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Meet My Cousins March 4, 2006

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Last Tuesday night we traveled about 40 miles to my Aunt and Uncle’s house for dinner with some of my cousins. The dinner was hosted by my Dad’s brother, Uncle Marty, and his wife Aunt Barbara. Their daughter, my “baby” cousin Kris, and her husband Tim were there with their 5 year old son Riley and 3 year old daughter Annie. Also present were my cousin Kyle, daughter of my Dad’s sister (who was not there), her husband Brian, and their 3 year old daughter Nicole and 9 month old son Robert. My Dad was there with his girlfriend Jean, and my Grandma Culver was also there. Good thing they have an eat-in kitchen and a large dining room with a table big enough for ten people. We ate homemade lasagna and salad and drank pitchers of chocolate milk and then devoured a plate of brownies and cookies for dessert.

Kris and Tim live in Virginia so this was a rare treat to have them visit. Tim is a minister, and Kris is an engineer for a company that makes Circuit Board prototypes ( at least that’s what I think she said she does). Kyle and Brian live in Grand Rapids and work in Kitchen and Bath Design at Kitchens by Stephanie (my Aunt).

(left to right) Jean, Gram, Kris, Annie, Tim

Riley, Annie, Kris, Kaitlyn and Nicole

Annie, Kyle, Kaitlyn, Nicole and Robert

Nicole couldn’t wait to hold Kaitlyn. Aren’t they the prettiest?

Annie is adorable and exactly what I remember Kris looking like at the age.

Standing:Tim and Kris, my Dad in the doorway, Brian holding Robert, Aunt Barb. Seated:Nathan, Riley, Annie, Kyle, Nicole, Ryan, Me

We stayed as late as we could but it was a school night so we had to leave much sooner than we would have liked to. Kyle and Brian left before us and they got Robert ready for bed by putting him in his yellow jammies:

I have a lot more pictures from this night, I swear one of these days I’ll get off my duff and set up a Flickr account so I can post more. Also, there were lots of people “missing” from this get-together. Uncle Marty and Aunt Barb have another son Jeff, he and his wife Allyson (did I spell that right?) have a new baby girl named Lily. But they live 3 hours away and Jeff is a substitute Teacher and runs an after-school program so they just couldn’t make it. Also Kyle has two sisters, my cousins Katrina and Karla, both of whom live too far away and have school-age kids as well. I’m really hoping we can get everybody together this summer.

I just realized that by naming my daughter Kaitlyn, I kept up what seems to be a family tradition of giving girls names that start with “K”-Katrina, Karla, Kyle, Kris and now Kaitlyn.

So that’s some of my family. Hope you enjoyed getting to know them.



1. S Moore - March 4, 2006

I was reading random blogs and yours popped up after a string of nonsense blogs. Quite entertaining, whether you wanted it to be or not.
Keep it up.

2. Shell - March 5, 2006

Wow! Look Elizabeth! A new commenter. Cool.

I liked your cousin pics / intros. It’s nice to see family, isn’t it?

3. Nancy - March 5, 2006

I love seeing pics and hearing about people’s families. You are fortunate to have yours fairly close — one thing I think about sometimes is that my girls will grow up without any family members nearby.

Looks like you had fun despite your original apprehensions — I’m glad.

4. mama_tulip - March 5, 2006

Your family is beautiful!!

5. MrsFortune - March 5, 2006

Great pictures!! Lasagna, salad, chocolate milk? Did you save me some? Oooh … I’m hungry, and I just ate!!

6. sweatpantsmom - March 6, 2006

‘K’s’ rule. Mine are Kira and Kiyomi, for no particular reason.

Nice pics!

7. Fraulein N - March 6, 2006

Thanks for posting pictures. Looks like you all had a good time. And now I think I want some chocolate milk.

8. TB - March 7, 2006

Your kids are so lucky to have cousins so close to their age. I have such fond memories of gamily gatherings with my cousins who were just a few years older than me.

9. Anonymous - March 22, 2006

Hey, this is cousin Kris checking out the “blagh.” I didn’t realize I didn’t have to sign up for an account to do this, so I went through all the usual nonsense before I figured out I could be anonymous.

So here I am as anonymous, reporting that I am going to sue because of the pictures posted of me and my kids. No, just kidding. Elizabeth (hate to say it but she was Betsy in the high school picture with the curls!) solicited our permission to publish at the actual family event. Love to see you and the whole family this summer!!!!!!

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