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I Love Swiffer, Yes I Do… February 24, 2006

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Well, I need to post something, because otherwise every time I look at my blog I just see Bobby Bennett grinning back at me. I just exchanged a funny email with mama_tulip in which we decided that the best place for him is Las Vegas. I suggested he get a job as the warm-up act to Wayne Newton, or Jerry Seinfeld. He could wear an open-necked shirt with several gold chains, ooh maybe a pinky ring, and slicked-back hair. And then walk through the audience flirting with grey-haired ladies saying things like “hey, where are you folks from?” Can’t you see that?

Anyway, I was trying to think of something to write about, because my life is just that boring, and I decided to start a new feature here at Table For Five: “Pimp That Product”. See, when I find a product I love, I like to tell other people. Some day you may be standing next to me in the cleaning products aisle at Target, and you’ll know right away it’s me. Not because you read this blog, but because I’m the one holding a box of Swiffer dusters saying “have you tried these? They are terrific! They do exactly what the commercial says, and at $4.99 for the handle and 5 dusters, it’s such a good deal!” Then you will smile and nod while slowly backing away because I am obviously crazy and possibly dangerous.

Speaking of Swiffer, can I just say how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Swiffer products? Seriously, these things make my life so much easier. I can still remember the original commercial before Swiffer was even on the market. They showed a really clean room and the voiceover said something like “something is coming that will change the way you clean your house.” Well shoot, sign me up for that! Then out came the Swiffer dry mop and the awesomely versatile dry dusting cloths, and I was hooked. When you are 5 feet tall, it’s hard to get the tops of doorways, windowsills and ceiling fans clean without climbing precariously onto stepstools and furniture.
And those aforementioned Swiffer dusters? Genius. I also have a WetJet, which I love, but not the Sweep ‘n Vac, which hello? I need one now please!

What I do have, and LOVE LOVE LOVE, is the new CarpetFlick.

My living room has Burgundy carpet, which I was vacuuming every day and sometimes twice. I don’t even know what the crap is that settles on this carpet, I guess crumbs and lint and bits of the outdoors. The CarpetFlick means I don’t have to drag the Kirby out every time the carpet gets covered in stuff. So the Swiffer CarpetFlick gets my highest rating, two thumbs up.



1. Nancy - February 24, 2006

OOOH — I shall have to try that. We have light tan carpet that shows every speck of dust. This sounds perfect for the stairs! Thanks for the rec.

2. TB - February 24, 2006

Soooo with you on this. Swiffer has changed my life. In fact if SC Johnson Wax was a publicly traded company, I would buy stock since I already give them so much of my money each month as it is.

3. sweatpantsmom - February 24, 2006

Like you, I LOVE Swiffers and disliked Bobby Bennett.

Although I have to say last night I actually felt sorry for him, in a pathetic kind of way, as much as you can feel sorry for someone who had the chance to appear on national tv a in front of 30 million people and enjoy an expense paid vacation.

But the SWIFFERS – lifesavers, aren’t they?

4. mama_tulip - February 24, 2006

Seriously, I think the guy would be PERFECT in Vegas or on Broadway!

And yeah, I’d be lost without my Swiffer. With a capital L.

5. Dawn - February 25, 2006

We like teh Swiffer too. I now keep boxes at my office and in my car..

I don’t Terrance has seen this one though. I’ll bring him one home. I’m THAT romantic…

6. Elizabeth - February 25, 2006

Hey, if my husband had bought me Swiffer products for Valentine’s Day, I would have considered it romantic! We’ve been together long enough that I like any proof that he’s paying attention.

7. Arabella - February 27, 2006

I love the idea of “Pimp that Product.” Swiffers are awesome. I also really love Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. This may seem like a non-sequitur, but, actually, Queen Helene is a bit like a Swiffer for your face. 🙂

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