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A Night of TV and Wishful Thinking March 1, 2006

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What we’re watching tonight:

Deal or no Deal: Oh man, have you seen this show? It is the most ridiculously simple concept, but both the boys and I ended up screaming at the television “take the deal! come on, that suitcase could have twenty five dollars in it and they’re offering you a hundred and twenty five thousand! come on!” Really gets the heart pounding.

American Idol: Ace, Ace, Ace. Honey child. Daniel Bedingfield’s “If You’re Not The One” was the wrong, wrong wrong song choice. You were out of tune right from the beginning, and when you reached for that high note with your face all scrunched up? Not good, not good at all.

Gedeon-love the smile, love hearing him sing. Kevin Covais-he looks so young you think he’ll sound like Mickey Mouse but he has a surprisingly mature voice. Should go far. Chris Daughtry-the one I’m hoping will win, because it’s about time for a rockin’ guy to win. And he’s cute.

Lost: I hope someone does a recap of this episode because I missed a big chunk of it. I did catch Kate, Claire and the French lady finding a door in the jungle that led to some kind of operating room. Very Creepy.

The Barbara Walters Special: I don’t usually watch these, but she’s interviewing Matthew McConnaughey (holy crap, could he be any freakin’ hotter? Barbara told him he was handsome, asked him to smile, and then joked that the show was over. Swoon.) She’s also interviewing Patrick “Dr. McDreamy” Dempsey and George Clooney. I hope my heart can take it.

Kaitlyn was a tiny twelve-pound bundle of unhappiness all day today, so now that she and the boys are in bed and BC is downstairs hiding in his workshop, I’m enjoying the peace and quiet. Although there is no alcohol OR ice cream in the house, so I’m not as relaxed as I could be. Jesus, Matthew McConnaughey just offered Barbara a foot rub. Pick me, Matt, pick me.



1. Jess - March 2, 2006

I’m all about Chris, but totally want to bring Ace to Lookout point. We’d go there intending to make out but then we would only actually talk for hours about how he wants to go to the state university to study landscape design and he would read me some of his poems and then we’d go to Dairy Queen for a blizzard.

2. MrsFortune - March 2, 2006

LOL. No alcohol or ice cream? Bummer.

Personally I’m not a fan of Ace, he is WAY too impressed with himself IMO. But Chris …. ooooh!!! I love him. 🙂 I think that Kevin and David will be booted tonight.

I must say I’m actually kind of bored with the show this year. Is it just me or are the contestants not as … ? Interesting, I guess.

3. mama_tulip - March 2, 2006

Lost was good! Let me know if you don’t get a recap.

I love Deal or No Deal…O was fussy last night and I was swinging him back and forth in my arms shouting, “NO DEAL! NO DEAL!”

I’m just not into AI this year…it’s just not grabbing me. I blame Paula.

4. halloweenlover - March 2, 2006

I’m dying of laughter. If I run into Matthew, I’ll let him know that you’ve been calling for him! Do you need a cupcake? I could ship one to you?

5. Shell - March 2, 2006

Matthew McConnaughey…yummy. Better than ice cream or alcohol.

6. jen - March 2, 2006

sorry, but did or did notthe last guy kick a little ass with fuel’s “Hemorrage in my Hands”? Love that song.
Yeah, Ace f’ed up ye lde song choice. It hurt to listen to it.
I also like Bucky for some reason. Are we taking bets as to how fast he’ll bust out “sweet Home Alabama”? Anyone?

7. jen - March 2, 2006

Also, the frank sinatra wannabe has got to go.

Babs is one lucky woman. My heart would probably have jumped out of my chest. I’d def. need a valium to do the interevew so I wouldn’t come off looking like a spazz.

8. Fraulein N - March 3, 2006

I recapped Lost, if you want to check it out. As for American Idol, I’m just glad Brenna’s gone!

9. Lanna - March 4, 2006

Hahaha… I laughed so loud at your Prius comment I had to explain it to dh after he came upstairs from the den to investigate.–>

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