortune - March 6, 2006

Aww, hope she feels better. Gotta love that baby puke. 🙂

6. Shell - March 6, 2006


7. mama_tulip - March 7, 2006

Ugh, we’ve got it here, too. Feel better.

8. sweatpantsmom - March 7, 2006

Being sick sucks.

Take care.

9. Dawn - March 7, 2006

I hope last night was better – for all involved!!

10. TB - March 7, 2006

I hope you are getting some rest and feel better soon.

11. Fraulein N - March 9, 2006

Hope you two are feeling better soon. I imagine the little baby whimpers really get to you.

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